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I teach Business full time at the Nova Scotia Community College and part time at Dalhousie, Mount St.
Location: Slovenia outrigger canoe sailing rig Idea is to modify an oc-1 with head sail only rig jib,genoa,genaker or some similar sail. Boat should remain 90%paddling craft so as the ama is small and there is no daggerboard ,sailing upwind is more or less not going to work ,so why not make it a fun downwind craft.Triak and Raptor16 are more sailing boats than paddle boats. Ideally only small modifications and some deck gear should be enough so keeping the boat light and paddlable as before while enabling some sailing fun.
Location: Lakeland Fl USA The sail you mention is far too big for a canoe or kayak. Location: Virginia, US For an oc-1 definitely a smaller, single sail would be a better idea. When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals. We have an optimist sail, rudder and centreboard which we can add to the sailing canoe, after the race.
Boys will butt joint two 8ft lengths of 4mm ply to make the sides and bottom, and make the joint with a 1ft square patch over the joint, with PUR adhesive and plenty of tiny screws. I plan two middle bulkheads, one immediately fore and aft of the 1ft patch, with the mast step and brace (mast unstayed for simplicity) spanning between these bulkheads. The construction will make it easy to position the leeboard exactly amidships, or there abouts, where the sides are already reinforced by the ply patches and the bulkheads.
I guestimate the centre of effort of the Optimist sail to be roughly 20-24 inches behind the mast. Assuming that I've got the C of Lateral Resistance exactly amidships (no allowance made for the pipe outriggers) this set up would set the C of E some 18" aft of the C of Lateral Resistance, on the 16ft hull. I'll probably have some more questions about the mast and boom in due course - I've got some great lengths of knot free birch rectangular section, planed to 35mmx48mm. 1) I suspect the lam wouldn't be fantastic - I'd use PVA and do a rubbed joint, then clamp. 2) its only going to see sheltered conditions and isn't really expected to last longer than the vacation. Bottom line is that it really doesn't matter if it doesn't work at all, but hey, if we've got a shout at a fun build that will sail a bit too, then its worth thinking about a little. Location: Lakeland Fl USA Your estimate of the CE for the Opti sail is about right unless the sail is blown out and then the CE will be a little farther aft. Location: Huddersfield, UK Well the boys built 'The Melonator' and the crew won the raft race resoundingly, in very damp conditions.
You are considered by many to be an innovator and authority in the Outrigger Canoe paddling community, from canoe building and paddle construction, to athletic training.
Apart from working on the Ehukai, in the past year I’ve devoted much of my time to the V6, or unlimited canoe. As for paddles, Puakea double-bend sales have grown this year, as more clubs try the paddle and really seem to like it.
On the coaching side, I worked with Danny Ching this year on his training program for the Molokai solo. With the Olamau just a few days away you can bet we will all be watching to see how the crews and canoes do over the 101 miles of racing.
So getting back to OC1 and the Ehukai, can you tell us what inspired you to go back into the design room?
After I parted with Kamanu Designs, Mike Giblin of Ozone gave me a call and said, let’s do something together.
I find this very interesting, the fact that you were inspired by leaning back on the canoe.
Some say it is not possible to have an ‘all around’ canoe because it is counter-intuitive, but take the Storm for example, Mike went into the project planning to build a surfing machine and in the end he found the boat also excelled in the flat. My favorite feature on the Ehukai, besides the bladder moulding and prepreg (something I have always really wanted to do), is the footwell cover. I can think of some paddlers in cold climates that will especially appreciate that feature John.
I think we’ll be seeing a lot more coming out of Ozone, not just canoes in numbers but also great new designs that are built with real quality. If you would like to be notified about the progress and deliverables of the Ehukai, join the list below.

Location: san clemente, ca Hey BWD good to see you have made some progress since last time. Dan dstgean View Public Profile View dstgean's Gallery Find all posts by dstgean Page 3 of 3 < 12 3 « Where can I find more info about that boat? If you decide to join Keahiakahoe, you'll need to complete an application form and pay the annual dues. Wear something you don't mind getting wet, such as board or paddling shorts, t-shirt or tank top, and rubber slippers to wear outside the canoe. The open-ocean conditions surrounding our islands led to the development of an outrigger canoe different from those of other Pacific islanders. Although outriggers now are raced throughout Polynesia, outrigger canoe racing, ancient and modern, seems to have originated in Hawai`i. Today's HCRA-approved racing canoes are standardized in length and weight to allow both an observance of tradition and a level playing field. Long and slim racing outrigger canoe (black carbon fiber design) with a compass and paddle on deck. I trashed 3 umbrelas last year and then tried a windpaddle on my sea tiger inflatable kayak. It worked pretty well for them 5 years ago, and they are 5 years bigger now, enough to manage the build entirely themselves. If I can set the outriggers to just skim, then I'm in with a shout of a fair guess at the CLR. The V6 seems to be the new rage, and is bringing a lot of excitement and fun back into 6-man paddling, even drawing back many former canoe paddlers who had gone into other sports.
It is really exciting to see this event come about, what started with ideas and discussions on unlimited canoe design has taken on a life of its own. We had talked years ago about someday working together, and it just seemed that the time was right to start.
In big conditions leaning back is the only way to keep from pearling, some canoes more than others. All of these designs started with the Kaimana, which was a very successful canoe in California.
It sounds like the Ehukai design was about improving specifics and adding to the evolution of your original design. I really enjoy designing, and it’s a passion that compels me to always be doing better and to push innovation and the evolution of canoe building.
I have heard there will be some fun features and new innovations in the Ehukai, care to indulge? In the rough, so much water comes into the footwell through the drains and it takes time to get back out. New and innovating features are exciting to see, being around Mike Giblin and Kai Bartlett I know their minds are always churning, thinking of creative ways to improve and excel. There has been controversy however, about locally built canoes versus canoes built overseas.
My focus is to be cutting edge, and we here in Hawaii just can’t compete with the advanced and expensive technology that goes into a canoe from the Ozone factory.
The sport seems to be open to new ideas but not without debate, which indeed is healthy and important for long term values.
This is an exciting time to be a paddler, I am interested to see what you guys come up with next. I’m excited to be a part of it and plan to bring new ideas and designs that will push the envelope even further. Just today I finished the bulkhead under the forward beam, but now I have to epoxy it into place and fillet all the seams that it makes with the hull. If you're interested in paddling with Keahiakahoe, or in trying outrigger canoe paddling before you make a commitment, come down to the site at any scheduled practice time and talk to a coach. Turn in the completed application, your dues payment and current HCRA waiver form to a Keahiakahoe officer or committee member. For daytime practice you should use sunscreen, and consider wearing a hat and long-sleeved shirt. So important was the canoe that the building of a new canoe was a significant event involving most of the members of a village: priests, craftsmen, laborers, helpers. The Hawaiian outrigger is relatively unadorned, with fore and aft hull covers (kupe) and a splashguard (pale kai) to cope with ocean waves and chop.

There are records of ancient Hawaiians racing for fun and for wagers, sometimes including life. To race in HCRA-sanctioned events, canoes must weigh a minimum of 400 pounds without `iako, ama, or seat covers, and can be no longer than 45 feet.
Its quick, cheap, dirty, and we're not expecting more than the vacation pottering around in sheltered waters, mild conditions. We will use the centreboard as a lee board, being used to this on my Solway Dory sailing canoe, and it avoids building the centreboard case. That is counter intuitive until you consider that the sail is never over the center line of the boat when it is actually drawing. However, plenty of outrigger buoyancy for four 10 - 13 year olds is not enough buoyancy in the outriggers for two well ballasted 50 year olds and a sail. I also spent a lot of time in Newport Beach this winter, holding team coaching clinics and also personal one-on-one training sessions with a wide range of competitive paddlers. It is great to be part of a sport that puts community first and where we can all contribute to it’s growth. For this OC1, I wanted to try something a little new in terms of canoe performance and mechanics. The Kaimana, Kainalu, and Pueo in fact are almost the same hull design with just a few deck and weight distribution changes.
A prepreg bladder moulded canoe is so tough and strong and light, above and beyond anything else. The only pre-requisites are that you can swim and that you fill out a current HCRA Insurance waiver. If you decide outrigger paddling is a sport you want to pursue, we'll give you advice on how to choose the right paddle. Our satellite practice site for the masters and women is located down Sand Island Access Road.
From choosing the right tree to launching the new canoe, each step in the process had to be done correctly with the proper ritual and respect to preserve the life of the tree in the canoe and create a canoe that would, in turn, sustain the lives of those who used it.
While most associations in the Islands, including ours, allow clubs to race fiberglass canoes, at the annual Hawai`i State Championship Regatta all crews must race in koa canoes. The trimmed sail is to leeward of the boat center line and that will, of course, set up a turning couple. Congratulations with your V6 design being chosen by Shell Va’a, that must be a confirmation that you are on the right track. During a paddle one day with Jimmy Austin in Hawaii Kai, I noticed that we would go faster when we leaned back on the canoe on the bumps.
It is common practice to set the CE, a little bit aft of the CLR when fine tuning the helm reaction. I got to thinking, why is it that it’s faster on the bumps with weight toward the back, and how could I leverage this phenomenon into a new design? I’ve always wanted to be able to plug the drains so as to keep the water out, and keep the feet warm and dry.
But Mike, Brian and I have made a lot of forward movement and everything has come together.
Mike and I are also working on a similar version to the rough-water model, but one that’s tailored for calmer, non-Hawaiian waters. After much analyzing and quite a few sleepless nights, I decided to chat with my brother who’s a naval aircraft carrier designer, to chew over some ideas that I thought would work this effect on the bumps. For me, building a truly high-end canoe that I can offer to paddlers all over the world is an awesome thing. This new version will be well-suited for California, Australia, and elsewhere in the world. Luckily, the result was a faster and more maneuverable canoe in the bump and a better hull speed in the flat.

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