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It can be easy to transform an oak barrel into water feature, especially if you start with the right kind of barrel.
Add water to the barrel until the water level is several inches higher than the top of the pump.
Fountains are special way to bring interest into garden, and can provide a soothing affect. The cool new Vintage Wine Rain Barrel is not new at all, it's a genuine oak wine barrel re-purposed to collect and dispense free rainwater from your downspout for watering your plants and garden.

The staves may have shrunk while the barrel was stored, but the hot water will swell the wood so the barrel is watertight again.
The water will spill out of the fountain head and down into the barrel, where it can be recycled by the pump.
This unique, weathered barrel features a metal spigot near the bottom, a diversion hose kit to connect it to standard downspouts, and a barrel cover keep the water free from contaminants.
The chief advantage to these barrels is that they are built to hold liquids, which gives you a head start.

A great way to help conserve water while adding some rustic charm to your home or just fill it with wine and have a huge party. Privacy Policy5576 Cool New Items Discovered Since The Beginning.Proudly Made From Recycled Pixels.

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