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I have caught lots of fish in my life , but I must say the sailfish is on of the most exciting fish .
Wahoo – Year-round but are not consistent, winter and early spring are best fishing times for wahoo.
Tuna – Year-round but found in different depths, spring is best along the edge of the reef. This brief summary of regulations governs the taking of saltwater species in Florida state waters for personal use. SEAMOUNT is a mountain rising from the seafloor that does not reach to the surface of the ocean.Seamounts often project upwards into shallower zones . Every spring, dolphin congregate in the warming waters of the Gulf Stream between the Bahamas bank and the east coast of Florida. The Baiting Game When the first dolphin is hooked, drops the boat down to a low idle, keeping it in gear but moving just fast enough to keep the school close behind. Shaw and Nodder first described the Atlantic sailfish in 1792 and assigned it the species name Xiphias platypterus. Sails love ballyhoo, so a good cast net and a stop over a patch reef can get you some good live bait. The areas to troll or drift are those just off the outer reef edge in water from 90 to 150 feet in depth.
If you have no outriggers, a simple clothespin rig on a spinning rod will work just as well. When he does come back and eat, a hard, hard hook set is necessary because of the hard mouth they have. For most, the term "Big-Game Fishing" conjures up images of sunny days, bluewater, big fish, and awesome excitement. The waters of the Florida Keys has hard-fighting, deep-sea gamefish like marlin, wahoo, sailfish and tuna, to backcountry favorites like tarpon and bonefish, Key Largo offers anglers of any skill a great variety and  year-round fishing. Fishing is allowed on the Keys bridges and is quite popular on historic Channel 2 Bridge, Channel 5 Bridge, Long Key Bridge and Seven Mile. The island paradise of Key Largo,the Dive Capital of the World, where you can kick off your shoes and leave your cares behind. Fishing - sailfish, yellow tuna, blue marlin, bullnose dolphin, grand slams, wahoo, Mahi Mahi, reef fish, nothing beats a day of fishing! There is no finer sport fishing in the Florida Keys – or anywhere – than on this unassuming tropical getaway of Key Largo. When the wind blows hard, it usually means a high pressure area is either on the way or here already. Accommodations include - 2 bedroom, 2 bath suite, a full kitchen, living room, a private balcony with oceanviews. DEEP SEA FISHING CAPTAIN EASY Magnificent deep sea fishing adventures are available year-round in Key Largo -  Florida Keys. Experience the excitement of fishing for tuna, mahimahi, wahoo and sail fish in the crystal clear waters around Key Largo.
ALL KEY'D UP, MM 100, Marina Del Mar, Key Largo, Florida ATLANTIC STAR DEEP SEA FISHING, Holiday Inn Marina, MM 100, Key LargoBENDER, CAPT. Key Largo is known as the "Diving Capital of the World" while Islamorada is called the "Sport Fishing Capital".

Well wondering what to do with the family and the kids are restless it’s time to do some fishing .
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This entry was posted in Deep Sea Fishing, Florida Keys Fishing, Key Largo Fishing, Reef Fishing, Sportfishing, The Florida Keys and tagged Key Largo Fishing, Key Largo Sportsfishing. Caesar's Head is popular for its beautiful vistas, excellent hiking trails, and impressive waterfalls. Caesars Head State Park (part of the Appalachian chain) is located in northern Greenville County, SC. When live baiting you get the chance to see the fish come up and eat and once hooked they will give a show that will hook you .
Having a Captain like Captain Dana Banks can make your Deep Sea Fishing Charter a fantastic one.  Just let Captain Dana know what you want to fish for. Best time to start fishing for the sailfish is November, peaking in February and tapering off by April. It is an ancient and worldwide practice that dates back about 10,000 years with various techniques and traditions. It's takes certain, persistent conditions to make the fish congregate in a particular area but nonetheless, the fish will be here. Early in the spring, look for frigate birds because the terns haven’t yet shown up in big numbers. The thermocline region is apparently influenced by wind conditions as well as water temperature. Oatmeal and a block of chum mushed in a water bucket act great together for gathering the ballyhoo school.
With live bait fishing, it becomes a matter of drifting over the prime area with a freelined, lip-hooked ballyhoo. Or a  hump coming up 30 or 40 feet from the bottom from 150 feet of water to 110 feet of water. Outriggers permit the baits to be spread, but more importantly, they allow the bait to drop back once a billfish strikes.
I learned a long time ago that blue bird skies behind a cold front generally means the fish have acquired a sudden case of lockjaw!
Why stay at a hotel when you can rent an affordable holiday vacation lodging, situated directly on the atlantic ocean.
This unit is located at Ocean Pointe Suite and is perfect for anyone who dives, loves to boat, or wants to fish. Whether you are a beginner or experienced deep sea angler, enjoy the thrill of fishing in pristine depths of the Florida Keys - Atlantic Ocean.
CARLOS, Holiday Isle, Islamorada DREAM MAKER, MM100 Holiday Inn, Key LargoFANTASTIC CHARTERS, MM100 Holiday Inn Docks, Key Largo FANTASY, CAPT. Microcook potatoes in a microwave-safe medium bowl, covered, on 100-percent power (high) for 5 to 7 minutes or until nearly tender, stirring once.
Grill packets on the rack of and uncovered grill directly over medium heat for 20 to 25 minutes or until fish flakes easily with a fork (carefully open one packet to check for fish doneness). We have everything you need and the perfect place to enjoy a tropical vacation in the fabulous Florida Keys.

Offering a beautifully decorated condo, with two bedroom - two bath with whirlpool tubs for weekly and monthly rentals Ocean Pointe Suite is located,about one hour drive south from Miami international Airport,The hard Rock Cafe-Casino,the Art Deco South Beach and Miami shopping.
This family went for a great day of fishing , the yellowtail were biting good along with a few bonito.
When you look at that blueness of the water and feel the openness of the sea you can’t help but to get excited.  From the start of November thru April, the off shore fishing offers some of the best sailfishing along with tuna, king mackerel, and wahoo. Being one of the fastest fish in the sea and very acrobatic , jumping and dancing across the back of the boat, very visual. If you don't have some type of mechanism to allow a drop back, you may not get a sail or other billfish to come back and eat the bait. Your feet pressed hard against the foot-rest as you lean back, straining to pull the rod towards you.
Even those windless days when the high is sitting right on top of you fail to produce fish.
Rent directly from the owner of this chalet, cabin, villa, home, apartment and condo accommodation in the beautiful Florida Keys. This cozy unit is warm and inviting for those looking for a relaxing vacation or a getaway. There is a 10-foot free fall of water, with formations of rocks that make the water flow at a unique pace.
It does require patience at times but there is usually action with the tuna ,king mackerel and bottom fish. These birds are usually over bigger dolphin and working into the current, feeding on flying fish and squid—the perferd food for bull dolphin. This large fin runs most of the length of the body, highest at it's midpoint.The first anal fin is set far back on the body. The total height of all three sections of this waterfall has been estimated at up to 175 feet. This where the reef drops out from 60 feet to 100, 120, and130 feet.  The pelagic  fish travel this area which is alive with baitfish giving opportunity for these fish to feed and that is where you want to be. If there is some particular fish you may be looking for give us a call and we can help guide you to it to give you the best chance of landing your fish.
Tie a 40- or 50-pound leader to a four-foot doubled line tied with a Bimini twist on the lighter rods, and a 60 or 80 pound leader on the heavier tackle. Repeat the process a few hundred times in the course of an hour or so, and perhaps you'll have your fish to the boat. On the outriggers, set two rigged ballyhoo—without plastic skirts—and runs the dead baits back 150 to 200 feet. The pectoral and pelvic fins are long with the pelvic fins almost twice as long and nearly reaching  to anus.

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