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The Cutty Sark Tall Ship Model sits perfectly on the included base, which is made of a high-quality, conditioned wood, and has a brass name plate. Inevitably, the clipper ships lost out to the more powerful steam boats, which were more reliable, and thus returned goods more consistently. The Cutty Sark is the world’s sole surviving extreme slipper, with the majority of her hull fabric surviving from her original construction in the 1860s.
The Cutty Sark is drydocked in Greenwich, where the River Thames widens into an estuary before joining the North Sea. The Cutty Sark, which inspired a popular brand of Scotch, was the world's only surviving example of an extreme clipper, regarded as the ultimate merchant sailing vessel.
OCCRE KITS - 12001 - SAN JUAN - Spanish Atlantic small cargo sailship (685 mm Length) - Model wood ship kit.
The Cutty Sark Tall Ship Model is built from scratch by experienced master artisans and is not from any sort of kit. Crafted to race across the globe to sack immense profits before other European traders, the Cutty Sark was built for speed.
The Cutty Sark won the reputation as the fastest ship in her size when she ran 360 nautical miles in 24 hours during a run for the Australian Wool trade. It sits next to the former Royal Navy College - now the National Maritime Museum - and the Royal Observatory on the zero longitude line, where Britain developed the navigational technology that enabled it to rule the waves.
To create the subtle details and definitions of the deck and hull, the plank on frame method of construction is used, which requires hundreds of hours of pain-staking, detail work.

Due to a new hull shape that was stronger, could take more sail and be driven harder than any other, the Cutty Sark was the fastest ship taking the Cape of Good Hope Route.
In the memorable race between the Cutty Sark and Thermopylae in 1872, the Cutty Sark lost her rudder after passing through the Sunda Straight and arrived in London a week after their competitor. Measuring 280 feet long, the ship weighed 979 tons and its main mast soared 152 feet above the main deck. The highest quality, rare woods (including Ebony, Rosewood, Blackwood, Mahogany, Jack wood, and Sycamore) used to construct our models are subjected to specific seasoning procedures to ensure that the model will withstand severe climate and never warp or split.
What makes the Cutty Sark the hero of this race was that she continued the race with a makeshift rudder instead of putting into port for repairs, and in spite of that only lost by a week. In May of 2007 she sustained damage from an accidental fire during a $5 million dollar restoraion project. The ship was used for training naval cadets during World War II, and in 1951 it was moored in London for the Festival of Britain. The tea trade increased dramatically in the 19th century after Britain forced China to open its ports to Western ships through the Opium Wars in 1842 and 1858. Tam meets a group of witches, most of whom are ugly, but for Nannie, who is young and beautiful and is described as wearing only a "cutty sark" (a short chemise or shirt). Fortunately her sails, rigging, and most of her planking were safely in storage and the Cutty Sark is still being restored. The demand for tea was voracious, and the ship arriving with the first tea of the year made the highest profits - fueling demand for ever-faster ships, rather than ones with enormous carrying capacity.

Each Cutty Sark model ship is examined during various processes of manufacturing and shipment to ensure the highest quality and accuracy possible for your investment. Although her early years under her first master, Captain George Moodie, saw some sterling performances, fate was to thwart her owner's hopes of glory in the tea trade: in the very same year of her launching, the Suez Canal was opened, allowing steamers to reach the Far East via the Mediterranean, a shorter and quicker route not accessible to sailing ships, whose freights eventually fell so much that the tea trade was no longer profitable.
Cutty Sark had been closed to visitors since last year for the restoration, which had been due to be complete in 2009.
So Cutty Sark's involvement in the China run was short lived, her last cargo of tea being carried in 1877. Conservationists promised to redouble their efforts to save the ship and raise funds for its preservation. It was launched the same month that the opening of the Suez Canal gave steamships the advantage over sail; the faster clipper ships had to travel around Cape Horn to take advantage of the trade winds. For the next several years, the Cutty Sark was forced to seek cargoes where she could get them, and it was not until 1885 that she began the second (and more illustrious) stage of her career. The ship's heyday was in the Australian wool trade, which was overseen by Captain Richard Woodget, from 1885 to 1895.
It made the journey from China to London in 122 days - a week after its rival clipper ship.

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