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We are a full service service resort marina located just off the Intracoastal Waterway on beautiful Anna Maria Island. What ever your passion Anna Maria Island and its surrounding area has an attraction, activity or adventure for you. It's best to check on the current regulations as the state and federal government are changing the requirements. There’s going to be a luxury hotel with one, two and three-bedroom condominiums in several waterfront buildings. Lake Anna Resort will be the heart of many new large events, tournaments, activities, and attractions to the area. When the sun is shining and my family finds that we have a few spare hours or a whole spare day with which to amuse ourselves, more often than not, we head to Lake Harriet.
Every single night and twice daily on Sundays from the last weekend of May through the Labor Day weekend there are free concerts at the Lake Harriet Bandshell. Near the Bandshell is a small shed-like building where you can rent kayaks, canoes or paddle boats. The hill and valley just behind the Bandshell area offers a vast space for picnicking, grilling and gathering with friend and family.
Peruse the many varietals of roses at the Rose Garden and enjoy the fountains in this beautiful park. This newly opened concession strives to serve locally-sourced foods in a zero-waste manner. Just a phone call or click away.  Ready to enjoy fun on the lake without owning your own boat? When you compare to the cost of buying to renting a boat, you will find the rates VERY reasonable.
Get the Kids, The Dog, Some Friends and your Mother-in-Law for a day of fun filled cruising, picnicking and swimming.
You would think living that close to a lake we would be over there all the time during the pretty weather season (which living in Oklahoma means any month of the year, just depends on the particular day) but we aren’t.
Anyway, back to the picnics, despite the fact that I rarely suggest them I really do like them. The picnic caddy has enough areas to carry lots of things you need for a picnic without having to load your arms down or make multiple trips. Green Eyed Country Girl is a lifestyle blog were I write about everyday life, household tips & tricks, menu plans, recipes, personal ponderings, fashion that I love (though I don’t consider myself a fashionista) and sometimes I write about my journey as a photographer. We love both and often cookout in the back yard and always take picnic lunches with us when we go on short road trips.

The Grady-White, 225 Freedom, 22' Dual Console is perfect for a day of family fun, fishing with friends or heading out to on those sunset cruises with great friends. Centrally located between Tampa Bay and Sarasota Bay, we are just minutes from the Gulf of Mexico via Longboat Pass. Our staff is dedicated to making your visit or service call to our marina a first-rate experience. There will be pools, public and private beach, waterfront spa – that can be on the beach-side, poolside, or just inside your room for a more quiet and private space, boat rentals, beach rentals, yoga and exercise classes, different activities – art classes, volleyball, card tournaments, bocce balls, skiing lessons, shuffle board, and music lessons. The luxury hotel will provide all the amenities and services that are expected from a first-class resort.
A destination unto itself, Lake Harriet was once a bustling summer destination for city dwellers looking to spend the day away picnicking under the big trees, boating and attending outdoor concerts. The performances range from orchestras to big band to jazz to French cafe music to blues to pop to a mix of a little of this and that. There is also an old, but still fun playground area on the top of the hill near the picnic tables and a clean indoor bathroom. The Peace Garden area is indeed peaceful and beautiful with pathways through flowers, shrubs, trees and water features. On Motherly Law, Anna writes about legal issues that affect families and offers tips and resources that pertain to those legal topics. My family may not exactly know this as I rarely suggest it as something to do but I do love them. The fun family time spent outdoors, with no electronic devices to distract us from each other, the sunshine, the whole atmosphere, I love it. These same products would also be adorable and very useful at your next cookout too, I know I’ll be using this Galvanized Drink Dispenser as much as I can! I especially love potluck style for the random buffet of food that shows up but magically all works together.
We are also very much like your family in the sense that we LOVE picnics, but we never go on them! Grady-White is known for reliability and craftsmanship, but what we really love is their timeless classic style! There is just enough wild and outdoors to satisfy my young boys and just enough tame and indoors {such as indoor plumbing} to please me too.
Part of the trolley line that carried the people from downtown Minneapolis to Harriet and back remains, still making regular trips, going as far as Lake Calhoun before heading back to Lake Harriet. Lifeguards are on duty at the North Beach during the busier days and times of the summer, but I couldn’t find a current 2011 schedule.

You’ll find Bluegill, Crappie, Muskie, Northern Pike, Bass, Walleye, Largemouth, Yellow Perch, Bullhead and Carp in Lake Harriet.
These rentals are available from Memorial Day through Labor Day and weekends in September and October.
A bonus: you can still hear the music from the Bandshell as you grill and chat with family and friends.
The Sport Deck handles a wide range of on-the-water activities with a totally comfortable ride, tons of storage and outstanding performance - especially when measured against the competition. They hold a good amount of your drink of choice but they will still easily fit into a cup holder in the car or a lawn chair without tippy over easily. And for the grown-ups: night life, dancing, bar, shopping, classes, lessons, club house, gaming courts, tiki bar, restaurants, shops, and amphitheater for musical performances and theatrical shows. Be sure to watch for turtles, ducks, fish, and the Elf House at the base of a tree just past South Oliver Avenue. Set against the glistening lake and setting sun, the concerts are so much fun for the whole family.
The sandy beaches offer a space to spread out a blanket for a picnic or for mom or dad to relax while the kids build sandcastles and splash in the cold, shallow water. There is also a purified water fountain to refill water bottles just inside the pavilion housing Bread & Pickle. Come in, hop on a boat and see for yourself why SouthWind raised-the-bar in deck boat boating.
These countless activities will definitely make your stay at Lake Anna Resort an unforgettable one! Each ride includes a lesson in the history of the Como-Harriet Streetcar Line presented by the enthusiastic trolley car conductors. The resort is said to be Lake Anna’s crown jewel because of all the amazing planned amenities that this resort will offer.
The kids sing and dance along with the music, walkers and cyclists stop for a few minutes and dogs enjoy the outing alongside their owners. Lake Anna Resort is planned to be mixed-used development, both commercial and residential, with lots of activities and places to explore, to just have fun and enjoy the day.

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