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Small Black Marlin have been responding well to small skirted lures trolled around the 6 knot mark, Dolphin Fish and Wahoo have been a welcome by catch. Customers have been catching some nice eating size Flathead, at the Mouth of the North Arm of the Coomera River, Tipplers Passage, Eden Island and Tiger Mullet Channel, Brown Island, Jacobs Well, Bedrooms, Paradise Point and Logan River have fished well on both lures and baits. We have had reports of Bream and Whiting being caught up the western end of Tiger Mullet Channel behind Kangaroo Island, this is a good spot when the tidal flow is stronger than normal.
WHEN it comes to fishing, particularly sportfishing, nothing quite compares to the adrenalin rush generated by catching pelagics on surface. I decided I’d tie on a medium-sized surface popper in a final attempt to capture the interest of these frustrating queenfish. It took only two casts before my small popper was monstered by a fish that met no school-sized queenfish’s description and was instead a whopping giant trevally. As the fish sped off with no intention of slowing, I didn’t have high hopes for the light-gauge treble hooks that connected me to this brute of a fish. Sure enough, the fight was short lived.
One very bent treble hook was to blame, but before I had time to sulk, the school of queenfish began busting up within casting range of our position, and with one good treble hook I did what was only natural and cast into the action. Thinking it was a school of ‘manageable’-sized fish, I popped my way through the commotion. Matthew Horvath with a whopping 20kg giant trevally, which was a fantastic capture on 30lb tackle. With my drag set fairly light, I stayed connected to the massive queenfish for far longer than I’d anticipated and had actually begun steering the fish back towards the boat when it decided to use one last burst of energy.
In one great leap, the stunning chrome specimen straightened the second treble hook, leaving me devastated after a hopeful turn of events.
After two hook failures, I think it’s fair to say I had learnt my lesson, and ignoring the actively feeding fish surrounding me I tied on a slightly larger popper, which most importantly was fitted out with two very strong single hooks.
Fishing with single hooks as opposed to trebles is almost a form of insurance, or should I say reassurance, when hooked up to big fish.
At last I was casting a lure that I knew could withstand the punishment of the big pelagics I had discovered were around.
Conditions continued to worsen, so I headed home with head held high after persistence paid off in the dying minutes of my offshore adventure. Upon reflection, achieving so much topwater activity had me readily planning a far more successful approach for future trips. As the unpleasant weather returned the following day, I began religiously checking the forecast for a drop in wind speed. About a week passed before a shift in the weather arose, with light southwesterly wind appearing for a very short time frame in the morning, but it was enough to have me hooking on the boat and making a mad dash out to the same reef system in the hope of more surface fishing excitement. This time carrying more substantial tackle, fellow angler Matthew Horvath and I positioned the boat in about the same position as the previous trip before commencing long and repetitive casts. Using a continuous blooping retrieve, our poppers were sure to get some interest, and soon enough Matt’s popper was smashed and he was hooked up to a hard-fighting fish. Joel is blessed with the fish-rich coastline and waterways surrounding the Bundaberg region. With an array of options and possibilities around, he favours the shallow flats and small creeks and specialises mostly in lure fishing. HI and welcome to a new month of fishing. In this article I talk about how to catch mulloway and some of the misconceptions regarding them.
Jewfish grow faster if there is a lot of bait around and they are able to feed more regularly. Some jewies of about 120cm have been recorded as being eight to 10 years old while other 120cm jewfish have been aged at 30 years, so it all depends on where you caught it and how readily it has been able to access food. Jewfish often move from the ocean to rivers, so I usually find where the ocean meets a river and begin researching where all the holes are by looking at the Navionics website or chart and marking all the holes and drop-offs near rock walls and breakwalls in the river. Breakwalls are great places to start looking if you are land based because a lot of the time jewfish will patrol up and down breakwalls. This mulloway fell victim to a Pearl White Samaki Vibelicious thrown with a Lox baitcaster setup. This allows the fish to stay alive longer and gives you a better chance of hooking a jewfish. Most baitfish are found either around rock walls or in deeper water with structure such as shipwrecks or weedy bottoms.
Caino started fishing at a very young age and was taught by his grandfather Peter (pop) Green. He spent countless hours on the beach with his pop and brother Jai digging for pipis and arguing with his brother about who caught the biggest fish. Caino believes he is lucky to have very supportive family and friends helping him follow his dream as well as sponsors who believe in what he and Nath are trying to do. I scammed a lift with good mates JB and Brad recently and witnessed first-hand how successful using blades is. Snapper will continue to be caught for a few months yet, with September one of the best for them. What started as a replacement of the fuel tank cover ended up being a full recarpet, rewire and reconfiguration of the seating.
Because it’s taken so long, I’ve had to be content to listen to my son Mitch talk about his fishing trips in his tinnie. The estuaries have fired up over the past few weeks.Excellent whiting and flatties are being caught in the rivers and creeks.
You must keep them alive until you are ready to go home, at which point they should be bled and promptly gutted and cleaned of all the black stomach lining. Around the Tallebudgera breakwall and at Currumbin Flat Rock, stonker bream have been caught as well as tailor and a few salmon.

Currumbin Creek Bar is very choked up, with a small drain close to the wall and a good hole down to about Laceys Lane. Tally is also choked up but should improve as the dredge gets more water moving over the bar.
Heath has been fishing since the age of three and grew up fishing the mighty Georges and Hawkesbury rivers. Within this site we will bring you the very best of the multitude of charter vessels available on the Gold Coast. Over the past few years we have been closely observing the operation of many Charter Boat businesses on the Gold Coast and here we have selected a cross-section of those, which offer professionalism and represent value for money. I returned empty handed, but had been rewarded with glorious views of the lush green hills. It seemed my companions hadn’t held out much hope of me bringing dinner that night, which was fair enough. We were on our way back to the campsite, and save for the lights on our heads the night was pitch black. The next morning Rhea and I geared up against the cold, made sure my Berserker Evolve bow was set up properly, grabbed plenty of water and headed off bowhunting for boar and fallow deer. With Australia Day on the way let’s have a look at a few fishing options. Offshore fishing for pelagic species has started to fire up this week with customers reporting some good sized Spanish Mackerel, Spotty Mackerel, Dolphinfish, Wahoo and Black Marlin being caught on the local reefs east of the Seaway and Pin Bar. The best way to find fish is to find the bait, keep an eye out for current lines, floating debris and also birds working an area, if you find any of these signs it is definitely worth a look.
Some other good spots are Gold Bank, Green Bank, Logan River, Canaipa Passage, Bedrooms, Tipplers Passage, Coomera River, Paradise Point, Crab Island Labrador and Wave Break Island.
We are open 7 days a week offering a great range of Fishing Tackle Gold Coast for our local area as well as bait & ice. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. Over the past two years I have readily gone topwater fishing for flats fish such as whiting, and finesse fishing of such a visual nature definitely adds another dimension to fishing. Progressing from flats fish, I began tempting fish including barramundi and mangrove jack to wallop surface lures, and then recently I came across some unforgettable surface fishing that left me more eager than ever to get back out on the water.
Though the hook-up rate can be lower, once connected single hooks can be reliably pinned in the hinge of a fish’s jaw, allowing for minimal error during a fight as well as a much easier release process that is ultimately better for the fish’s well being.
Countless casts for minimal interest had me wondering whether I would encounter another strike, but I persisted, casting long and hard until I got another shot at making all the effort worthwhile. The conditions had really chopped up and I was beginning to tire after a long and very frustrating day, but as ‘final cast’ came to mind, my popper was smashed by a speedster of the sea, a spanish mackerel.
Offshore anglers have been getting a few good size snapper around the local reefs and typical baits of pilchards and squid have accounted for most of the fish.
While the reels could easily cross between soft plastic fishing and micro jigging, the rods used for jigging are much shorter. While the days will get a bit warmer, the water will remain cool in close and September traditionally sees a good spawning run of larger snapper in close. I prefer a light northerly blowing when fishing for snapper, and I find it easier to drift or float line when wind and current are moving in the same direction.
Gone are the pedestal seats and now we have a pair of great stainless seat stands that we can fit Eskies under.
Several big old girls have been hooked on light gear intended for whiting and have rubbed through the leader, making for some very disappointed anglers. If you fail to do this, you’ll end up with a very strong tasting fish, which some people don’t like.
While they aren’t good on the chew, the salmon are fantastic sportfish, with hard and dogged runs meaning they make a good account of themselves in the surf. In addition to the selection of Gold Coast Charter Boats we will also feature some charter boats from Brisbane and Sydney.
I had just spotted a good size boar out of the corner of my eye as it walked up the hill we were sitting on, and I hoped to take it.
The property we were on had some really steep, well-forested hills that were getting the better of us. I hadn’t been on a trip in a while and was super keen so I had headed off for an evening hunt straight after setting up, knowing full well that daylight and time were against me. Upon returning I was greeted by the smell of bacon and potatoes roasting over the camp fire. We thoroughly enjoyed our dinner and were beginning to settle in with cold beer in our hands. Suddenly Ruben said: “What the hell is that?” He was pointing to the ground straight in front of me. I am the type of hunter who likes to cover great distances and get in the thick of the action wherever possible.

The property had a healthy population of fallow deer, and on a previous trip I’d had the good fortune of successfully hunting one.
It seemed time had slowed just a tiny bit and all I could hear was my own heart beating and the faint noise of my breathing. He was pleased to hear there was one less boar damaging his land and that we’d had a great stay.
Trolling live baits and hard body lures has produced some nice Spanish from the 24’s, Gravel Patch, Mermaid and Palm Beach Reef.
Flathead have a very rough mouth and will wear through trace line as they shake from side to side, best to try to keep their head in the water for as long as possible before netting, also the use of a longshank hook about size 2 or 4 will give you a bit of extra insurance.
While no record breakers were caught that day, it really showed me how the new micro jigging craze is accounting for a lot of fish. With a mini renovation completed on the boat, we are champing at the bit to hit the water hard for some awesome fishing. Big schools of luderick have been moving through as well, with a number of fish going well over a kilo.
On the local bars, the Tweed is still fairly shallow, with waves standing up on the outer bank. As I nocked an arrow, everything slowed down a bit and I could feel the adrenalin in my veins. I find I don’t have the patience to sit and wait in one place for hours in the hope that something will happen, even though I respect hunters who do.
That trip was a few months prior to this one and my freezer was still full of the venison I’d got while on the property. Now back to the start of my story; about 50m away from me a good-sized boar was coming right to our location. My mind was fixed on planning the next hunting trip during the five hour drive back to Brisbane. We were all quite prepared for the cold but the temperature was already at 2C, and could drop below zero in a few hours. It was a tiny baby hare, all dark brown and furry and huddled underneath foliage for shelter against the cold.
Extremely agile, always on alert and with incredible senses of smell, hear-ing and sight, fallow deer are hard animals to hunt. In the next edition you will hear from Robbie Austin who has been on a bowhunting trip in Africa. I got up, grabbed my flashlight and set off to find more firewood with Ruchi’s brother Ruben. They will communicate any threat or danger to other deer in the vicinity, alerting them of a nearby hunter. Deer are generally regarded as the hardest Australian game to hunt and I would certainly agree.
Ruchi came running over asking to see the ‘bunny’ and immediately crouched down to scoop it up in her arms. This bow had taken almost a year to design, plan, prototype, redesign, test, finetune and test some more. I had hit him exactly where I wanted, through both lungs, and he had died in well under a minute. Even if you are hunting in an area with an abundance of deer it can still be hard to close the gap as they are super alert. I began to tell her that it would just run off before she got the chance, but the hare stayed in place and the girls held it for some time before letting it run free again. Many hunters take off their shoes and commence the rest of the stalk barefoot or with only socks on their feet.
Even though nothing major had happened, we all went to bed feeling like we were already on an adventure. I had already used it in the archery range and at target practice almost every day for the past month and a half but this was my first time putting it to the real test.

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