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The diagram above compiles the most frequent aspects of the interior of an English narrow boat. If you buy a narrowboat you either buy a complete boat or you buy a shell that is just all the steel work done for you and you do the interiors, paint it etc. But if you live on a boat you don’t really want a pump out tank because in the winter the canal freezes. Buying a boatIf you want to buy a boat you may want the best you can afford, but don’t forget to keep a bit of money back for alterations and equipment. Latelink now has access to the largest selection of self-catering product in Europe with over 15,000 properties in UK, France, Ireland, Spain, Portugal & Italy.
Take a break and explore the 2000 mile network of canals and rivers throughout England & Wales. Cruise the newly restored Union canal and Forth & Clyde Canals linking Glasgow and Edinburgh across the Scottish lowlands.
A cosy blue and wood interior creates a tranquil environment to while away long summer evenings. For the curves in the bow and in the roof you need to have a rolling gear that is big enough to take full size sheets, which are probably about 4m long to 2.5m wide.

A pump out toilet is a hole in a tank: you use the toilet, you flush it and it all goes into a tank. So, if you’ve got a pump out tank and you are stuck, it will get full and you will have problems. A lot of people did that and bought narrowboats, so up to about 2008 there was a boom in boatbuilding. The only bits that matter on a boat like that is the bit of the front and the bit of the back: the bit that breaks the water and the bit that closes the water around. That is the width of a narrow boat and that allows two narrowboats to pass each other. Actually, there is more boats on the water now than there was when the canal was a commercial waterway. Basically, there is a hatch in the toilet so you push the cassette in; when it gets full a light will warn you and you just release and the cassette seals itself as it comes out.
In some places, like King’s Cross, the canal is broader, so it is like a motorway for narrowboats. But when the economy crisis came, people got worried and started dumping their boats onto the market to get rid of the mortgage as quickly as possible.

You will not find many people who built their own narrowboat from scratch, simply because of the time it takes.
Therefore, there is a lot of boats on the market now, so the prices have dropped because people are desperately trying to get rid of them. You need to have a group of 6 or 8 guys working on it for probably about 3 or 4 moths solidly to get the hull built. It is determined by the size of the locks, which varies around the country because they weren’t built as a system, but as local networks. There are some places you can go, you get a key from the canal and river trust when you buy your license. If you have a fibre-glass boat, it would be very fragile and get sunk all the time by big steel boats smashing into them.

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