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Our hats off to Matt Fine and his Pop for keeping the real fun of Woody Boating alive, even if it is a plastic Pen Yann with stained carpets. I saw it in person, most of the stains on the carpet were in the shape of out fore fathers made out of bacon grease.
I think the stains include a good amount of trout blood, ice cream, beverages of all sorts, and motor oil along with the bacon grease. The 50 mile trip to Skaneatles was the furthest this boat has ever been from the factory where she was made, and I think the first time she has been on water other than Keuka Lake. If I were a judge, I was most impressed with the authentic Louisville Slugger fish killing baseball bat tucked away in one of the storage compartments. My father gets most of the credit, being a 1974 model year myself, I mostly just contributed to the stains dents and scratches for the first 30+ years.
Dick, this came about at the last minute because I didn’t bring a boat after all but had a slip that I paid for anyway. Everyone loves to see the nice restored stuff, but it has become clear to me through my experiences hauling my user 24′ Skiff to shows all over the place that they also like to see the real users getting used as they should. But, if you use the bacon grease in your car or boat, what do you fry the eggs and veggies in, and what do you dip your toast in? Having been in a Pen Yan whose prop was the only thing in the water, I can attest to what fine, well built boats they were, when we landed back into The River.

As a pround fellow Penn Yan owner, I can attest to the battle wagon construction that made them a popular boat on our lakes. A classic fiberglass sportfish from the renowned boat builder from New York’s upstate Finger Lakes region. I graduated from high school in 1976 and vividly recall the disgusting shade of blue that made no sense to me considering its not from a natural pallet of the day. If I brought Squirt, I am not sure the bilge pumps could have kept up with the water coming over the bow and sides. She spends the winters in my barn 45 miles from Penn Yan and has never had an issue with that trip. So, I called M-fine and asked if he knew anywhere that I could rent or otherwise commandeer a boat for a few days.
This 30′ model has a vee berth, large dinette that drops for a double berth, galley with new stove and refrigerator and a head with shower. Growing up in Lyman country you really never saw these but out could tell just by standing at the dock that these are soooooo over built. With the Penn Yan we just got a light spray over the windshield every now and then, mostly when Matt was trying to change lenses. The trip getting the boat there, grinding metal, smoke and a very interesting Napa store where the workers were scared of Mike M.

Thank you M-fine for bringing her to the show and using her as the gathering place (and wind breaker). Due to the fact the boat was so over loaded with WoodyBoaters on board all weekend, and she sat so low in the water!!!
He said he could bring the PY (or we cold come and pick her up), but that it was not anything like a show boat. All credit to M-fine for bringing her, for making no apologies to anyone for anything and having fun – looks like this boat has been thusly used for nearly 40 years and I hope it continues for at least that many more. You could buy them in Red, OR Blue, but Matt Fines pop wanted Red white and blue, so guess what?
Has sat for many years but with work could be a great  classic cruiser again.The boat is complete and unmolested. So, M-fine graciously volunteered the use of it, and it worked because he was also planning to attend the show anyway.
The best part of this boat is that no one cared for it, and yet, we all cared deeply for it.

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