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My dad had a 1998 18' Champion bass boat that the hull cracked under the top cap just from hitting a wave the wrong way. Does anyone know, for sure, what year the transoms went to all composite on the Bay Champs?
The Fogg's: David purchased Ursa in 2005 bringing her up the coast to Maine where she is moored near spindle 19 in the summer and tucked inside at Billings Diesel in Stonington for the winter months. Do I really need to replace my Gas Tank?The symptoms are: Smell of gas in the center console (very strong when full), and stalling out when at cruising speed for a while. Another thing to look at and budget, in my opinion, would be all the fuel any other hoses under the cowling.
I say time has changed and get a composit or Aluminum and forget a boat with wood.Champion a dieing breed maybe at one time it was the bomb,but time has changed.Just saying!!! Nice work!That's quite the hole !!Good thing you got that thing out of there.Now I'm worried about mine! The #'s on the VRO pump come back '89 - '90 & the freeze out plug just above the V6 tells it to be 1990.The need for a year is for parts purposes.

Launched headed out half way across the bay heard something from the motor area looked back and the motor looked loose pulled the throttlein nuetral looked back and the motor was gone that fast.
Mike had replaced all the windows in the main saloon plus others and added a permanent roof over the stern. Do you have a fuel water separator between the tank and the engine?1) check the fill, vent hoses2) pull the tank.
Do you have a fuel water separator between the tank and the engine?1) check the fill, vent hoses2) pull the tank.Very dangerous!
There are cracks near the torx bolts on the existing VRO2 pump housing, but I think it is on the oil pump end & not needed. Two floor jacks were needed as well as the regular tools of the tank removal trade: sawzall, chainsaw, tree trim saw, 2 floor jacks, (2) 8' pcs of chain & a son that wants the boat wet more than me. My '82 21 Mako had corrosion on the tank top which was not noticed until I had the coffin lid off and was inspecting the tank and hoses. Do a search and change it to subject only and type in fuel tank or fuel tank removal or something like that.

I started cleaning a few corrosion spots and discovered holes beneath the corrosion.Better replace it. If you decide to refresh that motor, start with getting a service manual and PB blaster or comparable.
Is there a less expensive fuel pump for NON VRO use?I assume I need to do the usual old motor maintenance: Plugs, thermostat, water pump, gear oil.
Make yourself a budget and decide how far to go before gong too far with no chances of ROI.
When i cut up teh old tank, it was in surprisingly good shape except for teh area with pinholes.

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