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Of course, the pain of maintenance might be worth it if your aesthetic demands a dark wood floor.
I just came across this article again, and it's funny as I recently wrote an article on the pros and cons of light and dark hardwoods.
I put in a gorgeous dark walnut floor that has a lot of variation and pattern in the floor making it more forgiving.
Yes, we've seen a strong preference towards dark floors, even though they are more challenging to maintain. One other thing: I would test a steam mop on dark hardwood before I used it, and ask the manufacturer about long term effects.
To those who worry about "hiding dust": yes, it will show up and sunlight makes it worse- so do bare feet. My strategy: 2 - 3 times daily, I run over the floors with a dry mop (I have forgotten the brand, but it's better than Swifter, IMO, and the mop covering is machine-washable). I agree with DesigningMom, the best way to clean is using a steam mop- no greasy residue left behind. We need to do them over again, which because the floors are pine, means renting a sander, taking it all the way down and treating them as if they'd never been done. Although I'm a writer by education and profession, I have a not-so-secret DIY and craft (of almost any kind) addiction. The pirate invasion has come and gone in the Tampa Bay Area…now it’s time for the TERMITE INVASION!! Whether you’ve had Subterranean Termites, Formosan Termites or the much dreaded Drywood Termites in the past, termites are just not welcome guests for any homeowner at any time.
So, from a wood damage perspective, Subterranean & Formosan termites are most destructive.
For a Subterranean & Formosan termite treatment, you don’t have to leave your home for treatment.
Well, the complete opposite is true when treating for Drywood Termites…in most cases.
In recent years, I’ve offered a unique, natural, no-tent alternative treatment called XT2000 Chet’s Orange Oil. The XT2000 Chet’s Orange Oil treatment is a very specialized process and not all homes qualify for the treatment. A kick out hole is a small nail size hole they make in wood or drywall and pellets or piles of droppings, especially around window sills, baseboards or on hardwood floors. We’ve had some homeowners wait decades before calling us to come out and solve the termite problem. We promise you no more termites, roaches, ants, spiders or rodents ever again, or your money back.

Although dark floors are the current trend, I've been really happy with my light floor- I've never seen a scratch, they don't show dust (I'm a lazy housekeeper) and they're very resilient. Our floor is exotic, distressed dark, and we were warned about what to not use (a steamer was one of them, because the manufacturer would not back warranty if we did). I have a hand-held vac that I use to clean the dry mop covering (once a week, it goes in the washer) and to get along the edges of particularly noticeable corners. You're not going to have an awesome yard with tons of landscaping if you don't want to invest the time (I don't, so we don't have an awesome yard).
Dust & hair showed up and upkeep was a nightmare- my sister accused me of a floor-sweeping obsession- I always had a dust mop in my hand.
I am contemplating painting them, ragging them, or pickling the floors with porch paint (stronger than regular paint) before we verathane them this time. I clean it with my Bissell steamer and when needed I go over it with a cleaner we picked up from the home show one year. It happens each year, just like Gasparilla and so many other wonderful annual Tampa Bay events.
Not exactly a distinction we’re proud of, but it is a fact that nearly every home in Tampa Bay and surrounding cities will have a termite infestation at some point. The Subterranean Termite & the Formosan Subterranean Termite don’t get as much coverage simply because homeowners aren’t too inconvenienced with the treatment process. Besides the sound of loud drill noises, the only inconvenient part of the treatment is…you have to be home for service.
Most Drywood Termite infestations require Tent Fumigation, which means you and your entire family, including pets have to leave home for a few days. This treatment allows you to remain in your home during treatment so you don’t have to go through all the hassles that are involved in tenting. To find out if your home qualifies for the Chet’s Orange Oil treatment, schedule your free inspection today.
If you see a swarm, don’t panic…because they don’t bite, and believe it or not, they can’t eat wood. They develop during the course of each year and when the time is right they make their own little door and come out, one after another.
Once they land, just like a paratrooper, who no longer needs his parachute, they break off and discard their wings. There are a lot of cases when fumigation is the preferred method, but there are many cases when the XT2000 Chet’s Orange Oil is also an option. Ultimately, in the war of trends, dark is on top right now, but in the war of maintenance, light floors win. It is not wise to use it in some parts of the US if you live in an area with high humidity because of the stability issue.

Yes, it does show dust and pet hair; we have a fluffy white dog that is a shedding machine and a mostly white fluffy cat that is the same, so I sweep frequently, but it's not so bad.
What works for one family may not work for another As for the steam mops, unless you go over a dried spill a number of times with the steam blasting, there's no little puddles.
Also, the cleaner from Bona is a very quick drying cleaner that doesn't leave a residue (which others have). Once a week, I vacuum the floors and use the hardwood floor cleaner from Bona (I buy the concentrate and mix my own). I would never just do verathane again even with the stain added, not ob pine, it wears through too quickly! However, this annual event doesn’t have all the fantastic floats, colorful beads and thousands of people having a great time. Well, Drywood Termite colonies are smaller and take longer to develop, which means the potential for structural damage is actually less than Subterranean Termites and much less than Formosan Termites.
You also have to bag up food and medicines and a plethora of other things that need to be done prior to treatment.
It’s not unusual to be watching TV or reading by a lamp at night and suddenly hundreds of these termites come swarming out of a crack or a kick out hole.
Once they were over the right location they would open the door of the plane and start jumping out, one after another.
We search all of the visible and accessible areas of the structure for wood destroying pests. Since Chet’s Termite & Pest Management is the only company in all of Florida who is trained and certified to offer you both options, you can count on us to recommend the proper treatment for your home or business. Light floors would have looked wrong in our house with our decor style, and since our furniture, curtains, and fireplace is light colored it accents everything quite well. This is especially important for distressed wood, which forms valleys and crevices that can hold tiny amounts of water. I’ve seen Subterranean & Formosan Termite damage so bad that structural support pieces of wood actually crumble into tiny pieces in my hands. They’re not pretty, they have a ravenous appetite that can literally eat you out of your home and they cost a lot of money to treat and repair damages. Some people don’t want to put their dog in a kennel or they just have too many pets to move out.

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