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Design Optimization aims at reducing the time required to engineer a new product, when successively passing through research, virtual prototyping and production. The ability to create and manufacture products that are appealing and sustainable at the same time, requires numerical optimization involving multiple disciplines.
Making optimization with CAD geometry in an automated loop reliable presents several challenges. The design for a modular, deployable, and adaptable bridge using parametric strategies and digital fabrication methods was developed by studio BANG. A Workshop on the subject of Parametric design techniques, Optimization based on structure and energy efficiency and fabrication algorithms.
Optimus parametric design software contains a complete set of methods for the definition of simulation workflows and subsequently for the parameterization of these workflows. There are two methods to author simulation workflows for parametric modeling that can also be used in conjunction with each other.
Abaqus is itself a powerful tool for Finite Element Analysis, but coupling it with Dassault Systemes Isight can open up new worlds of capabilities when it comes to design optimization. The FE model is relatively straightforward with geometry modeled in Abaqus while taking advantage of planar symmetry, one link is modeled and an assembly is created with two instances of it used to form the interlocking links. After opening Isight and creating a new file an Abaqus component is dropped onto the hanger and configured.
To determine the maximum load that the chain can sustain before any plastic deformation will occur we simply need to optimize for the force that will result in a slightly positive but non-zero value for PEEQ. The Hooke-Jeeves algorithm is chosen with most options left at the default values and the output parameter PEEQ selected as the goal with a target of 0.01. After it completes the results can be analyzed by bringing up a plot of the Optimization History.
To extract the force, simply switch to the History tab to see the optimal point that was determined in the optimization.
Now we can use this force for an input in Abaqus and examine the results, which are shown below.

As you can see essentially none of the chain is yielding and we have found that maximum load that it can withstand with plastic stress. At every stage, specific design optimization aspects help you gain deeper insight into the model behavior. Design exploration is a powerful asset to the design optimization process because it can be started at the earliest stages of development, requiring minimum computational effort. With the recent quest for a sustainable future, manufacturers everywhere seek to reduce the ecologic footprint of their products without compromising performance characteristics. During the design phase, each discipline is minimized, maximized or zero-mized sequentially, to learn how the design can be improved.
The recent application illustrates a powerful application of CAPRI to perform shape design directly in CAD.
The design was conceived using the following rules:  Four data points were established at the beginning, middle, and the end of the bridge. The first is a set of methods that allow you to define simulation workflows with a set of generic data flow links and achieve parameterization through input substitution and generic output extraction from a generic text file. Direct interfaces allow for the parameterization of the simulation and definition of the simulation workflow. Isight is a system integration tool that is designed to execute other engineering software codes; providing inputs, executing models, parsing results, linking them into integrated networks. Symmetry conditions are applied on both the XY & YZ planes, a contact pair is created to enable the two links to interact with each other, and the distal cross-sectional face is fixed while a Reference Point is used to apply a point force to the proximal face. This is as simple as choosing the applied force as an input parameter and the equivalent plastic strain value (PEEQ) as an output parameter.
This is accomplished by dropping an Optimization onto the top of the hanger and suitably configuring it as shown in the image below. A max load of 70,000 is set as the initial condition and the model is ready to be optimized. Here you can see that the plastic strain rapidly drops from its initial value down to zero, and then Isight is quickly able to hone in on the load that yields our positive but negligible value of 0.01.

Hopefully this example has made it clear how simple a tool Isight is to use, and just how powerful its capabilities are in engineering design optimization. A good statistical understanding makes it a lot easier to improve the performance of your product. The information picked up supports smart design optimization decisions early on in the process.
These 12 parametrized points give the opportunity to steer the crosssection of the bridge at three important areas. Based on these points the defi nition creates three frames one for each end of the bridge and one in the middle. Direct interfaces are dependent on the particular capabilities of each individual simulation program. It is able to drive the input to each component in the loop and extract the outputs, and it contains a suite of tools for both design exploration and optimization once a linked model has been constructed. Material properties are assigned based on the elastic-plastic stainless model found in this Abaqus tutorial. Once this is complete the loop can be executed with any applied force as the input and the plastic strain be extracted automatically. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us, and if you would like to get access to the files used please complete the form below. The corresponding direct interfaces automatically read and parameterize the simulation input and output from the simulation tool syntax, including for formats.
This post will demonstrate the capabilities of Isight by driving an Abaqus model and determining the maximum load that a chain can withstand before any of its material experiences plastic stresses.
At this point the CAE model is saved so that it can be referenced with Isight, however it should first be solved so that we know it has been properly set up and will result in plastic deformation.
That result is shown below, where the extreme deformation due to plastic stresses under the high load is immediately apparent.

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