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Originating in the early 17th century the Bermudian design, with its sleek hull and rigging system, was the forerunner to the modern sailing sloop. Proud, sleek, agile, and classy, the Newport Sloop is the perfect confluence of everything that makes a sailing vessel grand.
Noble elegance emanates from these commanding yacht models of the famous Canadian Bluenose schooner’s finely-crafted yet understated features and natural wood-grain finish. Adding a flair of nautical decor with subdued grace to any living room, den, office or boardroom as these wooden model sailboats inspire a proud and winning spirit.
A smooth painted hull and finely-crafted yet understated features lend these commanding model yachts of the famous Atlantic schooner a noble elegance. Inspiring a proud and winning spirit, these wooden model sailboats add a flair of nautical decor to the theme of any office, boardroom, den or living room with subdued grace.

Regal and sleek, this amazing ship graced the seas with pride and purpose, cutting through the competition as easy as the waves themselves. Cutting through the seas with both grace and class, this historic boat has been masterfully recreated by Handcrafted Model Ships in this remarkably handsome model.
These fabulous ships have cut through the seas to great acclaim, and can now be enjoyed wherever you would like to place one.
Place one of these fabulous models up in the home or office and enjoy the beautiful hand craftsmanship, fascinating history, and awe-inspiring design each and every day.

Perfect for any nautical enthusiast or collector, or as an office centerpiece, enjoy the wonderful craftsmanship and beauty of the Bermuda Sloop wherever you may place one. Perfect for any nautical collector, or as an office centerpiece, place one of these handsome models up with pride.

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