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Everything is included, all precut wooden parts, speed controller, rechargeable battery pack, plug in charger, rc transmitter, receiver, electric motor and propeller.
The T24 Tugboat is 24 inches long - easy to transport, but big enough to handle heavy weather on big lakes or open bays. Click here to see the Mark Setting Barge which can be towed by the T24 Tug for setting out the racing marks for a perfect race course.
Click here to see the Mark Setting Barge which can be towed by the T24 Tug for setting out racing marks for a perfect race course. Please note that all plans are printed to order and as such we are unable to accept returns.

The T24 Tug is super maneuverable for running through obstacle courses, chasing swimmers, outrunning dogs and alligators. Like our famous model sailboats, the T24 Tug is put together with a WEST System epoxy that is super strong and easy to work with. At Tippecanoe Boats we have been building the finest quality wooden model boat kits for over 30 years since 1983. Sea worthy in the extreme, the traditional hull design of this tug allows the weight of the electric driving motor and the batteries to be placed low in the hull for ultimate stability. The 24 foot laminated western red cedar sloop that I built and sailed across the Atlantic is in perfect condition today, 30 years after I launched her - and I used exactly the same epoxy as we supply with our boat kits!

A remarkable feature of this hull design is that the hull deforms the water on both sides of the tug to match the shape of the tug when the tug is running at speed so that the sides of the tug are virtually dry and only the bottom is in contact with the water.
We include a clear version of the epoxy for painting on the wood surfaces and we include a pre-thickedned epoxy which spreads just like mayonnaise with no sag and no run.
The bottom of the tug is shaped like a wave and the water around it takes on a similar wave shape.

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