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I think we're going to use ordinary hinges on the seat for our center console, but Joey here at CLC suggested Velcro. I'm interested in how John will adapt the tiller outboard to console steering - I'd be interested in knowing in how much Mercury charges for this adaptation. Seating behind the console for the skipper, if desired, would take the form of an aftermarket pedestal seat. Well, all I can say is that when I win the lottery I'm going to add a "Jet-Ski-Console to Lilah.

The older one had you seated on the mid thwart straddling the console much like riding a jet ski. Using them on a Peeler, can you solo from the stern and adjust that much so the bow stays down? As far as a helm seat, I think ye olde five gallon bucket would work with maybe an after market flip up padded seat. In your new version it looks like the skipper will have to stand up at the wheel blocking the cockpit leg room for passengers.

Power plus handling plus all the features a hardcore enthusiast wants in a personal watercraft? I would forget the passenger seat in front of the console entirely and move it forward with seating for the skipper on the original thwart.

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