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Maine Memory Network is a project of the Maine Historical Society.Except for classroom educational use, images and content may not be reproduced without permission. Location: vancity, BC, canada hydrofoils for ocean-racing sailboats hey all, !this is my first thread!
When I think 'depth' I think of its vertical depth from waterline to the keel-hull intersection. So if a horisontal (or anything that was not vertical) foil that gave lift sufficient to clear the hull proper from the water's surface was considered a 'centreboard' type foil, then a hydrofoil could be possible. If it is the case that lifting foils are 'centreboards' (as they certainly appear to be in some int. With a very responsive trimtab adjusting system, i wonder if it would even be necessary to reduce sail area in a storm (providing the boat was built strong enough)? I would just tread lightly, and see if there is something like the old 12m AC rules committee, who would rule on anonymous proposals from the teams. So there's a limit to how fast you want to push in a seaway, even if the yacht can stand to carry the sail area. Location: Port Gamble, Washington, USA You can't change physics with software.
Regardless of the size or configuration of the boat, at some point you have to reduce speed to maintain tolerable ride quality as the sea state builds. Location: vancity, BC, canada the problems that the moth monofoilers have is balance. Hydrofoil equipped canting keel ocean racer Athwhartship balance is not a serious issue especially with direct control of RM via a flap equipped canting lower fin. When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals.
135% headsail(2007), Asymetrical (2005), Original full batten main, Handheld GPS, Knot and Depth.

The Sabre 30 is excellent example of the quality sailing craft that Sabre Yachts has produced over the years. If you are looking for a quality sailboat in great condition call us now at (# removed) or (# removed) to schedule a showing of the Sabre 30. Length is 6 meters and beam 1.5 meters with a weight of 380Kg and interior ballast of 180kg, sail area in main and jib is 13 sqm (139 sq ft). Overall, this gives a hull that is marked 'initial stiff' and feels stable even at a slight angle. Location: Cocoa Beach, Florida D Class Canoe This is a very expensive boat but appears to be excellent quality. D-and E-canoe the krangbrador allowed to protrude 40 cm outside the hull if the hull is at maximum width. If you have any comments about this boat, corrections to the specifications listed, or can provide additional information or photos, please use the comment form below and share what you can. If you'd like to privately share a comment or correction with MMN staff, please use this form.
With hydrofoils, hull size hardly matters, the boat need only be big enough to carry the crew and supplies for the duration of the race.
Does this simply say that you can't build a Transformers-style hull that slpits into two under hydraulic power in the water or something like that? With no possibility of a pitchpole or other such mishandling fuckups, I wonder what the upper speed limit would be?
With the trifoilers, the crafts are somewhat more stable, though balance is still a key issue.
I dont imajine that an open650 could support a lifting foil tall enough to platform in the ocean, and the weight distribution would need to be in constant check. The interior is 150kg ballast in the form of lead ingots and a center console has laminated lead ingots of 30kg, approximately 0.85 m below the waterline.

One of the neat things I noticed was the pivoting carbon seat that extends the crew CG to windward. I created this site mostly for my own browsing pleasure, but if you like it too - all the better. If the foils could lift the hull high enough to clear the wavecrest-trough distance, then speed would not be restricted by the possibility of slamming into a wave face, so there would be a very high upper limit on the sail area that one could carry.
Gordon's boat used retractable ladder foils, but the system on By Design Group's Spitfire 12 and Brett Bruvill's Windrush (another innovation by By Design Group) uses a similar configuration of lifting appendages, but with angled, single foils each (and a t-foil on the rudder) instead. The daggerboard mounted hydrofoil would be designed to retract into the hull in non -foiling conditions. Two foil Moth monofoilers have shown what is possible and that it works-even though many including one of the worlds top hydrofoil experts said it couldn't be done. On the E-canoe it is movable lengthwise so that the hull is going to tune with body weight. A variation on this basic concept involves the use of a trim tab(flap) on the lower end of the canting keel strut designed to be used at near max cant angle to develop exta righting moment thereby allowing the total ballast to reduced.
Theres a way to go between a Moth and a 21 or 40 footer BUT it's not as much of a jump as you might suppose and I think you'll be seeing this configuration flying before too long.
These project 400mm from the side of the hull and has a hoist that angles them upward when you do not sit on them to prevent drag. I have an aquantaince who has built 2 carbon fibre mini hulls already, and he and I are interested in the concept of building 2 or so lifting foils into the hull.

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