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The common definition of a "gunkhole" is a very shallow body of water, usually with a soft and sticky bottom.
With the hull form like a large sailing skiff, these simple cruising vessels are intended for plywood construction. The sturdy little flat bottom 19-foot centerboard catboat, with her shallow draft is ideal for gunkholing where shoals are a concern in one's cruising grounds.
V-bottomed cruiser designed for plywood construction with accommodations for two and inside ballast.Designed by Charles WittholzLOA - 17' 1"LWL - 16' 7"Beam - 7' 10"Draft (cb up) - 1' 9" (cb down) - 4' 3"Weight - 2,400 lbs. A cabin cat boat (for the cabin to be useful) needs to have a full shape to provide volume in the cabin area, especially in the 16-20' length you mention.

Charles Whitolz (sp?) drew plans for a 17 ft cat boat with cabin that has been built in sheet ply. You've said in other posts that you want to have a boat that can be trailered and that can be used at Cape Cod and on rivers.
It's a lot of boat for a young teenager to build and trailer, especially for a first boat building effort.
Let's all keep in mind that Davin is thirteen years old and frame our suggestions with that in mind, financially and otherwise. A pram type boat will have the same basic dimensions of a catboat, approximately the beam will be one half the length, and the pram will have more interior space.

To get WoodenBoat delivered to your door or computer, mobile device of choice, etc, click WB Subscriptions. They have a lot of character .Instead of spending a couple hundred dollars on a set of plans,you can spend about 20 bucks for his book, Tabloid Yachts and Pocket cruisers which has the complete plans for his 20' catboat, and a bunch of other neat designs. She is 20'x8' which is not wide for a catboat and might be expected to sail a bit better than most.

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