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Fly Fishing with an Inflatable Pontoon Fishing Boat When it comes to fly fishing, inflatable pontoon fly fishing boats are an excellent choice.
For those not familiar with pontoon fly fishing boats they are typically small, not over eight feet in length although you can get them in larger sizes. The V shaped hulls of a pontoon boat makes them very easy to maneuver even with the most basic of paddling techniques. Pontoon boats are very rugged and have been designed specifically to meet the hazards of fly-fishing on rough rivers. Pontoon boats can work just as well on rivers or lakes.  Sometimes, an inflatable pontoon boat can even work on Class Three whitewater or Class Four if you are a skilled peddler. Not only can you use a pontoon boat in many types of water, but also they are extremely portable and easy to get to your location. Reaching my preferred honey hole is very easy with an inflatable pontoon sport fishing boat. Description of Intex Seahawk II Inflatable Boat - Three Man Raft with Oars and PumpThe Seahawk II inflatable boat by Intex is a portable hunting, exploring and fishing boat that fits easily into the trunk of any car. We work hard to make sure that every order placed Monday - Friday leaves our warehouse the same day, if ordered before 5pm EST. Place your order before 7PM Eastern Time on Thursday December 19th for gauranteed before Christmas. Boats typically leave our warehouse within one business day and then take an additional one to five business days to arrive at your doorstep. Your order will leave our warehouse on and then takes an additional one to five business days to arrive at your doorstep. Description of Intex Excursion 3 Three Man Inflatable Raft with Boat Oars and PumpExcursion inflatable boats are the biggest and roomiest rafts that Intex manufactures. AM365 inflatable premium boats can be used as a luxury tender for a mainship, or as a fishing boat or as deluxe leisure boat on a weekends.
While Azzurro Mare boats offer various premium features that other competitive brands are lacking, we are still able to offer sale prices well below other comparable inflatable boat brands. If you suspect that a valve is the source of the slow leak, you can verify this by fully inflating the air chamber, closing the valve cover and applying a soapy water mixture around the valve housing and cover cap. Over time, it is possible that debris, sand, dirt, oils and grime will accumulate on the rubber seal ring that is designed to keep the valve air tight. If you are observing air bubbles around the valve housing perimeter while applying a soapy mixture, there is a possibility that the valve needs to be tightened with a specialized valve tool. You can also quickly seal the slowly leaking air valve by applying a thin layer of glue around the valve housing perimeter, or putting a drop of glue inside the opening, where the string that secures the valve cover enters the valve housing, if you observe air bubbles at that particular place. Pro - Will last significantly longer than PVC when exposed to prolonged periods of direct sunlight.
In general PVC fabric won't last as long as Hypalon fabric if the boat will be subjected to prolonged periods of direct sunlight and no measures have been taken to protect the PVC fabric from the sun (i.e. Assembly page if you have difficulties installing your plywood floor into your inflatable boat. On the end of the plunger you will see 3 ridges: A top ridge, a 2nd ridge that is just below the top one, and a bottom ridge. The seal is bell-shaped so that its upper opening is smaller in diameter than its lower one.
Once the rubber seal is properly situated, re-assemble the pump, taking care not to damage the seal. Many cruising sailors have small outboard motors for use with their inflatables, which creates a dilemma when it's time to tow: should the motor be left on the dingy while towing?

Another consideration is the additional tow load the extra weight of the motor will create. You will need 8-9 inch long pieces of 2" diameter white plumbing PVC pipe and a piece of thick rope.
Make 2 knots where the rope exits the holes in the pipe, to make sure that the pipe will stay in place and will not slide when boarding the boat.
When boarding, insert one foot inside the loop with the pipe and grab the rope with both hands. The frame of a pontoon boat makes it very easy for a single person to have powerful strokes, this means you can make quick turns or long paddles depending on what you need. This means that no matter where you want to fly fish you can take your pontoon boat with you. Since pontoon boats were designed for fly-fishing they have many little compartments on the frame so you can easily store all of your fishing needs including rods, reels and other necessities. Using an inflatable pontoon boat I can easily obtain the most out of my valuable fishing time. Each Seahawk II inflatable boat comes standard with a pair of 54 inch aluminum oars and 360 degree rotational oar locks that help you quickly explore your favorite lake or river. Made with 3 separate layers of material for extra strength and durability - Two outer layers of heavy-gauge PVC are laminated to an inner layer of 1000 denier polyester mesh for extra reinforcementMotor Mount Fittings: Strong enough to handle up to a 2 HP motor.
The Excursion 3 inflatable boat truly is a large 3 man raft and the two inflatable seats with backrest lock to the boat to ensure that you're always comfortable.
Extra thick vinyl provides greater rigidity and resists damage from abrasion, impact and sunlight. If you find the hand pump provided is not able to achieve enough pressure, inspect the hose and all connections for leaks. Many boaters knot the tow bridle into a loop at the center, and attach a towing line there. The tendency to do this is proportional to the weight of the outboard and the difficulty in removing it and storing it on the boat.
A completely empty inflatable is usually a very light craft and hence a very light tow load. It can quickly lead to failure of the bridle pad eyes, especially in those instances where the load is not being equalized.
When you hear that word you may be thinking of the huge party boats that clutter lakes or the small kinds with peddles. However, they are quickly gaining popularity in the fly fishing world because of their many benefits.
Next time you are considering a boat for your fly-fishing needs consider the benefits you can have with a pontoon boat. Sold air bladder pontoon boats may not fit in the trunk but they often will fit in the bed of a pickup truck.
This Seahawk II inflatable raft is Intex's fastest rowing boat plus for long distances you have the option to purchase a motor mount kit and attach up to a 2 HP motor.
The extra leg room and comfy seats make riding in this inflatable boat extremely comfortable even during an all-day fishing or floating trip on your favorite pond, lake or mild river.
It would have been easier with two people!An innovative wheel design called Wheelez looks like a neat option. To remove debris you will need to blow air into the open valve with a hand pump while keeping the hose slightly away from valve's unlocked pushpin.
Remove the hose and block the air outlet at the T handle with the palm or your hand while pushing down on the T handle.

There are a number of reasons for recommending against towing with the outboard on the dingy. When you add 70 pounds or more of motor and gas tank, you could very well be doubling the tow load from a small inflatable. However, there are other pontoon boats that are designed specifically for fishing and can seat one to two people. This type of inflatable pontoon boat has a hull that is V shaped so that there is very little water resistance when paddling, providing the fisherman with excellent maneuverability.
All pontoon boats are light, making it easy for even a single individual to carry and set them up. Exploring your favorite lake with the Excursion 3 inflatable raft is easy because every boat comes standard with Intex's extra-long 54 inch aluminum oars. Larger diameter wide wheels roll more easily.I have used my inflatable launching wheels on all kinds of sand, gravel, cobble, and grassy shores, as well as on concrete and dirt boat launches. It might be also possible to splash a bit of acetone inside the valve to clean off the dirt and grime. You should encounter very substantial resistance to pushing down when the air outlet is blocked. The towing line should not be fixed to the bridle, but instead should end in a small bowline loop, through which the bridle passes.
Or if you want to take the Excursion 3 long distances purchase a motor mount and attach up to a 1.5 HP motor. I would love to see them fastened to an inflatable boat as inflatable launching wheels.Inflatable launching wheels need to be either flipped up or removed once on the water. The Intex Seahawk II boat features an all-around rock guard and is constructed with Intex's Super-Tough material giving it a firm, hard whitewater raft feel. If that does not help, remove the valve with a special valve tool, clean the rubber seal with a cotton swab soaked in acetone and re-install the valve with a tight fit. This 30 gauge Super-Tough material is made up of three separate layers; two outer layers of heavy gauge PVC are laminated to an inner layer of 1000 denier polyester mesh fabric that adds extra reinforcement.
The durable Intex Excursion 3 boat is constructed with super thick 30 gauge vinyl that is unaffected by gasoline, oil and salt water plus resists damage from abrasion, impact and sunlight. This super durable inflatable raft is unaffected by gasoline, oil and salt water plus resists damage from abrasion, impact and sunlight. This Excursion 3 inflatable boat also features 3 separate air chambers, one in the floor and two in the main hull.
Then the bolt is inserted through the top of the transom and fastened to the launching wheel bracket.It is easy to remove though, just undo the bolt and push down. These separate air chambers will help keep you safe because even if one air chamber deflates, the other two will remain inflated and help you get safely back to shore. Three separate air chambers, two in the hull and one in the floor, ensure that even if one chamber deflates that you will still be able to get to shore safely.
The Intex Excursion 3 inflatable boat also includes hand pump for easy inflation, gear pouch, welded on oar locks, grab handle on both ends of the boat, all-around grab line and repair patch kit.
The Intex Seahawk II inflatable boat also includes two inflatable seat cushions, two oar holders, two grab handles, reinforced bottom hull, battery pouch, gear pouch, all-around grab line and repair patch kit.

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