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This is a livewell fabrication for a 1648 Semi-V Alumacraft Jon Boat utilizing the middle bench seat.
This DIY Jon Boat costs about $600, more than I had anticipated, but I also spent a little extra here and there to ensure a quality build. Lake test of Johnson 15 HP motor, long shaft with electric start on 1650 aluminum Jon boat.
In the early 1970s, two idealistic young people—Gwen Carpenter Roland and Calvin Voisin—decided to leave civilization and re-create the vanished simple life of their great-grandparents in the heart of Louisiana’s million-acre Atchafalaya River Basin Swamp. Not long after they took up swamp living, Gwen and Calvin met a young photographer named C. With quiet wisdom, Gwen recounts her eight-year voyage of discovery—about swamp life, wildlife, and herself. AUTHOR BIO: Gwen Roland is a writer and editor for the Southern Region Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education Program at the University of Georgia in Griffin. It's about as far from affordable boat living as you can get, but there are some ideas here. What looks like an iceberg in the middle of a lake or a half-melted marshmallow is actually is an experimental living structure inhabited by art students. About 20 feet in diameter, Indianapolis Island is a tiny house made of fiberglass and foam that examines the daily needs of contemporary human beings. The tourists can choose from a wide variety of Houseboats, from a one roomer to two, three ,four and five bedroom Houseboats with or without Air Conditioning. This week, a friend and I were talking about how to live a simple life amid all the stuff that seems to need to get done. Newspaper Story:  Nearly three months ago, a Pennsylvania couple began their journey down the Ohio River from Pittsburgh on their self-made raft, headed to wherever the river led them. The small boat with its black pirate flag and tarp covering was docked at Henderson's riverfront Wednesday afternoon, gaining lots of attention from folks in the area. Faith Audens, 20, and her boyfriend Mike Vorrasi, 24, are used to sharing their story with curious locals while making stops along the Ohio. Audens said it took them about three months to construct the raft, which is made mostly of wooden pallets. Pipe (monkey) wrenches (2) both for working with the pipe and for pulling warped wood into place. We used aluminum ring roofing nails with plastic washers (most of the ones I’ve seen are an obnoxious blue) for the initial attachment of the membrane, then followed that up by screwing down trim and our medallions over the edges to hold it firmly in place. The Titebond is cleaner and strong, and uses water cleanup, but you have to have a clean joint and adequate spread of the glue and clamping pressure for it to work. We didn’t use a level.  The ground we were on was so uneven it was of little use, but if we had a better, more level space, a level could have been invaluable.
36' Walkaround side decks, huge bow porch, and roomy sundeck offer comfort and convenience for a family of six. 40' For large families where privacy and roominess are important, the MARK TWAIN 40' is the ticket.

While many boats over the years have pridefully claimed to be distinctive and unique, the Cosmic Muffin can truly be considered an historic one-of-a-kind amalgam of a rare aircraft and novel vessel. This most unusual plane-boat has created its share of interest and amazement over the years and even some car accidents.
No other watercraft, before or since, has ever been constructed from a land-based airplane, especially one with such a rich legacy as an historic aircraft owned by a true legend, Howard Hughes, only to be rediscovered years later as a boat by timeless troubadour Jimmy Buffett, musician, author and avid pilot. With a completely rebuilt hull, interior, new motors and restored cockpit, the Cosmic Muffin is ready for a new life that will make her accessible to the public and travel most anywhere by land and sea. The plane-boat is currently available for dockside charters at any suitable dock for meetings, parties and gatherings. The Cosmic Muffin is also a products placement platform that features various merchandise and contributions from participating sponsors. The Cosmic Muffin is open to the public by appointment and plans are being made to base her at a permanent lcoation.
Storage space is the no where to be found on a jon boat(low end ones) unless if you come up with some way to make some. I started with just a hull and a trailer, but with some determination, I finally got it where I wanted it.
This is a collection of over 50 boat building plans in PDF files zipped in one folder for an easy 1-click-download! Its a great little boat that not only gets me where I want to fish but is light weight and portable as well! Building a Wooden Jon Boat With Simple Plans for Small Plywood Boats Building a wooden Jon boat has been popular among hobbyists over the years.
Armed with a box of crayons and a book called How to Build Your Home in the Woods, they drew up plans to recycle a slave-built structure into a houseboat.
A keen observer of both the natural world and the ways of human beings, she transports readers to an unfamiliar and exotic place, preserving her great adventure for those who did not make the trip in person. Indianapolis Island is an art piece created by Andrea Zittel and inhabited this summer by art students Jessica Dunn and Michael Runge.
For the next four summers, the island will be occupied by one or two commissioned residents who are local art students. John's River where natural wildlife and scenic beauty is abundant!  1 wk charters are $650.  Bring some food and drinks and this world is yours!  She'll be launched and retrieved at a public boat ramp. All models feature a lightweight, stable catamaran hull design with fine bows that glide through the water. This means you can change or even omit the deckhouse if you desire, as long as the load does not exceed that recommended.
This model sleeps four couples in three cabins, and has a spacious bath complete with lavy and shower.
The boat is also available for dockside charters, advertising, television, and movie productions, and corporate sponsorship. Other goals include seeking to educate school children and participate in charity fund raising and community service.

Gone into the project with no metal working experience at all - but the boad is still swimming.
I have spent weeks looking for an easy floor idea for our jon boat when the answer was really pretty easy.
It's been 2 years now and the paint is still on and just a tough as it was 48 hours after I painted it.
In the last year i've taken it out to many local lakes and smaller slow moving rivers with friends. Without power tools or building experience they constructed a floating dwelling complete with a brick fireplace. It is one of the eight works of art in theIndianapolis Museum of Art’s 100 Acres art and nature park. They will collaborate with Zittel by adapting and modifying the island’s structure according to their individual needs. How do you reduce the number of hours we spend doing things that afterwards seem like a waste of time? They used several tarps to create a canopy covering that is especially useful when it's raining.
The simple construction consists of hulls made of sturdy bulkhead frames and sheet plywood planking with a minimum of bending required.
The deckhouse is airy and spacious and includes a galley with all the provisions of a modern vacation home. The separate Owner's Stateroom has a roomy wardrobe and is adjacent to the bath area, and there's plenty of storage space which makes extended cruising a pleasure. Plans are for the vessel to operate initially at a local level, then progress to regional and national tours. His photographs of the couple going about their daily routine were published in National Geographic magazine, bringing them unexpected fame. We include all the details necessary for building your own MARK TWAIN, from framing members to the interior cabinetry.
There's plenty of room outside, both under the roof on the bow porch, and up on the cabin roof sun deck complete with flying bridge and twin controls, optional. This is the tale of the not-so-simple life they made together—days spent fishing, trading, making wine, growing food, and growing up—told by Gwen with grace, economy, and eloquence. More than a quarter of a century later, after Gwen and Calvin had long since parted, one of Lockwood’s photos of them appeared in a National Geographic collector’s edition entitled 100 Best Pictures Unpublished—and kindled the interest of a new generation.
When fiberglass covered using our Fiberglass Covering Kit, maintenance requirements are minimal.
Each set of plans includes instructions, a Bill of Materials, and Fastening Schedule, plus, Full Size Patterns for all the hull framing members.

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