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I know the width is small so you did't get to see much of the swords but i will explain to you what they look like. The first one is 4ft and has japanese writing on which it says blood and death and also has a built in handel. The third one is a traditional katana with a black weaving on handel and a form of some ancient writing i pick up.
The fifth one is a doulde edge long sword with a dragon near the handguard and also a black handel with a pointed pommel on the back on the sword. The types of swords that I can make are Knight swords, Japanese swords, Broad swords, Fantasy swords, Shadow swords, Dark swords, Hell swords, Heavenly swords, Double edge long swords, Short swords, Roman swords, Gladitor swords, European swords, Claymores, and Heavy Katanas. Thats not all I also make, I make spears, axes, and daggers to Kunai knifes include a double Kunai Knifes. I have others to put up including a Roman short Sword and a sword that has to blades on handle and that sword is call Amidmaru. To make these kind sword I use blades, sand paper of many kind including a sander block, Jig saw, wood burner, stains, wood glue and a strong glue call gorlia gule.
Give me a day to put up some new swords that have painted and have a sanded edge which make it look real blade.
Well, if I can ever be bothered to use that freaking tool, you most certainly would have helped.
Trust me dude the dremal helps a lot with wood swords exspecialy with sword that have spikes on the blade. Oh well, for the good of the ultimate wooden sword, I shall have to use that damned sand paper. Hear this NG; I, KAOS-666, shall make a wooden sword of such grandeur and magnificence, that it will deserve it's own room in my house.
No estimations as to WHEN this will happen, but i give my word that one day, it shall be done.
I mut say that sounds like really good value for something so ornate looking, don't suppose you have an eBay store or something of the like? I will also put some of my blue prints of the swords that I made so far to see if you want any sword made.

This will be the next sword I will be making behind this Bleach manga character as soon as I get my 4 Roman short swords sold for the wood I have to buy.
These are all nice and all, but I would kind of like to keep this thread on the subject of MAKING woodem swords.
This week I've got a few days off of work, so I'll be starting a new sword in the Great Sword category.
If you guys wanna link me to a really cool pic of a greatsword that you want me to make (going to ANOTHER cousin *grumble grumble*) be my guest! With Instructables you can share what you make with the world, and tap into an ever-growing community of creative experts. Their mattresses, the bushy corner of the backyard, the playground, we were obsessing in our pretend play!
The Quirky Mommas are a part of the Lowe’s Creative Network.  As a Lowe’s Creator, we receive information from Lowes along with gift cards to cover purchase expenses. I was just wondering, you think you could show me how to make this shen-gong-wu, from that show Xiaolin showdown? But yes, for anyone wanting to try their hand at making their first wooden sword, take this advice, it makes a world of difference. And if I use the dremal, I'll be making the ultimate wooden sword, so I'll use a decent hard wood. The swords that I will probably have on there since they are for sale and also because there are already 4 made, are the Roman Short Swords. Double Kunai Knife.These are all nice and all, but I would kind of like to keep this thread on the subject of MAKING woodem swords.
What kind of wood do you use, what do you use to burn out the enscriptions, where do you sell them?
Unfortunately, the router was a litte too powerful, and some of the spikier parts broke off at the tips. Ok, maybe I should try to make one that way, I'll have to come up with the ultimate design though, so I don't get bored and rush it. It just helps to even every thing out, but the tool that I use to really finish the swords and its edge and every thing else is (your going to hate this) but sand paper.

Honestly, how many times can you listen to a high pitched, nasally voice on an asian stereotype, laughing about some dumb ass fart joke? I'm sure my friend will want a pic of him with the sword in his uniform and I might post that in a few days.
I'm curious to know, I assume you change it depending on the size, complexity, style etc.Well it mostly depends on the size and designs of the swords.
If you do want to show off your work, at least give a little description as to what makes it special and what techniques you used, so that it'll put others on the right track who want to make them too.
Like the rest of my wooden weapons I make, I use a dremal to even the lines out when the wooden weapon has been cut out. She hopes to be someone who acts justly, loves kindness and walks humbly before God (Micah 6:8). They look cool (shape wise, not so much colour anymore), but they're not good for much else. By the way, sword maker 22, those swords were really nice, i liked those tattoo things you put on it. Knifes are 5, short swords are 10, medium size swords are ranged to 15 to 25 depending on the design of the blade, and the really big ones that are either custom made or are really well done are 30 bucks. If you think i'm childish, see some of the crap people put on air.) I think we should stop this argument now, it's really getting off topic. Then to finish it completely I kinda made nots on the handel to give it a good grip(look real close on the handel to see if can see the knots).
Let me know If any of want to know how to do this its kinda of similar to the weaving on a katana handel.

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