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I was given this RC car for Christmas, and it came with a switch on the remote for lights you could turn on.
Then I headed to dunhams and bought the cheapest electric airsoft gun (25$) and attacked it with my dremel…With a 6v DC relay I put it all together and oila, a sweet RC car with a fully automatic weapons turret!
I swear if I was a kid again I’d do everything in my power to convince Santa Mom to get me this red hot Silverlit Interactive Bluetooth Remote Control Enzo Ferrari Car that goes with its very own Remote Control app. You get full gesture control—not just virtual joysticks, and a fully interactive Ferrari dashboard with engine revving sounds and vibrating motor.
Nothing is better than seeing one of your DIY projects become an inspiration for another project that is made just out of pure love for your kids.
Although the maker has not enlisted the step by step instruction on how to make this Arduino powered Lego technic RC Car but the part list and the challenges that you might face while making it have been provided. Hailing from the northern region of India, Gaurav has a profound liking for everything upbeat in the cloud and vision to acquaint readers with the latest technology news. This homemade electronic speed controller (ESC) can be used in a radio controlled electric car, boat, or airplane. It is made by using an old servo, plus a couple of simple and easy-to-get electronic components.

It's a fun project because you get to recycle an unused servo, and possibly save a few bucks.
Nissan introduced it's wonderful creature ZEOD, Zero Emissions on Demand and this supercar from Nissan runs on batteries. These particular plans suggest lowering the frame, but you'll lose so much ground clearance that it would have to be an on-road-only kart, and that's not particularly useful unless you've got a lot of open and safe asphalt to drive on. If you have a truly flat area of concrete to work on, it will make your job of squaring the material easier.
You lucky 21st century kids now get to control your RC car via a multi-touch interface thanks to this app developed by Silverlit Toys Manufactory which lets you tilt to drive forward, backward, left, and right. Instructables user [nfrith] drew inspiration for making this Lego technic Car for his 8 year old son who saw the RC Lego Car project by [sath02] and though it was a real product and put it in his Christmas gift list. The code that the user has written himself has been provided to get things started and thereafter it’s you and your imagination on how to give shape to your own version of RC car. He likes to observe nature, write thought provoking quotes, travel places, drive cars and play video games when things get too boring. The DeltaWing style construction of this supercar sure does tell that this car was built for speed and so have the Nissan Engineers gone on record to say that ZEOD can achieve 186 Mph thus rendering itself the fastest electric car.

We decided not to lower the frame since we want an on and off road kart, and made it wider and longer so it can accommodate two people. When you assemble the frame members, use a square as shown to make your you're getting the proper angles.
Little did his son know that it was a DIY project and not a real product that could be bought off the counter. They show you a general idea of what angles you'll be dealing with, and suggestions like the front bumper. I quickly grabbed my tiny breadboard and using its adhesive, glued it to the RC car ( there was a perfect plateau to fit it on). Then [nfrith] decided to make his own version of the RC Lego car and came up with an even better version that even [sath02] acknowledged.
The Arduino controlled RC car made from XBee units for the remote controlling bit was made a year earlier but the pictures and the Instructable were posted now.

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