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My article last month detailed the steps for building a survival spear using a Hoffman Harpoon blade as the point. Choosing The SaplingThis is the same tree I used last month in conjunction with the Hoffman Harpoon.
Brace and Align the KnifeSecure the small end of the sapling against a sturdy surface such as a fallen tree or a large rock.
Stop Drop and CutNow before you split too far into the wood, stop and cut a peice of cordage about four feet long. Finish the SplitsContinue both splits until they run all the way up to the lashing you just finished. Spreader TwigsNow find and carve two small twigs that are just a bit longer than the width of the sapling.

One Final LasingNow lash those twigs securely into place with another section of jute twine.
Carve the OutsideBegin shaving the outside of each prong section by carving away from you with the knife.
Final TouchesThen add the finishing touches by shaving out some of the inside of the prongs. The Finished ProductHere is the completed spear with strong lashing and all four prongs sharpened. The Next StepWell, now I have to actually use the spear but I'll save that for another article. It is important to mention that all skills using modern tools can be replicated in a primitive fashion.

To do this, stabalize the spear and then slowly and gently pull the knife toward you using the curved portion of the blade to cut. Summer is coming and there will be plenty of hot days to test out this tool and learn the next series of lessons. Rather, the intention is to use modern equipment until the skill is mastered and to gradually liberate yourself from relying on it.
But I am committed to developing it and I continually force myself to shed those trappings of the modern world.

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