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Lake Powell house boat Rentals & vacations packages complete with a Ski Boat, wakeboard boats, Power Boat. TK Water SportsA & Outdoor Aventures can help you plan the utlimate outdoor water adventure. Choose your houseboat rental: In choosing your houseboat the are many different types & sizes of house boats to choose from to try to accomodate different budgets & Groups of all sizes.
Luxury Houseboats - are for those who want the latest in amenities and lots of onboard space. These house boats are for those who want many of the luxury amenities but don't need as much onboard space.
Economy houseboats are for those who are on a tighter budget and don't require a lot of amenities and space.
Make the most out of your Lake Powell house boat vacation House boat work great for a home base because the are slow moving. Reserving your houseboatReserve you house boat way in advance to make sure your dates are available and have the proper space and amenities that is needed for your group. House Boat SafetyMost of the house boats have carbon monoxide monitoring devices to monitor the the exhaust from teh enginges and the generator.
Lake Powell vacationers plan ther outdoor adventures starting in the spring (May-Oct) and will go as late as October.
GoPlay Lake Powell now offering the ultimate house boating experience at Lake Powell for your family, friends, or business. With common sence reasonable precautions you can make your Lake Powell vacation safe & with lasting memories. Lake Powell is one of TK Watersports favorite and most frequented vacation spots for the ultimate dream Watersports vacation. The views are simply breath taking, a must see for all boaters and hard core watersports enthusiasts. Have a great day on the lake with friends, family and or business and leave when its all over and leave the boat and equipment clean up to us. House boat rental, for most of us, is the most viable option for being able to experience the fun and adventure of a house boating vacation at Lake Powell.With almost 2000 miles of shoreline and 254 square miles of water, 96 named side canyons that bend and twist serpentine-like through scenic canyons of ancient stone, Lake Powell offers some of the best house boating vacations in the world. I have tried to be as thorough as I can, but if you still have some questions or concerns about house boat rental, please check out my page of Frequently Asked Questions. At The Point, we’re committed to making your boating experience as enjoyable off the water as on it. Your Houseboat Vacation: cruising beneath high red rock cliff walls, exploring serpentine finger canyons, fishing for bass or walleye, swimming in the warm waters, and camping along sandy shores.
The stunning landscape of Lake Powell is one of its major draws for visitors, and the grand majority of these views are accessible only by boat. The 46 foot Expedition Class is a newer houseboat, added in 2010 and built for up to six people. Like its near twin, the 46 foot Voyager XL Class houseboat is just the right size for most groups.
Taking a larger luxury houseboat and optimizing it for affordability gets you the 48 foot Navigator Class. A newer addition to Lake Powell, the 54 foot Escape houseboat takes the high luxury of larger boats and shrinks it into a more affordable package. The 59 foot Deluxe houseboat is incredibly versatile, which is why it's available on so many lakes.
A wider and more amenity-filled boat than others, the 60 foot Eagle is a great and affordable way to go on vacation.
For large groups looking for luxury, but still mindful of the cost, the 62 foot Journey is perfect. The first of its kind, the all new Axiom Star Lake Yacht is redefining luxury on Lake Powell with its sleek design and premium amenities.

A luxury hybrid of high capacity and creature comforts, the 70 foot Titanium houseboat has it all. To have the capacity for twenty people to sleep on board, the 75 foot Excursion combines five staterooms, two fold-outs and three queen-sized cushions on the upper deck.
The three-tiered design of the 75 foot Odyssey Class houseboat makes it feel more like a yacht than a houseboat, with its sleek style, penthouse and top-deck hot tub. The 75 foot Platinum houseboat is the height of luxury, designed around increased accessibility.
Twelve people spread about the 75 foot Xtreme houseboat is an incredibly comfortable proposition.
The 53 foot Adventurer Class houseboat sleeps twelve people comfortably and has two full bathrooms with a shower in each. There is also an ADA compliant model, the 53-foot Universal, available should any guest require additional accessibility features. Linens are available upon request up to maxumum sleeping capacity on all economy class houseboats. The rental rates listed do not include sales tax, National Park Service fees or fuel expense. You may optionally select a marina, so we may provide you with the most accurate information.
Your information will not be shared with anyone except as necessary to complete your request. Also available are jet skis, water sports instruciton on our boat charters and don't forget a few days fishing with our Lake Powell Fishing Guide Services. Rent a house boat for the week, spend the morning water skiing the glassy waters of Lake Powell, wakeboard using the beautiful back drop of the the red rock canyon walls to get that perfect picture or go tour the lake and viset rainbow ridge. Enjoy your house boat rental; fishing, touring, swimming, water sking, wakeboarding there is an activity for everyone. All houseboats are equipped with Coast Guard Approved life jackets * Each houseboats includes VHF radio for communication with marinas * Fire Extinquishers and first aid kits can be found aboard all houseboats.
The air before March to May is warm but the water is still warming up and a wet suit is needed. Largest inventory of luxury house boat ownership shares at Bullfrog and Antelope Point Marinas. Wahweap and Antelope point the biggest marinas at Lake Powell and are located a few miles out of Page Arizona. Hundreds of side canyons, inlets and coves sheltering Indian ruins and natural wonders make Lake Powell a paradise for house boating, photography, and general exploring. Reservations are a must and you should call well in advance of your visit; especially if you must havespecific dates. Our project manager, Kevin Burdette, has seen the construction through since day one when the Navajo Nation, National Park Service and Jerry struck a partnership up that has changed the way guests look at and experience Lake Powell.
Lake Powell is a wonder of water sport recreation, glorious views, spectacular hiking, rich cultural and geological discovery and unlimited family fun. From golf cart transport dockside and valet boat-launching, to waterfront dining, to boat rentals, tours and more, The Point is the place where it all comes together for you. Our gallery represents only a fraction of what you can expect to see on your houseboat vacation, and we think you'll definitely want to see more in person. Small but with high class furnishings it strives to be a balance of that luxury with cost-conscious groups. It's available on several lakes, has room for up to eight people and sports a sun deck that is both very open and well protected from the sun. The 53 foot Adventurer houseboat fits up to twelve people and is a great way to give everyone a base camp as they set out on jet skis, in a speed boat or for a hike among the red rocks. The list of amenities is amazing, with highlights including an eight-person hot tub, satellite TV and a large kitchen (with an island).

New features include the ability to drive the boat from the top deck, a wet bar and nicer, cushioned deck furniture. The living area has a full kitchen, dining and lounging areas and satellite TV for when you need a break from too much recreation on the beautiful lake. The latest model features a redesigned kitchen with fine craftsman cabinets, HD flat screen TVs and fine furnishings throughout.
It's an amazing experience to sleep under the stars, especially in such luxury as this houseboat provides. Designed to allow up to six of the twenty-two total people to sleep comfortably under the stars, the luxury experience of this floating penthouse suite is something you won't want to miss. Wide throughways, ramped thresholds and a wheelchair elevator make sure no part of the boat is off limits. It says that this boat is about luxury amenities rather than high capacity, that what you're getting is first class cruise accommodations with the freedom to chart your own course. It also has two refrigerators in the kitchen so you won't need to go back to the marina to restock your food supply. No lake powell vacation is complete with spending a few days fishing with one our our lake powell fihing guides.
Children under 12 must wear a life jacket at all times if on a boat or the exterior of the house boat.
Lake Powell offers some of the nation's finest fishing, for striped bass, smallmouth bass, largemouth bass, walleye, catfish, crappie and northern pike.
Below, I have listed the names of the individual businesses, of which I am aware, along with their toll free numbers:a€? Antelope Point Resort and Marina---1-800-255-5561a€? Lake Powell House Boat Rentals---1-888-454-8825 (USA) 1-801-487-7206 (International)a€? Lake Powell Resorts and Marinas---1-888-806-8829Also, reservations can be made by calling National Park Reservations at 1-866-875-8456 from within the United States. You can also call us toll-free at 888-454-8825 or select Request Info to submit a request for assistance. You still get the appliances (two ovens, even) and deck furniture, a large kitchen with an island, and the remote fuel tank.
All this and still room for up to twelve people to sleep inside, with extra sleeping capacity counting the top deck cushions.
Capacity for ten people on five beds, coupled with the very affordable price makes this boat an inexpensive (but still comfortable) way to hit the lake.
As a compromise, head up to the canopied sun deck and relax while still getting the great view. Plush furniture, a large entertainment system, even custom Amish-made cabinets adorn the interior. The seven televisions with satellite litter the interior and exterior, which itself is decorated like a beach-front property. The gorgeous Amish-built cabinets, wood-finished interior and thick queen sized beds surround everyone in comfort as you embark on Lake Powell.
A large ice chest and a gas grill round out the food accommodations so there won't be a line to get fed.
Many visitors are content to spend there time hiking, exporing the canyons, and enjoying the stars on the beach at night. Bullfrog is the gate way for boaters and visitors approaching from south-central Utah and Western Colorado. Beds are placed throughout and there's no shortage of sitting room if you want to invite friends over for a movie. While awake, alternate between hot tub and Lake Powell, a movie on the satellite TV and a nice meal from the full kitchen. The slide will get you started towards shore, some of the most stunning scenery in the country.

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