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I used a large sheet pan for the cake itself cutting it into the general shape of the ship. The mast was from a wooden dowel and I downloaded the Jolly Roger from the internet and printed it out to make the sails.
I used this website to get some ideas of a pirate ship birthday cake but I only had a square tin. Using jam stuck the two triangles to the front of the biggest third to make the front point of the ship. I threw a Pirate Party for my son's fifth birthday so of course I had to make a pirate ship birthday cake.
Although I've never done cakes before, I'm retired so I had the time to take on the project. The parts of cake that were removed were used to build up and shape the fore and aft castle parts of the ship. I put a few Rolos along the side whoppers for cannons and pralines lined the perimeter of the ship.
I used half a Kit-Kat for the plank, Rollos for Powder barrels, chocolate malt balls as cannon balls and cereal straws for cannons.

After applying the icing to the ship I used a brush to give it a wood grain sort of texture. Then chopped a small square off the end of the smallest piece of cake and cut it half diagonally to make two triangles. All the rest is self explanory really (rails, curly whirl's, cannons, Rolos cannon balls aero balls). I cut one round cake in half to make the front triangle shape in the front and stacked them. I also used blue food coloring to tint some white frosting for the ocean and brown sugar crystals for the sand. I then used one loaf as the main ship base and the other for making the bow and the back of the ship in double layer. After looking at a lot of different cakes I put together my own version of a pirate ship birthday cake.
The cannons on and below deck were from Pepperidge farm pirouette cookies which were colored grey with food coloring. Gold icing was used to apply a little more decoration and make parts of the ship stand out better.

Then cut the other round cake in half and stacked them to achieve the rounded end part of the boat.
I found a few pirate toys like a parrot, treasure pirates and palm trees from Target and used those pieces to decorate the ship with. The on deck cannon supports were made of chocolate wafer cookies and cannon balls were gum balls painted black with food coloring. I also used two kebab sticks for sails and got the great pirate candles from eBay along with the play Mobil characters.
The shark fins were made of a royal icing and all the pirate figures came from the toy section of a local store.

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