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The standard size of a wooden wine box is 35 centimeters by 10 centimeters by 10 centimeters. Paperboard is also a fine material used for making boxes, specifically for producing a folding carton.
Vetrina Del VinoThe hammered copper heads remove and there is hardware provided to secure the rack directly to the wall snugly so its just not hanging. We have always wanted a vintage-style wine rack for our dining room – and the frigid winter temperatures that swept through Ohio last week gave us the perfect opportunity to finally create it!
So we braved the cold in the garage to cut all of the pieces – then hustled back inside to assemble.
We were able to create the piece for little cost utilizing reclaimed barn and pallet lumber.
Next came putting all of the pieces together – always our favorite part of any project! Once the sections were all together – we checked for square and then nailed in the top and middle shelf boards to complete the wine rack. Once we had the top and bottom boards attached to all of the ladders – all we needed was to attach the top and middle shelf. Some boxes are slightly smaller, the measurements of which are 33.5 centimeters by 9 centimeters by 9 centimeters. Sometimes, it is also called a wooden wine crate, which is designed to store and ship pricey wines. One of them is the gaylord, which is a type of box that is commonly found within an industrial environment.

We then nailed a straight edge guide board on each side to align the ladder rails and keep them exactly 10″ apart.
For a little extra strength – we did apply a drop of glue to each wine strip before nailing.
The use of boxes is one of the best solutions to this kind of problem, preferably one that is made out of wood.
To make these boxes more attractive, especially for collectors, some manufacturers often add interesting designs.
It is a common practice amongst wineries to put their designs and logos right on the panel in front of the boxes. For some heavy-duty shipping needs, people usually rely on the wooden box, which is also referred to as crate. Aside from this, another reliable shipping container is the cardboard box or corrugated fiberboard box. The jig held it all perfectly in line, and in about 30 seconds and with the quick pop of a couple of nails at each glue point – we had a completed ladder section.
Wooden wine boxes are available in various sizes, depending on the number of bottles to be placed inside each of them. Wine collectors love them because they can serve as good decorations in wine cellars and bars. Besides these facts, it is also quite interesting to find out the different wooden wine box dimensions. Many wooden boxes are designed have capacities of 6 or 12 bottles, each of which containing 750ml of wine.

Produced from non-bending paperboard, the rigid paperboard box or set-up box is widely used for expensive items like gift boxes and cosmetics. Some of these boxes are custom-made for special bottles and other additional items, the dimensions of which are 47 centimeters, by 52 centimeters by 40 centimeters. Just take one or two pallets, depending on the dimensions of the table you decide to use as a base, and place them over the tablecloth. Cut off the bottom sections of the pallet, remove the top boards, cut through the middle boards and then cut a decorative edge.
The rack is very versatile and can also be used for storing and displaying magazines or something else. The pallets were cut to size and then stacked one on top of the other to cover an entire wall.
You just need to put a board on the bottom portion and one at the top to hold the bottles and the glasses and you’re done. The rack is 43’’ tall and it’s easy to place against a wall in the dining area, kitchen or any other space you find appropriate. Simply mount it on the wall in your home and enjoy this rustic yet simple and modern-looking design.{found on etsy}.

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