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The most dynamic wooden boat show in the country, with the premier American maritime museum Mystic Seaport. Presented and produced by WoodenBoat Magazine, hosted by Mystic Seaport in Mystic, Connecticut, to an audience of over 13,000 boating enthusiasts each year.
Bell joins the Museum from the Smithsonian American Art Museum’s Renwick Gallery in Washington, DC. The National Park Service and the Maritime Administration announced $2.58 million in Maritime Heritage Program grants for projects in 19 states.
April 10 - June 29.Take a private cruise aboard the classic motor yacht ENCORE around Fishers Island Sound. April 30.Camp registrations processed at the Open House will receive a 10 percent discount on the camp price.
April 30 - July 17.The exhibition and sale focuses on color and form in depictions of maritime objects. Experience the adventure and challenge of sailing a 61-foot schooner with a group of your family and friends. Summer Teen Program: Up to eight teenagers, plus a group leader, can charter Brilliant for an educational voyage during the summer. Fall Adult Charters: Brilliant sails are available for any of our scheduled fall dates, provided that space is available. See Mystic Seaport from a different vantage point while enjoying a 25-minute cruise aboard the launch Necessity or Liberty. Evening Charter: Take your Mystic Seaport experience to the next level and charter a private downriver cruise for your family and friends aboard Liberty. Rent a wooden rowboat or small sailboat and take your own personal tour of the historic Mystic River. The Breck Marshall, a 20-foot Crosby catboat reproduction, provides a unique adventure beneath her billowing sail. Enjoy a day charter aboard the 33-foot Herreshoff centerboard yawl Aida or the Herreshoff auxiliary ketch Araminta. Originally Posted by Mr Efficiency OK, that is a lot, so would the transom be the greatest contributor to the increased resistance ? Take boats of same weight, same length but different hull shapes - displacement and planing. Originally Posted by Alik Take boats of same weight, same length but different hull shapes - displacement and planing. Originally Posted by Ad Hoc If same length, and same weight (displacement), then the length displacement ratio is the same.

Originally Posted by Alik Provide resistance curves for two boats with same DLR, but one with displacement hull, another one with planing shapes. Location: spain Gee guys, while you are thinking about it the whole world is sailing past you !!! Originally Posted by Mr Efficiency I am particularly interested in a power cat in this regard, where chines will be immersed from well forward.
Therefore, with regards to the resistance of sailing vessels what does induced resistance, heeling resistance, centre of effort and centre of lateral resistance, not to mention the aerodynamics and wind direction etc have to do with power cats?
I have a lot of such calculations done for few boats (from pre-design studies of semi-displacement craft); actually I was doing such comparison just 3 days ago for 60' powercat hulls. All variations of hull shape have very very minor effects and differing at different Froude numbers. Been doing it for over 20 years?shape plays such a minor roll only button pushers with software debate the ?differences?. Please note, that graph #3 is from sailboat, which, if highly optimized for planing, is still designed keeping in mind low speed performance too. Please also note, that Tasar in itself is also not strictly optimized for displacement sailing. The book with different calculation methods is now not in the same room as me, so I cannot present calculations at the moments notice.
Originally Posted by Perm Stress To be accurate, 20 years of experience is not an argument. There are other mistakes evident, but I do not want to discuss it as it is clearly not worth any discussion.
Hamilton Award Papers - Available from Naval Engineers Journal » Thread Tools Show Printable Version Email this Page Display Modes Linear Mode Switch to Hybrid Mode Switch to Threaded Mode Search this Thread Advanced Search Similar Threads Thread Thread Starter Forum Replies Last Post Efficient, economical low-speed hull?
These full size plans include patterns for all the forms needed to build a cedar strip canoe. Starting in Old Mystic it runs through the pretty seaport town of Mystic, home to the Mystic Seaport Museum, out to Fishers Island Sound. Visit quiet anchorages and popular tourist destinations along the New York, Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts coasts and islands while learning to sail a classic vessel. If you charter Brilliant, please bear in mind that we must have at least six able hands, fit and agile, to run the boat safely. Tickets are $4 per passenger for ages 6 and older (children ages 5 and younger ride for free) and can be purchased at the Sabino ticket booth.
Traditional small craft from the Museum’s collection are available for rent to qualified boaters.

During a smooth and quiet ride, passengers relax in her roomy cockpit while the skipper identifies points of interest on the Mystic River shoreline.
Hull shape plays such a minor roll it is not worth considering; except for those looking at endless decimal places in their computer software print outs! Note that at Fn=0.3 (that is comfortably below hull speed) Skiff (yellow line) has ~26lbs and Tasar (blue line) ~12lbs of resistance.
If this hull was designed without any regard for low speed qualities, would its resistance be some 20-30 % more as it is now, when below hull speed? So, her resistance (per pound of displacement) below hull speed is also somewhat more as if it was designed for displacement sailing only. Statement like this could be used to support value of some real argument, but do not prove anything by itself. Meanwhile they should have re-calculated residual and frictional components of resistance separately.
Participants haul on the lines, steer the vessel, learn navigation, help in the galley, and stand watch.
On the other side, planing boats are usually light, and with powerful engines, and it is not easy to notice, whether your engines are using 5% or 15% of their rated power. There is no sense to study effect of hull shape on resistance if DLR of compared options is different. If this is published in serious research paper I would look at results; once it is published in amateurish book for sailors - no need to pay attention to that pseudo-science.
The Mystic River Tandem is designed to be a comfortable and efficient canoe to see the sights along this lovely waterway. Charter a sail on board a Herreshoff ketch or spend the day relaxing underneath a historic catboat’s billowing sail.
Of course there are plenty of dedicated displacement hulls with hard chines, though not with a straight run aft.
I am well aware that DLR is major factor of resistance in interested range; so let's fix it and compare the rest.
Before you leave Mystic Seaport be sure to see the Museum from an entirely different vantage point!

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