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The Flash is a great handling boat and just a few seconds of full power will get her skipping on top of the water and awaiting your next command. GRP hull, fiberglass deck, all superstructures from PU cast and a blueprint drawn from original drawings and photographs. The Torpedoboat SMS V 25 was built in the years from 1913 to 1914 by AG Vulcan in Kiel (Germany). Scafo in VTR, ponti in VTR, tutte le sovrastrutture in resina ed un proggetto disegnato secondo i piani e le foto originali.
Il torpediere SMS V25 venne costruito tra il 1913 e il 1914 dalla AG Vulcan di Kiel (Germania). You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. It comes with the quality steering servo, water cooled big size 60 Amp ESC and a powerful 2848 2150KV high performance brushless motor.

The steering is direct and just a small input will give you a slight change of direction, the more input the tighter she will turn. After the commission the boat had the function of coastguard and shipped on a mine in the North Sea on 13.
Dopo la cerimonia di consegna fu in servizio come guardia costiera ed il 13 febbraio 1915 navigo‘ su una mina nel mare del Nord ed ando‘ perduto. With a super fast water cooled motor, the boat has plenty of power to run in pools, ponds, lakes, rivers, bays, and even the ocean!
It requires you to choose the 2.4Ghz radio and receiver, a 3s Li-Po battery and balance charger to complete. After a few turns you will find Flash turn tight or with less steering input she will carry a lot more speed throughout the turn. If you are looking for one of the best on the market then this is it and we're selling them at a price even below what most shops sell plastic kits for!

After a very short time you should now have her under complete control and feel comfortable at the controls. Each single parts and the hull are finished by Hand Made procedures, which really giving you an outstanding finishing outlook. If you do manage to turn too tight and Flash ends up upside down then a blip of power will have her upright and ready to go.
The fiberglass material not only making this model much stronger than a normal boat, but also minimize the friction across the aquatic medium during accelerations.

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