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The Laser5000 was the most exciting new boat to enter the dinghy racing scene in the 1990a€™s. The Laser5000 is a challenging boat to master but once tamed provides one of the most exciting twin wire rides around today. Not only does it offer high performance adrenalin filled thrills, it is also allows different size crews to compete equally for the first time. The class is currently experiencing regrowth with many new owners coming into the class due both to the affordability of the boats and their proven robustness giving more time on the water and less in the workshop.

This allows the one-design rules to be stricter than almost any other class a€“ keeping down costs and ensuring everyone has the same speed boat. Recent class events have seen many boats coming back to race and a growth in fleet sizes at the joint Laser classes series. The sailling weight and righting moment a€?powera€? of every crew sailing the boat is equalised by the adjustable racks and weight system. This ensures that whatever the weather, every crew has to rely on its ability, not its weight or power.

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