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We are laying plywood floors in our family room because we had to rip up the awful stained carpet in that room and ANYTHING would have been an improvement. We wanted to waste as little wood as possible so we got to work using all the high school math that we said we would never use and came up with this pattern to lay the slats. We started at one end of the room against the wall and finished each row progressing inward toward the fireplace.
We had to add a transition piece of wood between the new wood floors and the old ones in the hallway so we bought three 12 foot transition pieces at Lowes, conditioned, stained, and polyed the three pieces. We had to add shoe molding around the whole room to hide any gaps we may have had from short boards. I thought it would feel and look rougher than our other professional wood floors but it is just as smooth and shiny.
Thanks Linda (I like your name by the way!)~ If I didn’t see it for myself, I would never have thought it would turn out so good.

I just posted our in-progress plank ceiling in our dining room and I swear, as we were nailing it up Sunday night, I said to my husband, this would be pretty cool as wood flooring.
It took us two days, many cutting boo-boos, a few expletives flew, but in the end, it was worth every single second. We bought primed shoe molding from Lowes, I painted them the same white as the trim and we nailed them all in for a nice clean look. We laid our own hardwood flooring downstairs & have been toying around with the idea of replacing our carpet upstairs with plywood, but I was so intimidated to try it. And let me tell you, I have muscles in my legs I never knew I had and they are all screaming at me!! I would have never thought to use plywood for new flooring, let alone cut it up in to strips and lay it down.
Some of the gaps are a bit bigger and some are smaller because some of the pieces were not perfectly straight.

I asked him if I should leave the room to protect myself from flying nails (and they are really big nails). The directions say to stain within two hours of conditioning so by the time I was done conditioning the whole room, I started staining. I just showed my husband a blog that showed someone laying beautiful floors (exactly what mine does) and he was with me!

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