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Actualmente esta pagina de web esta siendo traducida, por favor tenga paciencia con nosotros a través de esta proceso. Cuando compre una semana de multipropiedad en propiedad como Embassy Vacation Resort Lake Tahoe usted esta anualmente garantizado a una escapada. Así que si usted esta buscando la venta de su multipropiedad en Embassy Vacation Resort Lake Tahoe nosotros podemos ayudarle a obtener el mejor precio. Para mas información sobre cualquiera de nuestros servicios por favor no dude en llamarnos. Some client weeks are not currently advertised on our website but we may have them in stock.
Please call us 0800 071 4674 or +44 (0)1787 881111 on or try changing your search criteria.
There are plenty of activities to try in both summer and winter, making Lake Tahoe an amazing year-round destination. Fly: The closest airport to Lake Tahoe is Reno, and starting in December 2015 Thomas Cook will fly twice weekly in winter to Reno directly from London Gatwick from just ?399 return.
There is some public transport, especially between the major ski resorts, and you can always jump in a taxi if you’d rather not catch a bus. The Landing, Heavenly: Situated right on the edge of the lake in Heavenly, The Landing is a brand new luxury resort and spa that makes the perfect end to any day of skiing or paddleboarding. Basecamp, Heavenly: Basecamp could be categorised as somewhere between a hotel and a really upmarket hostel.
Hyatt Regency: Located in Nevada, Hyatt Regency is a resort, spa and casino with plenty of nearby activities to keep everyone entertained. Winter sports: Lake Tahoe is known for its incredible skiing and snowboarding, with 400 inches of snow a year and a handful of world-famous resorts like Squaw Valley, Alpine Meadows, Heavenly and Northstar dotting the edge of the lake.
Olympic flame: Squaw Valley hosted the 1960 winter Olympics, and they have the flame to prove it.
Tahoe is totally one of those places I want to go back to again and again – it’s too pretty to just see it once! Manzanita Woods is a brand new luxury condo in South Lake Tahoe located in the Tahoe Woods Condominiums. This luxury condo features 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, over 2,000 square feet and can sleep 6 – 8 people comfortably.
You will love preparing meals in the gourmet kitchen featuring a double oven, five burner stove and updated stainless steel appliances and granite countertops.
The first master bedroom is located on the top floor adjacent to the kitchen and living room.
In the 2010-11 South Lake Tahoe budget the “Recreation Summary” calls for projected revenues to be $996,200, expenditures $2,073,558.
Specific ice arena figures can be found in Working Papers B that were supplied to Lake Tahoe News. In 2009-10 the top three revenue generators were: public skate 26 percent of the budget, facility-ice rentals 25 percent, and skating programs 11 percent.
Rob Swain, supervisor of the South Lake Tahoe Ice Arena, said the projected deficit for this fiscal year is about $35,000 for the ice rink.
One budget item that will be cut this year is utilities, which came to more than $60,000 last fiscal year. A positive at the rink is the number of skate school participants has been on the upswing the past few years. Since then the numbers have been increasing, with 349 participants this year as of the end of November. Swain sounds like a man more worried about the bottom line more than the quality of service customers are getting. He has rented the rink for winter clothing catalog shoots as well as to the government to test tires. Swain said the two words that will put the ice rink on solid ground are cooperation and compromise. Swain said after last week’s focus group meeting he immediately implemented three changes people wanted – all in the name of customer service.
When it comes to the public using the rink, school schedules are a contributing factor – so are windy days on the slopes. With the rink being built with Measure S bond money – a measure residents still see on property tax bills – Swain said the philosophy is to provide as much ice time to the public as possible. Part of the recent discussions involve getting the word out to the public about the various skating programs – including curling, birthday parties, youth and adult hockey leagues, skills and drills, broomball, and figure skating.
Most of the information being distributed about rink activities is directed to current users.
When the weather is nasty, Swain said hotels in the area are sent faxes telling them to suggest to their guests to come to the ice rink. Hawken said new this year is having a coupon inserted in card key holders for hotel guests to use. Going after hockey tournaments and camps are other ways to get people to know about the rink. The flip side is letting locals know so they could attend the various events on this NHL size sheet of ice.
Swain volunteers he likes the outdoor rink at Heavenly Village with its decorative snowflakes and the vibe it puts off.
One thing that might free up time for Swain and Hawken is the city attorney will be handling the bulk of contracts. When Stan Sherer comes on board in January as Parks and Rec director the ice rink will be at the top of his list in terms of making sure it is run correctly and customer satisfaction is in check. The Ice Rink appears to have the same problem with food service that LTCC has, not enough volume to make a profit.
From the perspective this article is written it sounds like Rob Swain should be operating something else besides the city’s ice rink. The annual performance of the ice rink illustrates why government should not be allowed to run a private enterprise. As someone whose family uses the rink often I have to take exception with several things in the article.
First – where on earth did you develop the premise that a public facility like the ice rink is supposed to be a money making business? Did you speak with numerous other indoor facilities to see which of them was making money hand over fist?
The projected recreation deficit is $1,077,358 and the ice rink only is going to make up $35,000 of this? Where in the budget does it show how much TOT and sales tax is being generated by the people that Mr.
First, the ice rink was sold to the electorate as self-supporting except for the cost of construction of the facilities, which the bonds paid for. Thank you to Nancy for using her great skills to try and get all parties to the table and evaluate. Lease out the cafe space to someone, then they cover the expenses, can put in advertising (and maybe even a 5 minute parking spot to encourage use by customers other than skaters) and make it profitable.
Advertise whats going on so that the chosen few who participate in ice hockey and skating lessons can understand the quality of the product. Been that way ,ever since water freezes every winter, predawn Homo-Sapiens learned to walk up-right.
In the early spring ,you’ll see some fine youthful fawns skating in their beautiful natural fur taking in some Sunshine. CHRISTPHOR LAKE USE TO WORK JUST FINE,YOU COULD EVEN HAVE A CAMP FIRE,NOBODY CARED AS LONG THERE WAS NO TROUBLE OR TRASH.
I would imagine since the trpa took over everyone’s life your lucky to even touch the water anymore. Although I am not the general manager of the facility I strive to supervise programs as efficiently as possible for the long-term sustainability of all the diverse user groups. I have invested thirty years of recreation employment and volunteerism in this community and constantly work to improve the quality of life here.

When we evaluate the sustainability of a public asset like the arena, we must also factor in the economic benefit the facility brings to the town besides simple fees.
According to the numbers posted in the article, the rink is operating at a $35K deficit or about 4.5% of total allocated budget including payroll. Frog, Things always look good on Paper, how come they don’t work out that way in dollars, cents? Assuming a BIG WORD here in town with all the other Assuming projects, THAT have never PRUDUCED FRUIT to any ASSUMING positive $$$$$$$ numbers. IF I REMENBER THAT COUNCIL MEETING YEARS AGO CORRECTLY, WASN’T THIS ALREADY SUPPOSE TO HAVE HAPPENED? NOW IN THE DAYS OF SPARSE ACTIVITY, LACK OF TOURIST, WE SEE THE SAME OLD PIPE DREAMS APPEARING AGAIN.
AND NOW THE ART TOWN GOING TO USE WATER COLORS TO MAKE IT BETTER, PAINT THE TOWN INTO Leonardo da Vinci BIG BUCKS STORY. Are you trying to say that based on your operating costs and budget,you have no choice, but to focus on the little bit of business going into the rink,and South Lake Tahoe should be thankful for what business is being generated?
EVERYONE I’ve talked to that comes up here from out of town, to participate in special events at the Rink, loves the trip up. I can assure you,I would be able to tell you how may people I need to get in that Rink on a weekly basis,in order to break even and to make a profit.
In my humble opinion,the article on the rink was pointless,selfserving,and didn’t address any real issues on how to promote Skating School,Locals,or Out of Town awareness.
I just returned from taking my daughter to a show rehearsal at the ice rink.We have participated in the last 2 xmas shows .
Why would anyone read those articles in the tribune when they were both on LTN four days ago. I will speak for the great number of hockey players and parents (customers)who have moved on to interests that don’t involve the SLT Ice Arena.
For a journalism student you need to return to basic english class and learn to formulate a sentance. Heavenly Ski Rentals in Lake Tahoe brings you the best ski rental shops in South Lake Tahoe, CA. Renting is often a better option, you get the most current gear and don’t have to haul your own thru the airport and pay all the extra baggage fees associated with travel nowadays.
Rental equipment prices vary depending on the type of equipment you are renting, where you are renting from, and how long you are renting it for. Plan ahead and reserve your ski rental equipment in advance, especially during busy holiday weeks and school vacation weeks. Reserve your Heavenly Ski Rentals online by clicking the Reserve Now button and get 20% off your rental! Si esta buscando por un hermoso y relajante lugar donde pueda retirarse cada año pues este es el ideal lugar para ir.
Tenemos años de experiencia en la venta de propiedades en Embassy Vacation Resort Lake Tahoe. I spent a few days there last winter and skied my way around the picturesque lake, checking out some of the biggest and most famous resorts that are dotted around this gem on the border of California and Nevada.
If you’re not sure which season is right for you, check out this post on when to visit Lake Tahoe. This is what I did, although I made it into a bit of a road trip by stopping in Sonoma for some wine tasting, followed by the most incredible brunch on the way up to the mountains.
Rooms are spacious and funky with gas fireplaces and lake views, service is impeccable and guests are treated to a welcome glass of champagne.
The property, just minutes from Heavenly Village, is stylishly decorated in minute detail from the lobby and other common areas to the 74 fun and quirky rooms. The Village is right in the heart of Squaw and offers standard rooms or apartments if you fancy trying the self-catering option.
I recommend ordering some of the game meats that appear on the menu and pairing it with a local red wine.
It sounds like a strange combination but your meal is in the safe hands of famous British chef Maria Elia. The atmosphere is cosy, almost like a warm English pub, and the food is seasonal and incredible. Food trucks are usually associated with big cities, but the little mountain village of Squaw Valley has its very own food truck, and it could give those city trucks a good run for their money. As well as these infamous snow meccas, there are other, lesser-known resorts that are worth visiting like Kirkwood, Mt Rose and Sierra. Once the snow melts, the lake itself becomes a hub of activity, with sports like wakeboarding, water skiing and paddle boarding drawing people from California and beyond.
Check out the still-burning flame at the base of the mountain, and spend some time in the Olympic Museum to see some historic memorabilia from the event.
Just half an hour from Reno, this city is the capital of Nevada and looks like a town straight from a Clint Eastwood film. Take a stroll through the Wild West town and check out the museums, casinos and historical attractions in the city. Most of the major hotels have spas that offer day passes for guests and visitors so you can recover from a day on the lake or the mountains. Lake Tahoe sits right on the border of California and Nevada so there are plenty of places to play your hand against the house. While the project awaits funding, South Shore has been buying the remaining homes and renting them out, telling residents the community could officially close at any time, but not allowing any new homes into the community. This third floor unit does have three flights of stairs to access the home, but once you are in the unit it is worth the climb. There is seating for six at the dining table, and additional seating for two at the kitchen island. This master suite features a California King sized bed and private en suite bathroom with a Jacuzzi tub.
Check the status of your rental property, GPS maps of the area, get exclusive local deals and activities and more.
The revenue estimate is $618,000 from skating fees, class fees, renting equipment, rent of the ice, and sales of product. She was asked by City Manager Tony O’Rourke to do an assessment on the rink after parks and rec staff said they were too busy to do it themselves. One was to post the calendar at the facility in a manner people preferred, another was to offer coffee. A public session on a rainy day can bring in five times the amount of money the figure skaters generate, he said. Interim parks Director Chris Hawken said money for such endeavors is taken from other parts of the budget instead of being a separate line item. This is to ensure consistency and eliminate the multiple contracts for various user groups. The college closed the student cafeteria last year and a few vendors have tried to make a go of it since then.
Yes the seats are cold… they are cold at ALL rinks everywhere, but there is great viewing from the cafeteria area. We’d save over $1M in taxpayer money and the small business could run the rink to make money. She has accurately reported on some of this marathon conversation; however has mixed up her facts on quite a few of the issues.
Swain, here is quote from Epictetus that you should take to heart, “Reckon the days in which you have not been angry. We should consider though that the rink is operating at bare minimum, and a 4.5% operating deficit in these economic times is not really indicitive of ineffective management. On the front page is an article profiling profit and loss statements for Squaw and Heavenly. Last year, the figure skating club was hosting this event and i must say things were alot more organized when they were running it!!!! The SLT had a great opportunity to make the rink a community center like they do in small towns across the US and Canada.
You just cannot beat Heavenly Ski Rentals for convenient ski rental and snowboard rental packages at competitive prices.

We have Ski Rental Packages for juniors, beginner – intermediate, and intermediate – expert skiers. That way you’ll know for certain that the equipment you want is available and ready when you arrive to pick it up.
A few days was by no means long enough, and I have every intention of returning one day to see it in its glorious summertime state. Also, if you want to find a little part of the lake just for yourself, especially in summer, you’ll need a car to get away from the crowds. Stay in the Great Indoors and you’ll be sleeping in a canopy-covered bed that resembles a tent, with your very own campfire in the forest.
I tried the duck confit poutine which was out of this world, and the dishes that sailed past me to other diners looked every bit as memorable.
Serving seasonal, super fresh dishes brimming with flavour, it’s exactly the kind of food you want after a morning on the mountain. Whether you ski, snowboard or just like throwing a snowball or two, you can do it all with a generous dose of Californian sunshine and some pretty breathtaking views of the Lake while you’re at it. If you’d prefer to stay dry, take to the mountains for hiking and mountain biking in some of the most beautiful scenery in the world. I spent a blissful afternoon at the Stillwater Spa in the Hyatt Regency, where all of my skiing aches and pains were steamed and massaged away. From this location you are only a short walk into town where you can enjoy our local restaurants, shops, bars and casinos. With the three bedrooms, a bonus room and open concept living area you will truly feel like you are vacationing in luxury. Relax on the large sectional couch in the living room, or sit outside on the porch and bask in the Tahoe sun.
The second master suite is located on the lower floor of the unit, also featuring a California King sized bed and private en suite bathroom. Or contact one of our friendly reservation agents and we can assist you in your vacation rental needs. It’s full of items for hockey players and figure skaters, as well as T-shirts and fleece vests the general public would wear. For the next five years participation numbers for skate school decreased; the low point of 150 was in 2007. But he quickly points out the continued reduction in staff has him and others wearing many hats which is stretching them thin and causing some things to fall by the wayside and never get done. It is also designed to create a more even playing field and bring oversight and accountability to what is being offered people. Not even mentioned was the first annual Skate at the Lake held last June, which brought in a few hundred figure skaters (including several snychro skating teams) and their families, from all of Northern California. If it can’t make money, then is is worth taxing those who don’t use it or benefit from it? I brought the inaugural Skate at the Lake figure competition to the arena and created our growing curling program. In fact, it is not bad at all considering approximately 95% of the operational budget is covered from just local use. You have personally exhausted all resources to generate a profit margin, with all 30years of your experiance in the Public Sector? You have to continually address creative programming on all levels – from public sessions to class lessons, etc.
No matter which season you visit in though, you’re guaranteed to fall in love with this magical destination. There are also a couple of dorm-style rooms that are perfect for big groups or solo travellers looking to meet other people to spend a day on the slopes with. The crazy thing about Heavenly is that one side of the road is California, where the buildings are small and understated, and the other side is Nevada where the bright lights of the casinos demand your attention. Built on the site of an old airstrip at the south end of Lake Tahoe in the 1960’s, once the Tahoe Beach Club receives funding residents will be given six months to leave and their homes will be bought.
When renting this home you will have access to the Lakeside Beach, a gorgeous sandy Lake Tahoe Beach walking distance from the unit. Entering the home you are met with large vaulted ceilings, eight-foot tall doorways and an open concept living area. Swain remarked that with the furlough days he and others are mandated to take – an average of three a month – he doesn’t consider himself a full-time employee. He said at one time he shopped at Costco to stock the cafe, but then ex-City Manager Dave Jinkens said no more shopping off the hill. Swain attributes the drop to when to two elementary schools in Lake Tahoe Unified School District closed and the economic downturn.
Posted just inside the front doors of the arena are calendars, budget, and attendance figures that will facilitate you making up your own mind. Besides the 1.7 fulltimers you have, tell us how many hours of part work is used at your rink. Perhaps a simple evaluation of what can be done to increase use can lead to better revenue strategies and generation. The the past and current leadership has missed the concept that it is a community center, not a business and not a government installation. It does not take a rocket scientist to understand how to capitalize on the strengths (and weaknesses) that SLT offers. Until then, homeowners have the option to sell their homes to South Shore at the appraised value. This level features the kitchen, living room, dining area, deck access, two bedrooms and a bonus media room. He has met with local grocery stores to get a deal on food items he would resell, but said the stores were not open to that idea. In 10 years of going to competitions, this was one of the friendliest and best run events I have seen.
They have hired people who were indifferent to the needs of the customers, indifferent to the volunteers who wanted to give their time and expertise to run the programs and bring innovative solutions. Either insist that current management get their act together and investigate new and better ways to increase revenue or replace them with those that will. In the winter, take advantage of the close proximity to Heavenly Mountain Resorts’ gondola and various equipment rental shops. Yes, there are times the Cafe is not open, but whenever our kids wanted a hot chocolate or a drink, we simply asked and the staff opened it up and served us without a hassle.
As this home condo is walking distance to everything you will need (including a local grocery store), you don’t really need a car!
I hope Swain sees this rink for all skaters hockey, figure, curling…), not just hockey. The hockey community in Tahoe has raised these issues for 7 or 8 years to all levels of Parks and Rec. While the atmosphere can be improved, it is a beautiful rink with a great view of the trees, not something most rinks have.
It is my understanding the coaches were not paid by the club or the ice rink for any of their time.
How is it that our PAID city workers cannot manage to accomplish the same.This time last year my daughter had been sent home from school with flyers about the ice showin her backpack there was also a flyers about skate school included.
If you look at the number of hockey programs you will see over 60% decline in adult participation and 80% decline in youth hockey! Some of you sound like complacent, whiney city employees unable to put your name to your complaint. There are too many other community recreation activities in this area to act like you are the only game in town.

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