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Location: Southern England Renato Levi Wrote three books on the subject of designing Powerboats. Best book currently available on powerboat hydrodynamics is Hydrodynamics of High-Speed Marine Vehicles, by Odd M. If you are working in Aluminum, go to ABS, Lloyd's, or ISO and get rules for construction of high-speed vessels. Jet boats are tricky, most major water-jet manufacturers have lots of data on what works, talk to the supplier.
A phenomenon known as porpoising can occur if you are not caqrefull of what you are doing on the bottom, particurly in the 6' infront of the transom. Make the delta pad on the bottom nice and long, no-one says that the boat needs a 'keel', where the bottom sheets meet to form the vee. Look at other jet boat manufacturers and what they do, we spend many hours making sure we get it right so we can sell a safe and well performing product.
As has been said the key is power to weight and planing area in both laden and light conditions. When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals.
On the lake I grew up on, we had a nieghbour who owned one and we(my buddy and I) plotted hpw to get a ride in it once a year and it was the holy grail of life to get a ride in that! Location: Eustis, FL There's no screw ups in the design of a boat like that, so if you're guessing, you might pay dearly for it. Originally Posted by PAR There's no screw ups in the design of a boat like that, so if you're guessing, you might pay dearly for it.

The reverse chine and lift strakes will help keep the boat from swapping ends in tight turns, help, not keep it entirely from swapping ends. Most people with some experience driving jet boats think they have a handle on skinny water and tight turns, this run through the canyon, opened my eyes. Stay away from any fibreglass, maybe you will save some weight but damage hitting rocks will be hard to fix. Originally Posted by Barry I would run another set of strakes between the chine and the keel. The 773 was a three stage and the 212 has an impeller with a bolt on turbo impeller at the end. Originally Posted by viking north Ha Ha --Tugboat just kiddin with ya on the similarities -- all them there speedy run abouts tend to look the same to us canvas men. But my fav episode was the race that relic had with a prop driven high performance runabout.
I vaguely remember , in fact an episode of it out of the water on a trailer I think being repaired and Nick Adonidas explaining how the jet pump worked to the landlubbers watching the show.
The merc sj175 does offer a reasonable amount of thrust, but the downside is that in their infinate wisdom, Mercury put the exhaust from the engine in the cavity between the hull and jet unit. I tend to think of those that do as 'old school', and perhaps we should scrap the shuttle and fly the appollo missions again. As in aerospace, the trailing edges create a vortex, much like the tips of a wing, only in water that usually means that air is bled off, if that air makes it to the intake the pump will cavitate causing loss of thrust.
Have owned jet boats since 1979 and built many commercially, but it takes these guys 3 months of training before they can take a paying passenger.

Have owned jet boats since 1979 and built many commercially, but it takes these guys 3 months of training before they can take a paying passenger.****I hear ya, I have no experience so this would all be new to me but its on my bucket list. A 21 foot jet boat, including tanks would take about 20 25 hours of actual welding time, the rest of the time is fitting the plates, stringers, etc up.
I would be concerned that the changes in length due to heating and cooling, ie different temp expansion rates between UHMW and fibreglass might be a problem.
Actually Relic`s jet boat was a turn on for me especially `when the jump a log` stunt was performed. As I remember, they are nigh impossible to get hold of (you may have to order directly if you can find the website) but they are well worth reading. If you have a 'rocker' the boat will bounce around, or porpoise, if it has a hook it will bow steer badly, possibly causing the boat to spin in a turn. Look at not only straight line performance, but also where any vorticied will end up in a tight turn (if you terminate your strakes ahead of the intake), if the unit cavitates during a turn and you loose thruse, a real nice jet spin often occurs, sometimes at an inconvient moment!!! I prefer a multistage pump but Im no expert- it just seems running rapids you don't want to run a Berk or Jacuzzi.
But I will say I have seen carbon fiber canoes hit with sledge hammers and nothing- and I mean not even a scratch happens.

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