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Location: ohio When i made my 7 ft boat I had alot of trouble with belt drive. Location: BC, Canada Just a thought, but for a boat that size why not go electric and use a couple of trolling motors? When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals.
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Location: Vancouver Carlson's Hulls program outputs DXF files of the bulkheads and planks for plywood boats. TouchCAD is a MUCH more powerful modeler and unfoler than any other the other programs suggested. Just make sure you keep it painted, ESPECIALLY if it's going to be seeing saltwater, as that stuff can corrode many mixes of aluminum FAST if they're not protected. It would be perfect for designing interiors because you could actually make components to add or remove from your model. There are several sheet metal unwrapping programs around, but nothing like this little beauty - or am I wrong? The speed control on each motor could be used to synchronize the two so the thrust is the same, then you just need a controller that'll split power to both equally.

From that time onwards I've always retained an interest in cardboard modelling, hoping one day that there would be a computer program that would allow me to make models of my own designs. Last night I found two such a programs called TouchCad and Touch-3D, but it seems they're designed to run on the Mac. The company offers a way to run the programs on a Windows platform, but this requires a mac Emulator which effects both operating speed and price.

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