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A good boat cover will pay for itself many times over in terms of protection of your investment.
Classic Accessories® StellexTM Pontoon Boat Cover, a perfect fit for all - season protection!
With superior quality and lasting durability, we are pretty sure that every customer gets exactly what he paid for and totally satisfied with our products. Whether you buy from us or not, this will give you a good understanding of what is out there. Whether you store your craft in the garage or stow it out on the side driveway, the Stearns Hurricane Pontoon Boat Cover keeps your vessel covered.Sewn from rugged polyester Hurricane Canvas, the Hurricane is tougher than ordinary cotton-canvas covers. The StellexTM Pontoon Cover never takes a season off, resisting rain, snow, and sun all year long. Together with competitive price, high quality customer service and swift shipping, a fantastic buying experience is guaranteed here.
Do you need more information of boat cover sizes, boat cover materials, boat cover comparisons? Reading this could very well save you many hours of researching, thinking, and sorting information about boat covers. It resists stretching, shrinking and sun fade, plus the special coating repels water and resists dirt, stains, mildew and UV damage.The Hurricane's adjustable transom flap, stern-fit elastic cords, elastic bottom hem and included tie-down rope make for a snug, custom fit.
Beware of sellers that sell boat covers that maybe have never even tried one of their covers on a boat, and have no idea how the cover interacts with the boat. Plus, the rugged non-scratch D-rings mean there are no grommets to tear out of the cover or scratch your craft.Designed exclusively for pontoon boats, the Hurricane shrouds boats up to 28' long with a 96" beam.

Reading this will help you make an educated decision concerning what pontoon boat cover you want. And best yet-Classic Accessories covers your Hurricane Pontoon Boat Cover with a 4-year warranty. We are unable to ship factory direct items to Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico or APO or FPO addresses. Again, whether you buy from us or not, if you are potentially in the market for a pontoon boat cover, you owe it to yourself to read this. Consider the time put into a thorough cleaning, maybe for the first outing of the spring….That several hours of cleaning could have been avoided or greatly minimized by use of a good cover. We take real pics of the real product in real world applications so you will know exactly what to expect.
First of all, there are hundreds or maybe thousands of brands and types of pontoon boat covers out there.
We have studied these extensively, and they can be grouped into 3 general categories of covers.1. It is extremely safe to say that the money you invest in a quality cover will be returned to you many times over during the lifetime of a boat, in terms of reduced repair, reduced wear and tear, less fading, less faded and stained upholstery, carpet, etc, and the lower $ required to repair these issues.
Tarps are commercially available and inexpensive, but they generally do not look good and do not last long. The are also somewhat difficult to deal with since they are big and flat and are not made in any way specifically to cover a boat.
They also are just a moisture barrier, so they keep water out, but also keep water in, which can cause serious damage in terms of rot, mold, mildew, etc.

They probably will fit better, as it is a 'custom' cover but there is a hefty price to pay.
Often, they will have snaps to hold them on, and dealing with a hundred or more straps is not super fun, generally. Our covers always cover the entire top and the entire sides, or the entire top and most of the sides of your playpen area.
The ability of this cover to do such is again greatly influenced by the layout of your boat. If your boat has a lot of 'stuff' that is higher than the rails, such as a tall console, bimini top, tall seats, etc, this will make it to where the cover may not can cover all the way down the sides of your boat.
Our new Ultra 3 covers are semi custom covers and have many important advantages over almost any other cover out there, besides the price. The new Vortex Ultra 3 pontoon boat covers are suitable for storage, mooring, or trailering.
Research has shown that straps over the top and completely under the boat do very little good.

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