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Come join 150,000+ followers on my Pinterest Boards, where I pin my favorite creative ideas! One of the most frustrating things I see hikers go through happens when they are unprepared for rain. One simple way to make a fire without matches is to use a battery and steel wool (like a kitchen Brillo Pad).
Recently, I was camping, and having trouble getting a fire started, due to the humidity and rain.
Next, stuff the dryer lint in the egg carton in the little holes where your eggs were.  Do not stuff it in too tight. You can leave them all together in the shape of an egg carton and then tear them off one at a time, or tear them all apart and store them separately. Be sure to like us on Facebook so you can be the first to know about latest project updates as well as great DIY articles. This offering was scanned from a Circa 1879 Science book filled with all sorts of interesting illustrations of Inventions!
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If you are in the woods without rain gear, it can get really miserable really fast, especially if all your clothes and everything in your backpack gets wet.

You need a pot with water in it, and a can or jar of some kind- soup cans and mason hars both work great. Amazing how well the combination of wax and dryer lint stays lit, and with a great big flame. This black and white Engraving shows the hands of two Men using Wood, a Bow of some sort, and a piece of Flint perhaps?
If you’ve ever hiked a few miles with a backpack, and then set up a campsite, you know that having the right equipment can make or break your experience. If you plan on making a campfire, it’s important to always store your matches in a waterproof bag or container, or take waterproof matches. Takes an hour from from start to finish to make them, and only about 10 minutes of your time. Way better than matches or a pile of kindling, the wax and dryer lint combo really helps your fire stay going. You want to make sure it is the kind made out of pressed paper, not styrofoam or some other material you might buy eggs in.
Basically, you need a metal or glass container that will fit inside your pot of water with room to spare around it, preferably one that you can throw away later, and not have to clean wax out of.
Throw some in your emergency kit, car kit, camping kit, whatever else kit you have that has matches in it. You can subscribe via email so that you dona€™t miss a single post, just click HERE to sign up!

If you are in the unfortunate situation where your matches get too wet to use, it’s vital to know how to make a fire without them.
Yumi, over at WonderHowTo, created this little chart to illustrate exactly how this process works. You’ll want to put your egg carton on something that the wax can leak through onto (like waxed paper, foil or piece of cardboard,  basically something you don’t mind getting wax on) Some of the wax will soak through the egg carton, be prepared.
In our fire test, one of these little babies burned for 17 minutes and put out a good flame sufficient for even fire novices to get something burning with! It will only work on days when the sun is shining brightly, but aside from that detail, the rest of this looks pretty easy. I finally wanted to do laundry because I was going to get to do something cool, not just fold clothes. Start with a little wax in each one to make sure you have enough wax to cover all your dryer lint babies. I’ve never tried this method myself, but if I’m ever in this situation, I will definitely give it a go!

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