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After all, when you’re talking about the different type of fishing boats, prices, pros and cons of each, where you want to fish, motor versus row boat… etc, etc, it soon becomes clear that doing your pre-purchase homework is essential.  And naturally, safety whilst on the water should be your first priority. Along with the purchase of your boat, there are other issues that should be considered that are just as, if not even more important, than the type of fishing boat you decide on. So when it comes to looking at the types of fishing boat that will perfectly suit you, then the first thing to do is narrow down the type of boat that you’re looking for.  For instance, price might well be the driving factor, in which case our page on cheap fishing boats  will be of interest.
Of course, for the hobby fisherman (or woman, because many ladies also enjoy this wonderful sport), then there are many boats that will happily cover a multitude of needs.  Below you can see our ‘top 5’ list of what we consider to be the best small fishing boats. If you want space, durability, and a boat that promises high speeds (with motor added) on the water, the Pelican Intruder fishing boat offers a lot of bang for the buck.
Offering a spacious, comfortable ride, if you’re looking for a fishing boat that will provide you with many years of fishing and boating pleasure, the Pelican Intruder 12 is the boat for you!
The Sun Dolphin Pro is constructed from super-rugged thermoformed High Density Polyethylene with a tri-hull design, the boat promises excellent stability and resilience to abrasions, rocks, or tough waters.
If you’re looking for a tough, motor ready boat that is lightweight and offers a super-stable ride, the Pelican® Bass Raider 10E Fishing Boat is the boat for you.
The Pelican® Bass Raider 10E Fishing Boat comes with all kinds of extras to make your day on the water full of the little conveniences. Overall, this is a rugged, durable boat that will provide you with years of fishing pleasure.
A great value inflatable pontoon boat that allows you to chose from three separate oar lock positions.  Made from high quality, easy maintenance materials that include powder coated steel tubing for the frame and abrasion resistant PVC. For those that put their boats under extremely heavy use, this lightweight version might not prove robust enough for their liking. With some great built in features, this is a low cost, yet high standard fishing boat that’s both lightweight and durable.  It weighs 100lbs and has a load capacity of 550lbs.
The size and weight of this boat make it particularly easy to transport, fitting easily into a truck bed or van, or can be moved using a utility trailer. Extremely durable and hardwearing small fishing boat.  Built for longevity, and will last for many years. Very low maintenance, as well as being easy to handle and move around due to its light weight. A small, extremely easy to transport and handle boat that’s been superbly designed to provide all this yet doesn’t compromise on stability.   Ideal for those who wish to navigate shallow water, narrow channels and fish in places that gas powered boats are not allowed to go. Provides plenty of storage room not only for additional kit, but for rod and tackle storage as well. The plastic seat can be a little uncomfortable if sitting in it for extended periods of time. If a large force is applied to one side, a pontoon boat has the risk of capsizing, especially if top heavy.
Sport fishing boats are ideal for the more serious angler who’s looking for the biggest or largest variety of fish to catch.  Different types hold different numbers of people, and they can be found in rigid hull or inflatable pontoon construction. Generally small and easy to manoeuvre, meaning you can reach areas of water that larger boats are unable to.
Designed to give good stability whether you’re standing, sitting or sitting side-saddle to fish. Catamaran Fishing Boats are twin hulled boats that can be made from a variety of materials.  The hulls can be rigid or inflatable, and in general are lighter than traditional hulled boats.

The twin hull design causes less drag in the water than a traditionally hulled boat, therefore they are easier to power forward (either by using oars or an outboard engine).
The twin hull design does make them a little less easy to manoeuvre in the water and slower to turn.
Can be found in different sizes, making them ideal if you want take the family or a friends fishing. I would LOVE to live in this place while writing, enjoying nature and living far away from the hustle and bustle of the city! The type of small boat that you purchase usually depends on the style you like and your needs.
Some of the different types of fishing boats include the following types of boats: jon boats, tri hull boats, V hull boats, fishing kayaks, and small catamaran boats.
Jon boats are available in a multitude of different materials, such as welded aluminum, polyethylene, and fiberglass. The V-hull boats are best for cutting through choppy waters, making them well known for their smooth rides. A number of different materials may be used to construct a v-hull boat, such as aluminum or fiberglass. Portofino is a small village along the banks of the Italian River that is famous for its fishing opportunities and picturesque qualities. Both the administration division, called the Commune, and the Resorts are situated in the province of Genoa. It packs a lot of bang for its buck and features conveniences you’d typically have to pay a lot more for.
Two rod holders allow you to take a break from your rod and reel while getting a drink or stretching. The boat supports up to 462 pounds of weight, while being light enough to be powered by a small outboard or just an electric trolling motor. Choose this boat and you’ll never miss a catch again because of leaving your spot to find gear.
First, the boat has two carrying handles for getting this lightweight boat to the water with ease. It offers all the convenient accessories and extras one would hope for and provides all of this for one super-affordable price. Youa€™ll save money over time by not renting boats and will be able to fish more frequently with your own vessel. For example, certain boats perform better in shallow water while other boats are better if you frequently fish in choppy water.
Jon boats are also available in two different types--a modified V-hull jon boat and the regular jon boat.
The boats are particularly known for their ability to remain stable even if you stop the boat quickly.
The front of the boat is a€?va€? shaped, which makes it better equipped to handle unstable water. V-hull boats can cost up to approximately $4000, but you can get them for just over $1,000. The charming and old-fashioned town has become a popular spot for the rich and the prominent.

The village has a lot of small harbors and it is one of the more attractive Mediterranean ports in the region. One can take a train, fly into Genoa and then either take a taxi ride by road or opt for a sea taxi. This is a spacious boat and you can pack in several people plus gear, tackle, and snacks as the boat supports weight up to 426 pounds.
Some of the many features the Sun Dolphin includes are two swivel fishing chairs which  provides the ultimate in visibility.
The boat is built of impact-resistant Ram-X ™ material, a multi-layer material exclusive to Pelican boats. The boat also features two fishing road holders, so your hands can take a break from the pole now and then, as well as two drink holders and two swivel fishing chairs.
Certain types of smaller boats are considered more stable than other types of boats while others are better for bigger bodies of water. The boats are able to get up on plane, which is a useful feature depending upon the type of water that you plan to fish in. Furthermore, fishing kayaks are cheaper than most boats and you might be able to purchase a fishing kayak for fewer than $500. Please note: this image is protected by copyright law and may not be used without buying a license.
The Intruder features bench seats and four vertical fishing rod holders, perfect for a day at the lake.
Six storage components– three within reach of each chair, allow you to fish while searching for the perfect tackle or lure.
If you are fishing in choppier water, the modified V-hull jon boat is better suited for that type of water. The boats can cost as much as $4,000, however, you may be able to purchase a boat on sale for fewer than $1,000.
Visitors can indulge in shopping opportunities, beautiful sightseeing, water games and the famous Italian dining. The durable hull is made of Pelican’s® proprietary RAM-X™ multi-layer material that is highly impact resistant and features a UV-protected finish. The boat is also equipped with multiple storage compartments for storing bait, tackle, beverages, and other fishing gear. The combination of the ocean view, the warm sunny weather, and the delicious food help make Portofino a perfect holiday spot.
Some of the common places for sightseeing include Castello Brown, San Giorgio Church and the famous lighthouse. The boat is also prewired for electric trolling motors and includes two mounts on the bow and stern.
For carrying weight and promising speed this boat has a lot of potential once a motor is added.
The boat also features carrying handles for making transportation from your vehicle to the water hassle-free.

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