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The cake is iced in butter icing and then I lightly dragged a fork along the edges to make it look like woodwork. DECORATIONS: I used Curly Whirly bars (chocolate bars) along each side of the ship to make it look like railings. I used a round cake tin with a hole in the middle (we call it a 'tulband' shape) for the base of the Pirate birthday cake. All the children (and their parents as well actually) were very impressed with this Pirate birthday cake. For this pirate birthday cake, I used a roasting pan with 2 cake mixes for the ship then cut the front out and used that for the top where Jack Sparrow stands. My son wanted a pirate party so of course the cake had to match, and so I created a pirate birthday cake. I cooked the cake, let it cool and then placed it in the freezer for about 45 minutes so I could later carve it without it falling apart.
I first got this pirate birthday cake idea from the internet and actually some pictures from this site. Then I stood the halves upright and frosted them together with a thin layer of frosting in between the layers. For this pirate birthday cake I started with two 9x13 cakes and a Styrofoam template covered with foil.
By exploring your theme-site I was able to create my own version of a pirate birthday cake for the party. To make the ship I took 2 round cake pans (the usual) cut them in half, glued them together with vanilla icing, and sat them on a tray with the half moon up placing both pairs of cakes side by side.
I then cut off a bit of the ends to allow the cakes to be longer and used the remains of the pieces for the island and boat bow or other elevated areas of the boat to have texture and depth.
Over all It was a success and to save you the trouble of decorating it the same day I did mine the night before and put it in the freezer. I searched for a pirate birthday cake and saw a few that were along the same lines as mine, but I wanted it to be different, I got the idea from family fun 1st and saw that there were a lot of basically the same ship ideas out here. This pirate birthday cake was a bit tricky since I'm not much of a baker but my son wanted one so much after seeing all the great cakes on here, and so I had to try it.
I cut the cakes in half but only ended up using 3 halves because I thought it was a pretty good size.
Light up your party with the infamous Captain Black Beard and his booty laden ship the Jolly Roger! Frost outsides and add final two half moons to each side careful to make sure what was originally the top is now the outside walls of your pirate ship. Finish frosting the whole ship (long broad strokes across the sides and tops creates illusion of planks).
Carefully bore 4 holes per side of ship for your Waffeletten cannons (Your child's age determines # of cannons on cake). Pirates are a favourite character of many little boys and girls, so don’t be surprised to get a request for a pirate-themed birthday party. To make a 3-D cake that looks like a model of a pirate ship, start with two round cakes and cut each in half down the middle. If you’re not into building model ships, you can also make a flat cake with a picture of a pirate ship scene on it.
If you want to add a scene around your pirate ship, start with the same basic 3-D pirate ship, but use smaller cakes to make it.
My little boy’s first birthday today and it looked great – recommend this one to anyone!
My son’s 5th birthday was pirate themed.  I have been enjoying making 3-D cakes, and I had seen lots of great ones on this site for inspiration!
I made windows by cutting ice-cream wafers into squares and then piping lines to make shutters.
I also piped a chocolate anchor and rope onto greaseproof paper and when set put those into the icing as well.

This I cut in half, straightened the top, cut a small piece of the bottom to stabilize the cake and then glued them together with icing.
With the cut-offs from the top I made a treasure chest (just cut a square make an incision for the lid, put icing on it ,open the lid a bit, put icing in and then add some silver balls from 'Super Cook'-baking aisle) and an island. For the ship I used Wilton’s football pan and a round cake cut to fit to make the ship taller.
The only suggestion I have is: wait until the last minute to put the mast in and also the trees as the tree stalks were made of wafer cookie sticks and they wanted to get soggy too early. I covered the pirate birthday cake with chocolate icing and added the Lego pirate figurines and Lego ship parts.
I iced the 'ocean' first; white frosting, 8 drops of blue, and 4 drops of green gel color to get the color of the ocean.
This was the most terrifying part for me because the weight of the back end of both cakes wanted to break off, I used a skewer to secure it, a couple toothpicks, and at the back I had to add pretzels 'just in case'.
It was fun to make and the hardest part was adding it to the ocean, the rest was smooth sailing! I found a similar pirate birthday cake recipe online and had a ball getting creative with it (without the hassle of making it from scratch). Place Wafelleten cannons with chocolate dipped side into cake and slightly tilting cannon up toward sky.
There are various types of designs and patterns for pirate ship birthday cake and choosing a suitable one will most likely to depend on your preferences and liking. Glue all four pieces together in a uniform stack, using icing to make them stick; the rounded part becomes the bottom of the ship and the flat part is the deck.
Then take a basic rectangular cake, ice it in blue icing to look like the ocean and place the pirate ship cake in one corner. I cut chocolate licorice logs into pieces to make cannons and stuck one finger of a Kit Kat to make a plank. Lastly I pushed a jelly baby into the icing at the front of the ship and made a treasure chest out of a share-pack size smartie box. I made up two packets of blue jelly (and added a bit more dye and 4 teaspoons of plain gelatin to get better color and to make sure the jelly didn't melt in the summer heat). As suggested here on the site I added the candles to the side of the ship in order to avoid the sails going up in flames. The cutting was rather funny actually, all the kids picked their favorite part of the ship and they all wanted a bit of the ammunition and treasure. Use wafers for the rails, Rolos for the barrels on top, cannons on the sides, half an ice-cream cone for the crow’s nest. I took 1 box of cake mix and split it up between two round cake pans; make sure you use non-stick spray on your cake pans. In the morning I pulled them out and cut both round cakes in half also trimming the bottoms of all the halves so they had a flat spot on the bottom.
The idea called for two round cakes cut in half, but it might be better to use the loaf pans, one cake mix for each ship. I used a small dowel for the masts and ramming rod in front, and white foam sheets to do the sails. Next I just frosted between the layers, all around, and decorated with the sails and pirates. I never did anything like this before and had a spare cake because I thought I would totally mess this up, but it was so much easier than what it looks. You can choose to do a model pirate ship, a 3-D pirate ship scene or a 2-D pirate ship picture.
Ice your ship hull with chocolate icing, then draw wooden planks horizontally with a knife. Using that as your blank canvas, draw your pirate ship on the cake with coloured icing, or use coloured fondant or fruit roll-ups to make the boat’s hull and sails.
Besides this method of making the ship cake, you may also freeze the cake for about an hour to make it easier to work with.

I put a double layer of cake at the front of the ship so the front was the same height as the highest level at the back of the ship. I poured the rest of the icing over the cake and also a bit onto the plate for the cake to stick. You can pour it over the cake and then let it set for the bigger areas or cool it a bit more and use a knife to decorate smaller areas or stick things on.
But this year I simplified the task by simply using 1 box of Duncan Hine's chocolate cake mix along with whipped vanilla and chocolate icing from Betty Crocker's selection of delited icing selection. The loaf pans were filled up unevenly to make the ship body; after the pans were completely cooled I put them in the refrigerator over night.
The ships, starting with cutting the V shape in the front (have them (2) on top of each other so they will be even) and then cutting the one that will be on top in section for the deck and captain’s quarters. I do recommend you freeze this cake before frosting, as it made it so much easier to work with. Flip 2 of the half moons over to expose bottom, frost and carefully paste the two half moons together (center of ship). Place Rollos on deck along with Milkball cannon balls neatly stacked with three on bottom and one on top. Cut a small portion of the round part of the cake so that it’s flat to make the bottom of the ship. The smaller piece was added to the length, while the other two were added to the top at both ends.
I piped in yellow frosting for detailing and put blue and white frosting in a piping bag to make the waves. I cut the sails out of card making paper glued on a skull and crossbones and then put the sails into the pirate birthday cake using kebab skewers. I used my son's Lego pirate ship and used parts of it for the cake ornaments which worked out well. Place the fruit roll-ups around the ship on cake plate and place Swedish fish on top (kids love to sneak a fish while you're not looking). The cannon balls were whoppers and Rollo's were used for the side cannon ports, pretzels were used on the one ship as a railing with the red licorice, black was used as well, and Hershey candy bar for windows in the back of the ship and plank. Put the ship on the cake, and decorate it to look like a ship with pirate flags and blue waves on the bottom of the ship.
I frosted it and added the following things:Waffle cookie - planktootsie rolls - cannonscookie - steering wheelwhoopers - cannon ballsI used a fork for the textured wood look to the ship. Part of what I cut out, I used to build up the captain’s area and doweled it to keep it from shifting.
Press wafer rolls, Tootsie Rolls, liquorice sticks or other cylindrical candies into the side of the hull to be cannons. To display any of these cakes, consider putting some gold foil-covered coins and strings of faux pearls and craft jewels around the base as treasure, or place the whole thing on a treasure map. My older boy turns 4 in April and I want to have his party at this city park that gives train rides one weekend a month. Attach candles sideways to the ends of these or simply insert the candles sideways into the side of the cake. Put several sails on each of three wooden skewers, then push the skewers into the middle of the deck in a row from front to back.
On the top of one of the masts, add a black sail with a skull and crossbones cut-out made from white paper.

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