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Piratecraft - pirate minecraft server - ships, cannons, Piratecraft pirate themed minecraft server run pirates! Step 1 LayoutStart with a hole that's 8 blocks wide, 4 blocks tall and about 3 blocks deep. Step 2 First of the Sticky PistonsStanding in the front of your 8x4 hole, you will want to place 4 sticky pistons at the bottom level. Step 3 RepeatersFacing your sticky pistons on the side, place a repeater on the side of each sticky piston.
Step 6 Second Round of RedstonePlace redstone all along the blocks you just placed, connecting it to the redstone on the ground level.
Step 7 More PreparationCover the tops of the sticky pistons with a material of your choice. Step 8 Wooden PlanksI chose wooden planks for this part because when I think of a boat dock, I picture wooden planks being somewhere! Step 9 Redstone TorchOn the opposite side of the button we just placed, place a redstone torch. Step 11 Last of the Sticky PistonsStanding in the front of your dock, you will need to place sticky pistons on the lines we just placed in Step 10.
Step 12 Last of the RepeatersOn the left of your dock (the side with the redstone torch), you will place a repeater directly behind the sticky piston. Step 14 Cover UpYour two sticky pistons should now be powered in the "on" position, forcing the wooden planks to meet. Step 15 Check Your LeverThis is the toughest step of all, so take a few deep breaths before beginning. Step 19 Check 1, 2Flip your lever again and make sure when your platform lowers, the water flows onto the platform.This lever is meant to be used for when someone is returning to the boat dock with their boat. Step 21 Decorate!Finish your boat dock off with some awesome details and make it feel like a great addition to your home.
How far out (in blocks) will the boat launcher send out your boat at a hyper speed before it slows down or stops? Check out our tutorials, post to the community corkboard, and come play on our free server!Our previous workshop on building an automatic boat dock went really well. Depending on how new you are to redstone, you may want to start a couple blocks back from your lake. Don't worry if you want to start a little farther back from water than I did.

Keep in mind that the repeaters should be facing inward, and the repeaters do not need any sort of delay on them.
I like to use white wool to mark where my redstone will go, but you can use any material for this part.Standing at the front of your layout, you will begin placing your choice material directly behind the left sticky piston. For safe measure, I like to add one extra redstone dust to the right of the beginning of our stair. I chose grass, but if you're not in creative mode, feel free to use whatever you like!On the top of the sticky pistons, on that level, it should be 3 blocks wide.
You can use any material you prefer, so don't freak out if you already ran out of wool!Starting from the side where the redstone torch is, place your first block directly below the redstone torch. These sticky pistons should be 1 block behind the wooden planks, and they should be resting on the white wool.After you're done placing the sticky pistons, place a wooden plank directly in front of each of them.
On the back line, you will need to place another repeater facing towards the opposite sticky piston. Our redstone torch is our power supply, so we need to ensure our power is going the right way. Woohoo!Connect everything from the redstone torch to the right sticky piston with redstone dust.
He used the same technique I did, but the result is very different. I absolutely love his version, maybe we can convince him to post a tutorial?! All creations copyright of the creators.Minecraft is copyright Mojang AB and is not affiliated with this site. A lot of Minecrafters showed up and everyone got right to work on their own versions of the boat docking station. All you simply need to do at the end of the tutorial is dig out the extra earth between your dock and the water, and replace those blocks with water! I do this because I like to cover up the redstone later to prevent mishaps with the water.Later on, if we do not have this extra piece of redstone down, we will have to place the extra one anyways after we cover up the sides of the sticky pistons. Directly behind those wooden planks, going towards the back of the device, we will be placing more planks. This beginning line will be 6 blocks long, heading towards the back of your dock.Continuing off the back of the line you just created, start making your way around to the other side. You will want to make sure that your platform is down, so that no water can seep through the bottom!
When they're against the wall, they can hit the lever again to raise the platform and leave the dock.

This button is in place so that when people are looking to leave the dock, they sit in their boat on the platform. Be sure to block off any water so that it doesn't ruin your wiring!To the left and right of the platform (row of blocks on top of sticky pistons), I placed wooden planks. These wooden planks will be our "walls" of sorts.These walls will be a total of 3 blocks long, and 3 blocks tall. Depending on how far back from water you started to make your dock, you may need to break more blocks than I did.
They then hit the boat while holding the "W" key on their keyboard, and it will shoot them into the ocean!The pistons have no delay on them, which means the pistons will open and close quickly. There are so many ways to incorporate this tutorial into different dock versions, so if you have any ideas, I'd love to see them.
These wooden planks are inside the wall of our initial layout, and are 2 blocks long (they stick out into the water in the front).
The tricky part is that from the front, it will appear as if it's only 2 blocks tall because the 3rd layer is underneath.You will now want to place a button.
One block away from the redstone torch, this will be the beginning of a 3x3 square that is only one block tall.
Of course, breaking more blocks means placing more water.In the front of your dock, there should be a 2x2 water source (no water flow) in-between the wooden planks. Please post to our community corkboard to share with us.The full tutorial is shown in the below video, so feel free to check that out, or simply follow the step-by-step written tutorial after! These wooden planks will be useful in the forthcoming steps, and we will be using them as guides. If you are in the front of your dock, look to the left and place a button at the top left of the wall we just created. Your lever will go on the left as well, and will be on the furthermost wooden plank on the ground (ocean level).Flip the lever and make sure your platform works!

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