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Mampilly plywood is one of the leading manufacturers of plywood and allied products since last two decades. We have a dedicated purchase team who sources the best timber and other raw materials required which makes our products attain exceptional quality standards. Extensive experience in the timber business, combined with distinguished personal involvement is our strength. We are one of the largest plywood manufacturer in China and we are exporting our plywood to many countries including GCC States (Saudi, UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman), South East Asia, Sri Lanka, Angola, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Bolivia, Namibia, Nepal, Latin America, Australia, New Zealand, etc. Main products are film faced plywood for cement shuttering, commercial plywood, fancy plywood, furniture plywood, anti slip stage plywood, etc. Plywood ManufacturerWe are one of the largest plywood manufacturers and exporters in China. From Cedar weatherboards and hardwood wooden floors to eaves and cornices, we also offer the works when it comes to the style of timber product you're after.

With rich heritage in the timber business, it has been a name known for quality and reliability. We place great emphasis on establishing long-term personal relations with each and every client. Our film faced plywood, fancy plywood, marine plywood are exported to Africa, Middle East, South East Asia, Australia & New Zealand, Latin America, Europe, etc.
It helps that we have our own processing plant, which means we can import our products from renewable sustainable suppliers and produce unique one-off runs, custom-made to your very own specs and preferences.
We are vigilant to technological innovations and developments and we keep updating and improving to the best available machineries and production techniques to improve our products continuously.
We provide customized products and services, in an environment of honesty and trust and preserve its impartiality and independence. What's more, we don't only supply wood and wood products, we also have the accessories to match, such as nails and soakers.

M K Abdul Rahman and sons with a mission to manufacture the best quality plywood possible with the available resources. Require architectural designed interior panelling ?We can supply wooden products for all your projects - Call one of our Sales team for technical assistance. And we go the extra mile by offering services such as pre-staining your timber, giving you expert advice on all things 'wood' and being totally flexible in everything we can do for you. Starting with a wood peeling unit then the company has a manufacturing capacity of producing more than a 100 containers of plywood every month presently. We are committed to maintaining superior standards in manufacturing and business practices.

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