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Heavy-duty Saturn inflatable boats are made with premium quality materials, and can accommodate 7 to 8 persons. All Saturn yacht tenders are made of 1100-denier heavy-duty PVC fabric with polyester support that has excellent resistance to abuse and UV rays.
Deflated, the Saturn heavy-duty boat will fold to the size of one large bag with tubes and a large, flat bag containing the floor.

They are great for water rescue, emergency service, diving, or fishing trips almost anywhere.
Saturn heavy-duty boats take up to a maximum 40 HP outboard motor, but will run nicely with smaller 15 and 25 HP motors. Once deflated and folded, the heavy-duty boat can be stored in the back of your vehicle or in a closet in your home.

Double layers of fabric at the bottom of the tubes, and rub-strake protector along the keel, provide extra protection from sharp rocks and abrasive sand.

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