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Model shown with optional aluminum wheels, Vortex hubs, spare tire and carrier, and plastic bunk covers.
Load Rite's bunk system provides the most adjustability and the best support of any bunk design on the market today, thoughtfully designed with space between the front and rear bunks to accommodate sling loading.A  Adjustable vertically and horizontally, the bunks provide dramatically improved support compared to the traditional solid wood bunks. Add aluminum wheels and you've just specified the closest thing to a custom trailer available, and all priced to fit every boater's budget. When you’re looking for the best-of-the-best in boat trailers for sale, you’ve found them here at Load Rite.
We have become the industry leader over the past 35 years and because of how we design and build our boat trailers. Designed by engineers using disciplined stress analysis, state-of-the-art CAD technology, and stringent testing, we know quality and design it into every trailer.
Because we build our boat trailers Rite, we back them Rite with the best warranty in the business.
We use higher quality North American components whenever we can, while many competitors use mainly off-shore components.

For over 30 years, the name Load Rite has been synonymous with the words a€?craftsmanship, style and valuea€?.
Always striving for improvement, we are constantly refining our trailers to meet the changing demands of the recreation industry. Easy to load and unload - whether you're hauling an 11' jon boat, a pontoon boat, personal watercraft, motorcycle, snowmobile, a 34' sport boat or even some garden mulch - nothing makes the ride smoother, the launch and load easier than a Load Rite. The name Load Rite has been synonymous with the words a€?craftsmanship, style and valuea€? for 30 years. Available with a wide array of options, aluminum wheels make these models great looking, easy to use, and competitively priced. Automated machining processes, modernized tooling, and high-quality components are all important ingredients that make Load Rite trailers last longer and perform better.
A Since 1980, Load Rite has designed and built trailers with great care to make them the finest trailers on the market.
A Each model is manufactured in our modern facility to exacting standards to assure long-lasting service and value.

Load Rite is a manufacturer of the finest trailers on the market for boats, personal watercraft, utility, equipment trailers, and car haulers.
A Our engineering specialists use the latest in computer design systems and software to aid in product design. Whetther you are looking for Load Rite Elite or 5 STARR Series, replacement parts for your trailers or need help fitting your boat into a trailer, Load Rite has the answer right here on our website.
Our couplers, hubs, bearings, all of our components have superior features and performance to provide ease of operation and to ensure your safety. A Modern manufacturing techniques and our state-of-the-art production line assure you a trailer built to fit your needs.

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