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Chuck that is an absolutely fantastic looking rig , wow I see you also went with the wide blade wood , did you find it pushed better than the carbon fiber , whats the dry weight of the aluminum next to the 116 pro ?
Not knocking the boat chuck , its beautitful and I am so tempted to make the 12 hour ride to test ride it , but I got to wait to see marks rig first , because hes only 40 minutes away . They are out of the Houston area and all these guys work on the motors for the Mud Motor market and I think with this shift to smaller engines on airboat I believe it will come into play in this market also. Hey Sniper you trying to get me in trouble haha.I think you must have meant to say 40hp instead of 60??
The Mini Airboat Association was started to allow all interested to share ideas and help promote the mini airboat. Wea€™re all still learning what we can do with these boats so come in and join us in our discussions. Airboat steering not using a cable is mostly bel-crank style, there are many threads on southern airboat that discus this type of steering. Hello Fisherman I have a Small Air Boat Motor for sale Runs real good mount's on any small boat. The internet's first and largest directory containing links to all known airboat Offers overhauled continental aircraft engines, lycoming aircraft motors and all the Custom built new mini airboats for sale in Florida, mini airboat parts and mini airboat videos from Floral City Airboat Company. Airboat For Sale – Each airboat for sale is powered by a propeller attached to an automobile or aircraft engine.

What is morally wrong can never be advantageous, even when it enables you to make some gain that you believe to be to your advantage. Mosquito started out modding there motor but they seem to have dissappeared but they were headed in the right direction. A friend of mine, my dog and I left my camp near Venice, LA and ran approximately 25 miles one way and back crossing the Mississippi River twice (NO PROBLEM I felt safer than crossing in any airboat).
We are not a club, just a bunch of like minded individuals with the bug to tinker with our boats making them efficient using a small engine. Mini airboats are catching on, we have manufacturers on board that have sold turnkey boats to places like Alaska and as far away as Moroco. I believe the engine is 5 HP, and it has electric start which works great the motor runs perfect. I know where you can get pushrods and cranks and everything else you can imagine to get your 35 up to around 60 but say goodbye to the warranty.
We along with other boating enthusiasts have set up a set of guidelines for what we call a mini airboat. Mini Airboats are very similar to the full size airboats with the main deference being the size of the motor.
Mini airboat photo gallery from Floral City Airboat Company displaying mini airboat engines, mini airboat hulls, mini airboat propellers, mini airboat rigging and Building and servicing aluminum welded airboats of every size and description for over 25 years, Ronnie's Airboats can satisfy all your airboat needs.

The All New Levitator LSA 6.2L Supercharged, Offers 550 hp And Torque That Is Not Found On Any Other Engine In Its Class.
Even though I have Shon Harris's CISSP book, your explanations seem to make it easier for me toA grasp the material. We had to bum some gas for the trip back, we only had a 6 gallon tank.It was the most stable small airboat I have ever been on. Wea€™ve done this so we can form classes of these boats for airboat shows and other future competitions with these boats. But in your case having an older motor that warranty i about up mod it and see what you can get out of it. It was real easy to camoflage since the cage height wasn''t nearly as high as a regular airboat. Many of the mini hulls are the same size as these full size boats and can reliably carry passengers and supplies at a respectable cruising speed.
You could also take the bolt-on unit off if you wanted and put an outboard on it in no time.

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