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My son and I started reading very short non-fiction stories from GenZ Read Together, a website that makes reading together an entertaining educational experience. We also learned from the story that Spanish galleons followed a specific path as it picked up treasure and returned to Spain. To extend The Atocha story at home, I found a pirate ship craft and two books (a picture book and a chapter book) for kids who like pirates and treasure hunting. Young Jeremy Jacob demonstrates how easy it is to be a successful pirate in this fun and funny picture book. I will be giving away 3 Summer Reading Packages of 20 stories worth $4.99 to 3 lucky winners! I am an Amazon Affiliate which means I earn a small commission at no charge to you if you buy anything at Amazon through my blog. If you enjoyed this post, please consider leaving a comment or subscribing to the RSS feed to have future articles delivered to your feed reader. I’m so glad that you enjoyed the post and will try out some of the ideas with your boys! I think The Atocha was one of the first GenZ stories I read with my son and then he got totally hooked on the stories. I love that your kids are finding books on convincing parents to let them buy a pet hamster!
My girls have enjoyed reading about historical figures, but they don’t read a lot of non fiction, so this would be a good way to help them branch out a bit more from their favorite fiction writers. Since 2008, I've been working with our writers, editors, and community to make Serious Eats a more dynamic and delicious place. I used two of round halves for the front, two of the round halves for the middle with one of the thirds in between them and one of the rounds and two stacked cupcakes for the back.
To decorate the rest of the ship's details I used pretzel twists, gum sticks, tootsie roll, Midgets' pull-n-peel licorice and a sandwich cookie. For the mast I also used some of the left over pieces from the lower half to make it longer.
I used sweeties to decorate the bottom part of the ship, make a flag on the mast and simulate the sea and put fish, crocodile and turtle shaped sweeties in the sea. I baked a 1-2-3-4 white cake (Joy of Cooking recipe) in a bundt pan and another very small bread loaf.
While working with each half (now a C-shape) I cut off a small sliver of the rounded side to flatten it so it would sit up on a tray.
The decorating took less than an hour - it's really quite simple when you have the right candy and supplies.
This chocolate pirate ship was easy and somewhat quick to make since I didn't have to color any icing. This cake was cut into 42 serves of 2cm (width) by 7cm (length) by 11 cm (height) which were really big serves so it can probably feed twice the number of people if you half the slices again or 60 if you cut 4.5cm long slices. The deck was cut and sliced into 2cm by 7cm by 4cm slices but I can't remember how many slices I got from that part of the cake. The birthday boy had a blast and I sure hope in years to come he will appreciate that his mummy went to so much effort for his first birthday cake!
My mother in law and I chose the best pirate ship picture we could find from all the pirate ship cakes that we saw and went that. I used a round cake frosted white frosting sprayed with icing paint to look like the ocean.
Sails were made of wood sticks that I wrapped with fruit roll ups and wrapped to the poles made of wood sticks threaded through cookie sticks filled with chocolate. For the back sail I printed an image of a Jolly Roger from the internet for one sail and typed Happy Birthday for the second sail and then used a wooden skewer and placed it into the cake. I then placed chocolate wafers (also from the Dollar Tree) all along the ship as the railings.
It is very easy to make pirate ship cakes, extremely inexpensive and I had fun making it for my son.
A friend of mine wanted to surprise her cousin (who is a serious Pirate of the Caribbean fan) with a cake of the Black Pearl.
I got the basic idea from another wed site and looked at this site to get more ideas for pirate ship cakes!
April 27, 2012Welcome back to this week’s How To – where I made a Cardboard DIY Pirate Ship for the children! I like to layer my paper in different directions – you know how when you tear newspaper it one direction it tears really is easily, but not in the other?
7) Let dry again and add detail – I painted on some skull and cross bones and anchors.

I’ve been dying to see this since the teaser (prior to covering in paper mache) and it is amazing! What a cute little pirate ship…my boys would have so much fun playing with one like that!
After all the amazing things you’ve posted to Creative Juice Thursday over the past year, I just had to feature you {and much more in the future too} at the new site. I’ve included a picture book and a chapter book perfect for pirates or treasure hunters. He joins the pirate ship of Captain Braid Beard and his crew but finds that pirate life, while fun, lacks the charms of home.
This easy chapter book has a larger font with text broken up with plenty of  full page illustrations and informative sidebars.
We have not graduated to pirates just yet, except, of course, for their grandfather’s book, Captain Crossbones in the Treasure Hunt. Each of us on the blog tour are giving away 3 subscriptions so there will be 15 winners in all! Right now they have a variety of books about animals (including one on how to convince your parents that you’re ready for a pet hamster), books about various presidents, and one book on costume design! They sound like they love a variety of non fiction and that is exactly what the site is all about. My kids too tend to read more fiction so it’s been a wonderful experience to read the best non fiction stories fed to us via email. Originally from southern California, now a Brooklyn dweller who's always trawling for a ripe avocado.
I wanted to make something different to the usual pirate ship cakes so this is what I made.
I then put all the bits together and covered in butter cream icing (butter, icing sugar and a little bit of milk for consistency). Then I trimmed one slice of cake of one end of the C so the bow of the ship would be lower than the stern. A small amount of batter was reserved from the cake mix and baked in a miniature bread loaf pan. I baked a 9X13 sheet cake and baked two small oval pans (the one you get in Course 2 kit from Wilton). I baked the pirate ship cakes in a 2" tall 23cm by 33cm Wiltons rectangle pan and used two layers for the main body of the ship and one layer for the front and had lots of cake left over from the carving!
All the items treasure chest, cannon, cannon balls, barrels, anchor side, cannons on boat were molding out of dyed fondant. Pirate ship cakes are much easier than the r2d2 I made the year before that I hope to add later to the site. Use the second cake and cut off pieces to layer the front of the ship, back of the ship and side rails. The front sail is an edible sail from Disneyland's Blue Bayou Restaurant inside the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. I also used the same chocolate wafers and cut them into half and placed them along the bottom side of the ship as cannons and then placed the candles inside of those wafers.
I cut the cake into four sections and stacked one on top of the other (four layers high) with frosting to hold the layers together.
The sails are black construction paper with the pirate logos clip-arts printed on white paper and cut-out then glued on. I cut the 9' x 13' in half lengthwise and one of the halves in half again so you end up with three pieces. Thanks to all who came before me and gave pictures so others might have a great cake for their child's birthday!
I used some nail scissors (that I have especially for crafting) – as they have a nice round curve. The deck is quite fragile and is the part that probably benefits the most from the paper mache. Well, I believe that if you criss cross your paper layers when paper maching, you get a stronger final construction.
This book would appeal to boys who like facts mixed with a not-to0-scary mystery adventure. I frosted each C-shape with chocolate icing and sat them on the tray as if they were in a battle.
I made torte cakes for the oval shaped pans, stacked them together and they became the ends of the ship. Pirate ship was chocolate mud and white chocolate mud filled with dark chocolate ganache covered with chocolate buttercream and chocolate fondant.

You can probably use a 23 by 33cm tin and then a 20cm square tin for the front, cut in half triangles and then stacked and carved.
We put the two halves together to make a full football and cut the back off for the back of the ship. Let the cakes cool for about 15 minutes and then transfer the first cake (base cake) directly in the center of a large piece of foil wrapped cardboard (approx. I then carved the cake in the shape of the ship, frosted it with black frosting (in the photos it looks kind of greenish but it looked black in real life) and used dowels painted black for the masts and black fabric for the sails. One in a loaf glass pan and the other is a regular 13" sheet cake pan (cut the hump off the sheet cake so it will lie flat, I also placed it on the sheet upside down). Lego skeletons and pirate were the perfect size for the ship and Gummy Sharks were used as well.
To create a wood like texture I iced the cake with chocolate icing with a special jagged icing tip and piping bag. Then glue all the discs together with strong (!) glue and finally glue in place on the boat. I reckon it would be a really good pinata for a birthday party if it was built a bit bigger with a weakened section – what do you think?
We had traveled to Barcelona two years ago, so I found a map to show him it was in Spain and south of Barcelona.
I frosted all the water parts with blue buttercream and decorated with Fruit by the foot Pull a Part for the waves.
I used chocolate fudge Pirouette cookies from Pepperidge Farm as cannons (cut in quarters then pushed into the sides and backs).
I used a wood grain impression mat to get the textured wood grain on the chocolate fondant (the level part of). Decorations: The pirate toys came from two different Pirate Play sets purchased from the Dollar Tree which included the cannon balls(whoppers candies are great too)barrels, two pirate figures, treasure chest, map and little pirate ship( I placed this out in the coconut water). I made lines on top of the loaf icing for the look of boards and black icing on the top border of the ship. I then decorated with Lego pirate men, candy silver balls for cannon balls, blue sharks and plastic miniature fences for the ships railings.
See what you can find at home and amend our DIY Pirate Ship How to, to suite what you have at home! Near the middle I snipped the fabric, threaded through some string and with that tied the sail to the mast! The idea is to have the parent read to the child and there are discussion questions that are interesting for each story. It was also fun to realize that the Florida Keys wasn’t always the swanky place it is today. The other part I cut in three, two big pieces on each side and one thin slice in the middle to make the mast. I try to out do the year before by being as creative as possible and make it almost entirely edible.
Best to cut your two side panels and the back, tape it all together and then to cut your base and desk to fit your boat. GenZ also sneaks in two vocab and a reading comprehension question that Dylan can earn points called Zoints for answering. Still, if I had to live somewhere during the Great Depression, the Florida Keys sounded pretty nice! Usually, the video takes the story a little deeper, or illustrates the story, or is just plain funny. Because of the paper sails on the ship the treasure chest was a perfect place for the candles (the pirate hat and sword were candle decorations found at a party supply store - as were the parrot and small red treasure chest on one of the ships).
The red skull on the side of the ship also comes from the Dollar Tree as an eight pack of Gummy Skull Pirates of the Caribbean candies. Placed brown construction paper as the cannon doors and the rear raised back board (behind Pirate in Pictures).
For the invention of velcro story, the video was David Letterman’s famous Velcro Suit! We also got a lot of mileage out of telling him to brush his teeth or they would end up green like a pirate’s!

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