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Figure and vehicle playset that comes with seven play pieces, including a 3-inch Donald Duck figure. Donald Duck is having a great day in his fun Quacky Fishin’ Boat - he’s just not catching any fish! Mickey films were Plane Crazy and The Gallopin' Gaucho), but it was the one that made Mickey Mouse famous. Mickey and Minnie suddenly realise that a goat on-board the ship is eating Minnie's guitar.
Taking this system out marked our first foray into modifying the boat to better suit our needs.

This fun figure and vehicle playset comes with seven play pieces, including a 3-inch Donald figure in a swimsuit.
Mickey Mouse is a comic animal cartoon character who has become an icon for The Walt Disney Company.
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The front fishing-chair area tilts and rocks as you push the boat along, and as the items you “catch” slide through a trap door, they slide out of the back of the boat so you can have fun catching them over and over again! Plug the fishing pole or net into the fishing chair or front of the boat and catch the fish, Mickey Mouse’s short or boot. If order is shipped to more than one address, offer applies to first "ship-to" address only.

The anthropomorphic mouse has evolved from being simply a characterA  in animated cartoons and comic strips to become one of the most recognizable symbols in the world.Check out our fantastic Mickey Mouse coloring pages. Remove & attach the hat-shaped inner tube from the top of the boat cabin to the fishing pole at the back of the boat & watch as Donald takes a fun tube ride!
Another great win out of this was fully understanding how the solar system was wired to the batteries. One guiding strategy we used that we believe helped in this regard was A“if you canA’t afford to lose they money the boat represents, the boat is too expensive.A” This strategy wonA’t work for everyone, but it worked for us.

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