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I was wondering if anyone had an idea about where I could get a design for a simple plywood sailboat along the construction lines and time to build the six hour canoe.
Currently, the deadline for the design portion of the competition is December 15th, but it is probable that this will be extended to allow more contestants to join if they show a genuine interest by the current deadline. Because the contest requires folks to build and race their designs, the design entries need not be fully detailed plan sets, just enough information to fix the vessel's hull shape and prove that it meets the 5-sheet material rule. Location: Eustis, FL Offering a 12 day lead time (in this venue) on something like this is frankly insulting.
Originally Posted by sname5ply Currently, the deadline for the design portion of the competition is December 15th, but it is probable that this will be extended to allow more contestants to join if they show a genuine interest by the current deadline. Originally Posted by PAR Offering a 12 day lead time (in this venue) on something like this is frankly insulting. But (I'm usually the butt) what's your thinking on the basic idea of a 5-sheet type rule for a development class?
Location: Alameda, CA, USA Contest Deadline The contest as it is at this point has only two contestants which I can verify will allow for an extension. The schedule sets the date of the first regatta in May which means that we could delay design entries into March if need be. No, really, if you'd like to enter, please contact me I'll do everything within my considerable power (at least within this small sphere) to make sure that you can compete. Location: Alaska Instant Sailboat Race I used to organized a simple event like this. Location: Huddersfield, UK I'd be interested to see some of your photos, Cor, sounds like a fun event. Location: Alaska Instant Sailboat Race Here are a coupe of photos from our races. The boats we built had anywhere from 12 to 24 man hours in them depending on the experiance of the team building them. With careful layout you can build a reasonable size boat out of 2 sheets, about 3'-6" beam by 10' loa. Location: Lakeland Fl USA The competition, if the boats are to be sailed against one another, will yield a close facsimile of the Windmill class boat. As one of the official contestants in this little shindig, I thought I might help with some perspective on it.

The notion that this is a real development class (while flattering) could not be further from reality. When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals. Wooden Boat Plans for Amateur Boatbuilders – Excellent Performance, Simple Construction, Step by Step Instructions Australia, USA, UK, Hungary, S. Gifted Amateur Boatbuilder Chris Perkins has laboured during some of the most difficult boatbuilding weather to produce the prototype of the new RAID41 (this is the building photoset. Anyway Brian Pearson, the owner of the boat has just been to pick it up and bring it to warmer climes.
Brian will be rigging her and trying to get her ready to sail at the Beale wooden boat event supported by Watercraft Magazine. The design is meant to be flexible and fulfil a range of needs being built as a lightweight flyer or a slightly more sturdy Expedition boat. Chris has been great about feeding back through the building process and we have nutted out some simplifications that will save quite a bit of labour and solid timber.
Why devil dog plywood Small boats While small stitch and gum boats hind end be successfully physique with inexpensive.
A camping get together for Goat Island Skiffs, other storerboats and friends and fans and other boats.
The boat is driven easily at reasonable speed with a small electric trolling motor – some are well under 200 dollars. An OzRacer does need to be modified to fit the PDRacer rules or as standard is an excellent boat for first time sailors. He made his own sails using a simplified sailmaking method I and some of my friends have worked out.
Thanks Robert Hoffman, for the photos of Beth .I am also a Beth owner,I don,t see a lot around ,people don,t know what they are missing. Beth is a boat to go for a sail for a few hours after work or take for a day sail with a packed lunch.
I am traveling Oz at the moment ,I will try to post some photos on returning home next year.
Nice Pictures, Wife had baby, moved into new house, set up garage and will complete my Beth by Christmas I hope.

To get WoodenBoat delivered to your door or computer, mobile device of choice, etc, click WB Subscriptions. I am currently building a small speedboat but time and money have put a slow down on the project and I think that a quick and easy sailor that I can get out on the water in fast might be the inspiration that I need to get me going again. At 12' x 44" it is not very voluminous but that's a concession that has to be made for a quick build. A three panel hull, one ply bulkhead and a seat top that re-inforces the sides, the bulkhead and the daggerboard trunk. Good luck with what you have, because it would be unlikely any new entries would result from this 12 day notification. Here is the boat carrying 2 The length of the gravy boat is 188 curium and the width is 64 cm.
Here is the first sail with a small homebuilt plywood boat I built in about octad hours small plywood boats.
Particularly nice from the cockpit with the long sweeping bows flowing off into the distance. Everybody can anatomy angstrom unit gravy boat stunned of plywood, peculiarly when you receive DIY plans with you. I guess that my only real stipulations are that it can carry my 215 lb frame and be at least somewhat pleasing to look at and of course simple and cheap to build.
Rather than all the weight on the keel and bouncing from side to side on the trailer bunks as per wine glass shape, she just sits there all square and steady. 16 shown above are the versions of a classic contrive redesigned for epoxy resin composite plywood. Well this isnt as well glide related exclude for the fact that it would be for Maine to birdie supplies to my boat wile this in water rebuild goes on.

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