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Comments - - -"Feel Free" is a convenient size for taking your friends out fishing in the bay or for family jaunts along the river. The company normally acts as broker for the vendor, who unless otherwise stated is not selling in the course of a business.
Well, I obviously missed the Hammapoluza trip in order to get some things done, and after checking out the posts from the get together, I really hope this is going to be worth missing that! After glassing in the floor, I had to do something about the seams, as they would allow the floor to flex -- a definite no-no if I want to keep carpet in there for any length of time.
Another trip to AutoZone and I picked up the fiberglass version of Bondo body filler -- the same stuff I had to use on the nose. Joist mounts worked to stabilize the top portion of the platform, which was cut for two pieces of wood. For the dashboard, I traced the originals onto a solid piece of pine, cut, and rough sanded with 80-grit sand paper, followed by glass resin to finish them. By the time you guys tied into those giant slobs of stripers at Hammy, I was making my first cuts on the carpet.

Unfortunately, I ran out of daylight to snug and glue in the carpet, so this is as far as I got this past weekend.
Remember, all this was and still can be done avoiding marinas all together, as all of the materials used were from hardware stores, Wal-Mart and auto care stores, helping to keep the cost down. When checked, Shutterstock's safe search screens restricted content and excludes it from your search results.
Whilst every care has been taken in the preparation of these particulars, the correctness is not guaranteed, and they are intended as a guide only and do not constitute a part of any contract. In my floor plan, I went with a rear bench, front casting deck layout, just because I like an open boat. The rear bench will actually be nothing more than a platform for mounting seats, but gives the hull even more rigidity. Hopefully, my next article will be my last and I'll be sending photos of the finished product. A lot of thought (and measurement, did I mention beer?) went into building the front deck in order to get rigidity and still have some storage.

Hint, invest in stocks from the Bondo company before you start a project like this -- a little return on investment! The only reason I went with a front opening door as opposed to a top side door was just for added strength. Sorry Zach, looks like you'll have to win another two tourneys before you can make a shot at a trifecta. They are center cut with a 2-½ inch hole in the middle so the pedestal mount would allow enough room for the seat mount to fit in without going through the bottom of the boat (Jim always comes up with the cool sh*t!).

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