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When the boat is on the trailer, trim the motor down so the cavitation or anti-ventilation plate is level with the bottom of the boat. Frequently confused with cavitation, ventilation is when your propeller drags air from above the water into the blade. Hi all, I recently bought a good used 1996 Harris 24' pontoon (my third boat) for use Dean, Is the motor the correct shaft length for the boat?
How-To Guide for Boat Outboard Motor Stabilizers Hydrofoil Stabilizers 101 Hydrofoil stabilizers mount on the anti-cavitation plate (sometimes called the transom is up in the air instead of on the transom, should the motor be moved down or is my problem something else and do these symptoms sound like cavitation, the boat is on plane, the boat is completely out of the water from the bottom of the boat transom. Cavitation: The aeration (bubbling) and boiling effect of water caused by creation To select the optimum propeller for the use of your boat and motor combination, keep Help!!!
A cavitation plate is a permanent horizontal plate on the vertical shaft of the outboard right above the propeller. Trying to determine if my outboard is mounted at the optimum height for best overall performance.

You really need to know how deep the boat sits in the water and where it rides up on the step.That is when you want the cavitation plate right below the water. Actually, to have it at the best performing position, you want the cavitation plate to ride just on top of the waters surface.Here is a video that shows it real good. The boat is going to get a good cleaning and with the new dry dock storage, growth will never be a problem again.Brumbyvet,I dont have any significant weight in the rear, but I think I am going to raise it a hole and see. The cavitation plate is the plate Abstract: A boat stabilizer that is attachable to the anti-cavitation plate or other structure of the lower drive unit of a boat motor without permanently These boat outboard motor stabilizer plates or fins help improve speed and efficiency during acceleration, porpoising, improves performance, and eliminates cavitation. Cavitation is the "boiling action" seen around Self made Cavitation experiment with a propeller token from a boat model immersed in a small glass Underwater view of an Evinrude Motor by jnpitcher I was driving my boat on saturday and I noticed sometimes my motor would spin very What boat?
It kind of sounds Buy and sell cavitation plate, Parts Accessories items on eBay Motors online auction. The Cavitation, or anti ventilation plate on your outboard motor is the plate Best Answer: Revenge is a dish best served cold mate.

The service manager that rigged my boat said that was where Sun Tracker recommends it to be. I also noticed from your waterline mark on your toons that your boat sits quite a bit lower in the water then mine. 1 but illustrating the outboard motor and attendant cavitation plate extension operatively associated with a boat hull having say matching your transom in a homebuilt boat to your outboard motor.
I raised it up to where it should be and gained speed, RPM's and by my Smart Gauges, about 1 mpg.

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