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They also did a couple of boxings of the same basic attack transport kit as the USS Montrose and the USS Randall. The only Revell Cargo ships with a true full hull that I remember are the Benledi and Savannah plus the Tanker British Sovereign, all the others are just derivatives of the ones mentioned above.
They had a "USS Compass Island", a ballistic missile test ship, but basically it seems to be a C-2.
Then there was "USS Sarasota APA 204" - seems to be a Haskell Class ship based on the C-2 design, similar or identical to the Revell "USS Montrose".
Finally there was a "USS Seminole Attack Cargo ship", and this one seems to be a C-3, but modified with lattice-type loading booms and lots of landing craft added.
I bought a Revell USS Montrose kit with the idea I could kitbash it into a civilian ship, but as jtilley says, it would be so much work you might as well just scratchbuild the whole thing.
My someday project is to convert to 1945 troopships in wartime paint from the hospital ship.
Modeling the Extreme Clipper Young America 1853 - Page 2 - Book and Magazine reviews and Downloads. As I wasnA?t 100% sure about that, and because Ed is of course by far deeper in this business than me, I didnA?t want to be precocious and kept this thought to myself. Thank you for your comments and for the opportunity for me to expand on the decision I made for the iron strapping.
On balance, while not being clear cut, I believe the decision to use internal strapping on the model was reasonable and should be considered a more likely actual scenario than a one-off rarity. Because there is no research to confirm if the straps were on the inside or outside on the hull of the YA then your right in the gray area Ed it could go either way.

For some reason your post of 22 December just popped up on the blog so I apologize for the delayed response.
The principal mode of structural failure in a long ship hull is hogging or sagging due to longitudinal bending. In a wooden ship, the hull frames provide little or no longitudinal strength as being perpendicular to the planks they do not resist these shear forces.
The full name of the book is An Outline of Shipbuilding, Theoretical and Practical by Theodore D.
The availability of this book is a result of Google's project to scan and post rare books online.
All these kits had full hulls and are said to be superior to the revell kits although I cannot comment on this - I have never owned one and they are hard to find.
I thought about that but the kit is too expensive and to beautiful to just get it for some spare parts. Anchorage, the Sea-Land ship to make the first winter run into the Port of Anchorage, in 1964. Once registered and logged in, you will be able to create topics, post replies to existing threads, give reputation to your fellow members, get your own private messenger, post status updates, manage your profile and so much more.
At least to my limited and more or less intuitive understanding of mechanical forces, this could only be achieved by bolting a net of these straps all around the outside of the hull like a string bag, thus absorbing and counteracting the flexing and compressing forces on the shipA?s body by transforming them into tractive forces induced into the straps at the outside. But to me it still seems to be the logical way of reinforcing a wooden - and of course - an iron hull.
If i were to bet on it i would bet they were on the outside only because there are wrecks showing it that way and published in ship construction books.

I don?t know if any Haskell-class ships was in the merchant marin, or that i could rebuild the Randal kit to a merchant cargo liner? Also note, the VC-2 'Victory' hull is not the same as the C-2 hull, and is also different from the EC-2, 'Liberty' design. It is available right now(but maybe not for long due to Heller?s status)  but as part of a set called "Task-Force - Ravitaillement a mer" together with a French carrier and a missile destroyer.
She was a C4-S-something or other, with a heavy lift boom forward of the bridge, cargo booms aft of the bridge and after house and container storage on the main deck with a gantry crane for offloading containers that ran on rails along the main deck. The strapping installed at the inside of the frames would mainly pull and sheer at the fastening bolts and thus loosen them after a while, but in my opinion it can not keep the hull straight. There is a C4-S-69b designation for ships built for States Lines named Colorado, Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, and Michigan. Probably not the same ship but it sounds like the hulls would all be similar to the hospital ship. Here is a pic of a ship I was on, Alex Stephens, Waterman Line, which was converted from the C4-S-A1 troopship hull.

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