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A simple adaptation of glued lapstrake allowed me to make it much more approachable for the less experienced builder. The sweet lines, and the logic of the construction method make the Penobscot 14 a very rewarding boat to build. The plans include 12 sheets of drawings, and a large sheet of full size patterns, showing the stem, transom, bulkheads, and temporary frames. The epoxy kit comes from System Three Resins, and provides you with all the resin, hardener, additives, measuring pumps, brushes, gloves, and other items, that you will need. My aim with this design was to draw little boat that would be a pleasure to row, capable of taking a small sailing rig, and quite simple to build.
I used the same construction method a€“ glued lapstrake with plywood planking, over fore and aft stringers a€“ that has been so successful in my Penobscot designs.
The plans include eight sheets of scale drawings, full size details, and sail and spar plans, full size patterns of the stems, station molds or building frames, centerboard, rudder and tiller, and a 75 page building manual, illustrated with over 100 drawings and photographs. The two-hour DVD also takes you through every stage of building, from laying out and cutting the station molds, to putting the finishing touches on the hull, for builders who would like to actually see the job being done. This includes the stems, beveled and marked for setting up, laminated stem facings, and station molds. Plywood packages include three sheets of 4mm okoume plywood for planking, and one sheet of 12 mm plywood for the station molds.A  You will not need the 12 mm plywood if you start with the frame kit.
I'd been sort of dreading the whole pintles and gudgeons thing for quite some time because metal work is definitely not my strong suit.
I did have a jam cleat for the mizzen sheet that I would sometimes use, such as when I wanted the boat to weathercock and needed both hands for hoisting and lowering the main or when tying in a reef--but I never ever, ever, ever wanted to cleat off the mainsheet. You can adjust the throw of the rudder and the pedals by fiddling with the length of your yoke. You probably thought I would say that, but after having sailed both rigs in the 13 footer, Ralph Merriman's decked version with the single mast and then my own two sticker I think I can state without reservation that the mizzen is essential for sailing enjoyment in this tiny boat.
This position feels too far forward, and I have had to move the location of the leeboard control line anchor point forward so I am not sitting on it. Unfortunately, I beleive that this characteristic is typical of all leeboards that are not rigidly fixed in the vertical plane.
Yet to do: varnish the deck, figure out how to rig the sails, finish the leeboard, go sailing. I intended the boat to be a suitable project for any builder with modest woodworking skills (although some have been successfully completed by absolute beginners with no prior woodworking experience).

This is printed on Mylar, which avoids the inaccuracies that can result when paper patterns move with changes in humidity.
Close-ups show you how to get the best from your tools, how to make strong, tight joints, and how to handle the details that give a professional look to your boat. I recommend okoume or meranti; it is readily available, affordable, attractive, and pleasant to work. The epoxy can be obtained by mail order (or order the epoxy kit - see below); suitable screws are carried by most good hardware stores. You should be able to put the boat in the water, without a sailing rig, for about $1,100.00.
Everything depends on you, how much time you put in, how quick you are, how many coats of varnish you apply, and so on.
The System Three Epoxy Book, which gives detailed information on mixing and using epoxy, is included.
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James, I was sure hoping I had a hand free to hang on with -- you have both sheets in hand all the time? The longer version is often built with the yawl rig which looks great but to be honest, facing forward I found it impossible to see the mizzen on my previous sailing canoe. If I sit with my back against the rear cross member I can sail ok but in photos I look too far back.
In this location I still find the leeboard line cutting into my legs and struggled to set the board. Leeboard mountings that are rigid need to be much heavier and more complex than your simple rope mounting, and then you'll need one on each side as it won't be quick to shift from tack to tack. About a month ago I signed up to bring the canoe to a local boat show scheduled for this coming weekend as a way of forcing myself to finish it and spare myself further embarrassment and good-natured ribbing by my friends.
Sorry for the late reply, I was off at the family reunion and then, yes, I did get up to the Door County Maritime Museum's Classic and Wooden Boat Show over the weekend. In case of trademark issues please contact the domain owner directly (contact information can be found in whois). Working on the foot brace and pedals for rudder control now (I still haven't decided if I will actually install them -- they seem to get a mixed review from what I have read, but it also seems like one's hands will have plenty to occupy them when actually under way and a long push-pull tiller added to the mix might be too much -- anybody want to chime in?). These boats are quite challenging to sail and I think one sheet in one hand and one tiller in the other is quite enough.

Anyway, as of this morning, the boat is pretty much done and ready to get wet for the first time. Quite nice for me since there are so few wooden boats in my immediate neighborhood (I saw a beautiful Gar Wood runabout when I was out kayaking a couple weeks ago, but couldn't catch up, imagine that, to ask the owner any questions).
There is also a 74 page, illustrated building manual, which takes you step by step through the building process. I don't make recommendations because of regional variations in price and availability, but I am always glad to answer questions about the suitability of any wood. Hadn't even considered chewing gum -- I'm not sure even the autonomous functions like breathing are going to run without some CPU cycles. Since I am sailing singlehanded it is important that the boat is also able to be loaded and unloaded singlehanded.
Unfortunately, I am off to a family reunion this week and likely wonA?a‚¬a„?t have time to get it in the water until after the show.
So, I still haven't launched the MacGregor although it did get wet from a touch of rain on the way up to the show.
I use a kari-Tek loading system and for the first time I have completely solved owning and using a car top sailing boat. Stumped for a name which seems a shame, but maybe it doesnA?a‚¬a„?t need one of those as much as it needs to get sailed and paddled.
I am still looking for a relatively calm day for the sailing launch -- it has been quite windy and gusty as storm fronts pass through.
It also makes the best use of the inherent properties of the materials, so that the resulting structure itself is good to look at. A busy little boat with lots of strings -- how I will ever sort it all out again after a capsize is beyond me. And does anybody have a source for small cam cleats that look like they belong on a boat like this?

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