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A State Police helicopter spotted a 15-foot great white shark — a fish as long as a Toyota Corolla — approximately 150 yards off Duxbury Beach at about 2 p.m.
As true-life tales of endurance and survival go, Matt Lewis's is one of the most dramatic in recent memory. Cousins Sam Whitmire and Dent Wise departed from their grandfather's dock on Jenkins Creek in his fishing boat Sunday, expecting a nice afternoon on the water. Magistrate Ian Farrugia heard that Mr Previ drove out on his speed boat and returned with two tuna fish. While Oregon charter boats can fish in Washington waters, they are not allowed to pick up or drop off paying passengers in Washington, and vice versa.
The Pro Package for the Sea Eagle 285 Frameless Pontoon Boat is an extra $200 but ita€™s worth it. Cons: This may not even be an issue for some people, but the inflatable seat that comes with the Deluxe package just sits in the boat with no way to tie it down. 50ft Pontoon Tourism Vessel: The Karapiro Cruiser is a 50ft pontoon boat, custom built in 2005 and designed for lake and river cruising. The Twin Troller X10 comes fully equipped with our patented electric propulsion system and hands free foot control.
Our boats can move straight forward, straight backwards, make 90 degree turns to the right or left, or rotate 360 degrees in one location. The Twin Troller will truly amaze you when fishing in windy conditions.  With hands-free operation and full variable speed control of the motors, adjusting for wind conditions is no longer a problem.
Avoid the constant worry of fighting the wind (by making adjustments with your hand operated motor) and have your hands freed up to fish more; No more anchoring the boat to hold your position, No more back-and-forth fishing, and being blown all over the lake. To turn right or left you simply vary the amount of pressure you put on the independent pedals.

A Twin Troller Boat can make a pivot turn without changing locations.  There is no other boat on the market that offers this type of hands-free control. Twin Troller Boats from Freedom Electric Marine come delivered to your door* fully rigged, ready to hit the water with the Twin Troller Propulsion System, seats, and seat rails.
Twin Troller Boats are very stable due to the pontoon hull design and vacuum effect of our patented propulsion system. From passenger comfort to its unique hull design the Twin Troller offers best in class features and construction.  Freedom Electric Marine offers a full 5 year limited warranty on the X10 hull!  Twin Troller boats are roto-molded using state-of-the art SURPASS® polyethylene resin. The man was going to court to argue his cause, and had called to see if we had anything at the Oceanarium that would help him before the judge.
You get everything that comes with the Deluxe package (above), plus a swivel seat kit to permanently mount the seat to the frame. This is another reason to spend extra money to get the Sea Eagle 285 Pro Package and a locking swivel seat.
The interior is very spacious with quality furnishings, lined with beautiful rich Jarrah timber and has luxuriously upholstered seating.
The independent foot control pedals and corresponding electric motors allow the Twin Troller X10 to move in any direction depending on the amount and type of pressure placed on the foot pedals. If you need to get in a tight location, or just want to have a little fun on the water, a Twin Troller Boat is the boat for you. By adjusting the amount of heel or toe pressure that you apply to the independent foot pedals you easily maneuver the boat to the location where you want to fish, and you’ll stay in that location. This results in minimum draft requirements.  The Twin Troller X10 can operate in as little as 6-8 inches of water, run over logs, lily pads, and more!  Our boats go where the big fish live, but other boats can’t! Varying the amount of pressure you put on the pedals allows you to adjust your forward speed.

To accomplish this maneuver all you do is apply forward pressure to one pedal while applying heel pressure on the other. Seated this way, you will have a higher sightline when fishing, better balance in the boat, and back support.
The X10 is powered by two 36lb thrust MotorGuide electric motors giving you 72lbs total thrust.
The result is the boat has the same level of maneuverability in reverse as it does in the forward direction. It’s easy molding characteristics allow the hull to be roto-molded in one piece, complete with features such as equipment trays and cup holders. SURPASS® polyethylene, used both for the hull shell and the integral foam backing, maintains high impact strength, from summer heat to -40 Degrees. Stamping away on a foot pump can be very tiring just before you set out for a morning of fishing. But you have a couple of alternatives: one is to get Sea Eaglea€™s turbo electric pump although it is pricey at $189.
This inflatable boat is lightweight enough for a small woman to handle yet very stable on the water. Or, get a tough rechargeable pump for $25 bucks, the same kind you use for an air mattress. Most of the top deck is covered by a canvas canopy, which has just recently had new clear sides.

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