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Mediterranean church with fishing boat in the harbor of Port-Vendres, Vermilion coast, Roussillon, France. Commander Philip Francis Submariner who sank Axis shipping in the Mediterranean and supervised the surrender of the U-boat fleet in Northern Ireland at the war's end As the captain of the submarine Proteus between September 1941 and August 1942, Philip Francis earned two DSOs during the most critical period of the Mediterranean campaign to sustain Malta and to deny vital supplies to Rommel's army in North Africa. In an announcement in late 1942, the C-in-C, Admiral Sir Henry Harwood, coupled Francis with such other heroic names as Miers, Rimington, Wanklyn and Linton, crediting them with having sunk a million tons of Axis shipping. Of these, Miers and Linton won VCs, but both Linton and Wanklyn were among the many submariners who failed to return from their last patrols, perforce carried out in a sea dominated by enemy air power. I was the one who drew her model anyway… But when i finished planking and applied putty on the boat hull, i realized a mistake which almost left the boat unrecoverable. The mistake was applying a wood filling putty over the planks and covering it with glue instead of polyester putty as someone advised me.
Francis, faced with unpalatable choices between diving and being depth-charged or turning and being rammed, instantly decided to press on straight ahead. I thought all my effort was trashed and i abandoned my little model boat on my table for the whole summer.It stayed there untill i grabbed it once more this week and blew the dust on the model away. In the subsequent collision Proteus's port hydroplane opened up several of the Sagittario's compartments like a tin-opener ? each thought they had sunk the other until one of Francis's officers met the captain of the Sagittario after the war and put the record straight.
I worked a lot to draw the plan, so i couldn’t let this model lay under dust and get forgotten. And i decided to remove all and start over, document the process and publish it on my blog.
His seven patrols ? which were initially aimed against the threat of invasion ? yielded only three ships sunk or disabled.
However, two patrols were examples of early and somewhat primitive operations with the Secret Intelligence Service and the Special Operations Executive.

In August 1940, he successfully landed three British and Free French agents near Bordeaux.
In November, after immobilising a tanker and surviving a counter-attack, Talisman surfaced near the Ile de Groix and captured a sailing tunny fishing vessel, Le Clipper, deemed suitable for subsequent clandestine operations. Half the crew were embarked in Talisman while the rest, accompanied by SOE agents, were made to sail the boat to Falmouth. The reason why the keel was 4 pieces is to prevent the hull bend while planking it.After the keel, i cut 19 frames out of the plywood.
I checked each of them carefully and corrected the faults by sanding.Then i placed the temporary frames which were going to be on the mid section of the boat carefully on the temporary keel. At the end of the war he commanded the submarine base at Lisahally in Northern Ireland, managing the berthing and ships' companies of the 63 U-boats that surrendered there.
At the end of the war he commanded the submarine base at Lisahally in Northern Ireland, managing the berthing and ships' companies of the 63 U-boats that surrendered there. He was tremendously impressed with their discipline and impeccable conduct in the aftermath of enormous losses and their final defeat. Now everything is ready to get the keel and the frames together.Then i fixed the 3 pieces forming the keel on a straight surface and placed the frames in their pockets. In 1927 he was appointed to the battlecruiser Renown for the Duke and Duchess of York's visit to Australia to open the new Parliament at Canberra. In 1927 he was appointed to the battlecruiser Renown for the Duke and Duchess of York's visit to Australia to open the new Parliament at Canberra. Highlights were playing squash with HRH, shooting sheep in the Marquesas and stags in Mauritius.
I was very curious about how would it be to plank this boat which has a different form, especially at aft section.

I started shaping the planks with hot water when i felt a resistence while shaping the planks to the rounder aft and fore frames. Although the formidable Admiral Sir Howard Kelly gave the venture his blessing ? refreshing to note this spirit of adventure and initiative ? the Admiralty required the officers to take a year on half-pay.
No yacht of similar size had yet attempted this northern route against the prevailing winds.
Because they had chosen not to incorporate an engine in the design, they ran aground on Crooked Island in the Bahamas for 16 days, but reached Dartmouth in 1934 after a year at sea, receiving a congratulatory telegram from the King. In 1935 Francis became a founder member of the Royal Naval Sailing Association which still competes for a Tai Mo Shan Tankard today. I thought what would it look like after sanding down all the cracked putty and applying polyester putty carefully again?
He was highly active in local charities and national organisations connected with the welfare of seagoers.
I applied some putty over there and left it to dry for one more day.After the second layer of the paint, i obtained a smoother surface and continued sanding with a thinner sand paper.
The plans are very clear and almost everything is obvious but i will add some translations on Nebi’s notes for you.

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