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The facilities of the Wooden Boat Centre in Kotka are designed to maintain and restore classic wooden yachts up to 12mR class. Disenado por Charles E Nicholson, probablemente el arquitecto naval mas conocido de la decada de los 30, fue construido en Inglaterra para la amiga de Marlene Dietrich, Marion Betty “Joe” Carstairs. El tamano del taller de produccion fue determinado por las dimensiones del Blue Marlin – a todas luces el primer proyecto de restauracion. After passing the boundary and customs checking Bylina set the course towards the Russian-Finnish border. The international Wooden Boat Show was arranged in this small port-town for the fifth time.
Almost all Finnish friends of the Viking-Nevo club saw off the Russian crew back home. Designed by Charles E Nicholson, probably the best-known naval architect of the 1930s, it was built in England for Marlene Dietrich's friend Marion Betty 'Joe' Carstairs. The size of the production hall was determined by the dimensions of the Blue Marlin - self-evidently the first restoration project. The building is open for the public and its 'open' layout will bring renewed interest into saving and restoring classic wooden yachts.
Esta belleza clasica de 21 metros, aunque un poco desgastada por el tiempo, paso a manos finlandesas y se llevo a Kotka para su restauracion.

Los arquitectos Lahdelma y Mahlamaki Oy disenaron las nuevas instalaciones del Centro de Barcos de Madera finlandes. El nuevo edificio se termino en Kotkansaari al lado del Centro Maritimo Vellamo en mayo de 2008. This is a place where new wooden boats are built and large old boats are repaired in magnificent facilities.
The open sea area which surrounded travelers several previous days changed to the pictorial Vyborg skerries.
After coming there for the first time the young sailors said that they were in paradise.
This 21 metre classic beauty, even if a little worse for wear, had passed into Finnish hands and was taken to Kotka for restoration. The new premises of the Finnish Wooden Boat Centre were designed by the Architects Lahdelma and Mahlamaki Oy. The new building was completed on Kotkansaari next to the Maritime Centre Vellamo in May 2008. Las salas antiguas conectadas al nuevo edificio cubren las necesidades de los carpinteros de barcos.
The next stop was in Vyborg where the rich and interesting program waited for the travelers.

Besides the open area pool the spring-boards, saunas, hydro-massages, tennis and many other things could be found there for three euro only. El rasgo mas distintivo y dominante del Centro de Barcos es la cupula abierta en forma de parabola, revestida con laminas de cobre patinado. The most distinctive and dominant feature of the boat centre is the parable-shaped open-ended dome clad with patinated copper sheets. El espacio de 15 metros de altura sostenido por arcos de acero da cobijo tanto al taller de barcos, con los sistemas de control de calor y humedad necesarios, como a los almacenes, sin sistema de calefaccion en dos niveles.
The 15 metre high space supported by steel arcs house both the boat building hall, complete with the necessary heating and humidity control systems, and unheated storage rooms on two levels. La cupula y el viejo taller de ingenieria estan interconectados por una seccion en forma de cuna albergando una cafeteria, la biblioteca, una pequena sala de exposiciones y las oficinas. The dome and the old engineering workshop are interconnected by a wedge-shaped section housing a cafe, library, a small exhibition room and offices.

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